Daily Motivation - A Month of Self Improvement Inspiration Productivity App Review (iOS, $0.99)


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Improved color scheme to make Daily Motivation easier to read.

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2014 SALE $0.99! WAS $4.99!

Want to make your life better?
Want to start every day with a drive to succeed?
Then learn from the masters - the people who have achieved success.

***** "The best motivational app I have bought, and I have bought quite a few." riversea

***** "wow!!! get it!!" deuces335

***** "Make you think, makes you feel, with a good selection of texts and new content daily. It's daily motivation in your pocket!" Voice 0f Reason

Every day for a month Daily Motivation brings you specially selected wisdom from people who can inspire you: Anthony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, Napolean Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Buddha, Albert Einstein, and many more.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. Daily Motivation takes under a minute to use every day, but repeated daily, it could end up being the most important minute of your day. Every day a new insight; every day something new to think about; giving you, every day, a chance to make a difference to your thought process, and ultimately, your life and its direction.

With the right inspiration, you can do anything.

Daily Motivation is for you.

***** "Cannot fail to inspire." Mrs E. M.


Usage: Daily Motivation guides you through the next month. When you first run Daily Motivation, day 1 will be available to you. Subsequent days will be unlocked each midnight. You can review past days at any time, and if you want to skip ahead, you can unlock all days at any time - though we recommend that for best results you follow the lead of the app to achieve the full benefit of cumulative daily motivation.

Customer Reviews

  • wow!!! get it!!

    by deuces335

    i just bought it and am on day one. love the quote!!

  • Great app!

    by BoulderBassist

    Great app! Some really great and interesting quotes. So good that some you wish you could e-mail or forward to a friend.

  • Only 30 days?

    by Mooline

    Nice inspiration, but no fresh content after 30 days. Guess I should not have assumed that, for the price paid, I'd get a bit more than 30 inspirational quotes. Disappointed.

  • :(

    by ChickyRenee

    I've been stuck on the same quote for one week. It won't let me move on.

  • Stinks

    by Tron8823

    This app stinks...enough said

  • Background

    by Denver456

    Either change the color of the background or the writing Caz it is annoying

  • Going blind while getting inspired

    by AcuAim

    The quotes are great. And I really like the daily format. But why oh why have white writing when the background is a...wait for it...white cloud! I have trouble reading the quotes. It's a shame bc I would definitely not recommend for that reason alone. Is a darker font color an option?

  • Should be free

    by Cheeseyrider

    These are all quotes that are easily available thru free apps and motivational sites. Also the design is lousy.

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