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• More repeat patterns available in a simpler user interface.
• New and improved Calendar Sync for importing and exporting multiple calendars with precision on repeating events and daylight saving time.
• More informative interface for Event Viewer.
• Event reporting by category from the Calendar Ring.
• Bug fix for the Registration and Event Pad.
• Faster access to your photo albums.

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Wanna do more faster? Here's how iTrackFast Calendar streamlines your life:

✔ Save time by doing more faster on the daily agenda via the Fast View.
✔ Break thru the clutter via search with keywords or 60+ instant tags in 5 tabs.
✔ Import and export multiple calendars with total privacy and sync integrity.
✔ See the event detail in the multimedia Viewer with RSVP list before emailing it.
✔ Have fun adding a slideshow to the Calendar Ring organizer.

To be an awesome planner in no time, download your own iTrackFast Calendar now.


Get Started Quickly
• See your events in the app by importing the calendars such as Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and Microsoft Outlook thru the default calendar, with all the data stored only on your device.
• Update your priorities, attach multimedia notes, and connect with meeting attendees, all via the Fast View.
• Schedule new events with Quick Add at the desired date and time and organize them into 9 calendars.
• Express your calendar in different photos, colors, fonts, and busyness scales you like.
• Navigate in portrait or landscape mode: tap once to select a day and again to open a Day View, swipe to open a Week View or to delete an event, shake to undo changes, drag and drop to reorder paragraphs.

Do More Faster via the Fast View
• Focus on the agenda of the day, and access the multimedia Viewer for full details and sharing.
• Update the task priorities in a snap – important, done, urgent, not-now, canceled, and private, which also are the search tags.
• Touch base with the meeting attendees via voice calling, texting, or five preset emails for RSVP.
• Attach more notes, links, voice memos, maps, and smiley tags without going through the Event Pad.

Keep Your Schedules in Perspective
• See how the events fit together and find free timeslots on the Day and 5-day or 7-day Week View.
• See the agenda in the List View and update the priorities.
• See the overlapping events on the multitasking lists.
• See how busy you are each day on the Month View marked with holidays.
• Never get lost with the Back-to-Now icon, and Back-to-Where-You-Were feature after saving an event from Quick Add or Event Pad.
• See the past events in lighter shades and gray text.

Search and Update
• Find the event you want by keywords, priority tags, calendar types, repeat patterns, and smiley tags.
• Access the Viewer and Event Pad from search results and make changes.
• Use the Calendar Ring to select calendars as the universe for views and searches.

Browse, edit, and share events or notes
• Browse an event in detail and manage the attendees for sharing via the multimedia Viewer, which leads the author to the Event Pad.
• Edit the events created by Quick Add into invites, meetings, to-dos, diaries, or task lists via 5 tabs and 4 Attachment icons on the Event Pad.

Access from Everywhere
• One universal app for iPhone 3GS+, iPad, and iPad Touch 3+ running iOS 5.1+ with retina display support.
• Work offline unless you need to use Wi-Fi for emailing, texting, adding maps, or registering the app once.

Import External Recurring Events or Export Native Recurring Events with Integrity Checks.

Support the Reminders via Local Push Notifications


iTrackFast Calendar+ via in-app purchase

✔ If you opt for calendar sync, fast views, priority tags, RSVP lookups, and easy sharing with no need for data entry and search, you do not need to upgrade.
✔ If you’re a power user who also wants Quick Add, Event Pad, and Search to do it all, get the Plus Upgrade via iTunes as one-time purchase.


Contact Us
Send us an email to should you have any feedback or concerns. Or follow us on Twitter @itrackfast ( for upcoming features.


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