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Seller: Ajeet Kumar

Currency update bug fixed

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Only app which combine the power of unit converter & advance calculator in a same app and works awesomely.

Cally is a simple, yet beautifully intuitive and intelligent unit converter and calculator to meet all the conversion and calculation needs of your busy life.

User Interface - With its beautiful, intuitive and simple design, using app becomes so effortless that it would seem like a breeze.

** Features **

- Beautiful, intuitive and intelligent interface

- Unit Converter

- Advance Calculator (No need to switch app for calculations)

- 21 Different Categories for conversions

- Currency Conversion ( more then 90 different currencies available)

- Quick Currency Button(for that quick currency conversion)

- Saves the last used category

- Access your previous calculations history with a swipe to left

- Copy conversion data from converter to calculator

- Share your calculations via mail

- Customise the app to start with calculator or converter

** Unit Categories (over 300 different Units supported) **
- Acceleration

- Angle

- Area

- Charge

- Currency ( Requires internet connection. Over 90 different currencies)

- Current

- Data Size

- Density

- Energy

- Force

- Fuel

- Length

- Mass

- Power

- Pressure
- Resistance

- Speed

- Temperature

- Time

- Torque

- Volume

** What's Next? **

We want to make "Cally" the best unit converter & calculator out there. We will add more unit categories in the coming months. And we want Cally to be accessible in many language. Please tell us what features are more important to you. You can send us email at or connect us on twitter @49Apps

Customer Reviews

  • Some improvement suggestions

    by TTYY Family

    Nice price with nice function. But there're still something could be better. 1. When I try to type number and the screen shakes. The app doesn't know what to do, type or scroll. It does bother me! 2. The UI is good but still can work on it. To improve the keyboard graphic and maybe you can provide 3~5 beautiful themes. That'll be GREAT! 3. I'll give you 5 stars when the currency can be updated normally. It doesn't work now! Thanks for the hard work.

  • Awesome!!!

    by Hgs200005

    I love it!!

  • Awesome app

    by cBhan98

    This is by far the BEST converter app that I have ever used !!

  • I would like to see more

    by Plumpcrazy

    I use pressure conversions a lot and 90% of them are inh20 I would like to see that added

  • Love this App

    by vrausch

    It does everything I need it to do and it is always at hand, so I don't need to go searching for a conversions site or a bookmark.

  • Amazing app

    by d3wtux

    Is a amazing app! Is simple, usefull, intuitive, util, is perfect! I recomended for all people!

  • Good app

    by DeividC

    This app has a beautiful design and it is awesome.

  • Amazing combination

    by JesusSavedYou

    I love the idea of a scientific calculator with a unit converter combined. It just makes sense.

  • What I had been looking for

    by GambitoDJ

    Is great how this app combines a calculator and a units converter with such a simple interface. Calculator offers a history option as well as a scientific calc. Unit converter is one of the broadest I've ever seen. For now I have merged my old calc and unit conv apps into one simple option.

  • Review

    by Bubbyjake

    Great app. Very easy to use.

  • Helpful

    by San Sanych

    Great converter with many categories. Would be great if it have Russian localization.

  • My favorite converter.

    by Happy Eyes

    The most complete I found.

  • Excellent App, Exquisite UI, Won't be disappointed

    by 'Austin'

    This app supports conversions and a calculator with history or journal tape. Customizable start up which allows the user to see the calculator or the converter. This app is well worth its cost you won't be disappoint.

  • The app is very good.

    by Jeremy.Taylor77

    The app is good. I use it frequently at work. Just wish it had a couple more categories.

  • Best calculator and converter

    by Jintamu

    I really love this gem. It replaces a bunch of apps. It does what it promises to do and more; it is very well organized with every unit in separate categories like length and volume, etc. Oh and the interface is gorgeous! Get it and you wont be disappointed.

  • Great

    by aaron martin

    Good .. Great

  • G

    by Amr s


  • Best of both worlds

    by bazzoonboy

    It's rare to find an app that merges two features and pulls it off at all. But Cally is actually better at being a calculator and unit converter than most standalone apps are. Easy slide-out trays for unit listings and calculator tape are handy and responsive. There are just enough settings to make it behave how you want without being overwhelming. And the whole app is beautiful. Cally is now my go-to for calculation and unit conversion. Well done, y'all.

  • Needs a bit more

    by zeeb2982

    Good app but does not convert currency to Kazakh Tenge.

  • Excelente calculadora

    by Calculadora cally magica

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  • me + 100% frustration = 2 stars

    by gatorfantom

    This is the 4th calculator app I've tried this week whose percentage ("%") function is either faulty or totally broken. (Not including the 3 apps that didn't even have a button for it.) It's unfortunate that devs spend so much time and effort trying to "one-up" each other by packing in more and more features — when all that most users want is something that can do simple things reliably.

  • Terrible application

    by Bandar Alfatani

    Terrible application

  • A fantastic utility at a fantastic price!

    by altersparck

    I needed a calculator with a history function and some way to do offline currency conversion. Cally does both and is priced well to boot. The closest competitor, CalcBot, is a $3 universal app. I would have gladly paid that much for this app!

  • Not Bat

    by Shuo Hu


  • Exceeds all expectations.

    by saturninennui

    I had a calculator app, a converter app, and a currency converter app. No more. Now I just have this—and it's simply amazing how much functionality's packed into a single app. Its skeuomorphic design is what's holding it back from my giving it the full 5 stars. Design should not come at the expense of usability, and I find that the buttons in Cally are too small and widely spaced to be conducive to fast input. Making the buttons significantly bigger would be a great start.

  • 很棒

    by Guo's garden


  • Great Converter

    by Ron Eriksson

    It would be better if they would add Tanzanian Shillings to their currency list.

  • Very good one

    by zubusha

    Thankyou for this wonderful app.

  • Awesome

    by Cordial Savage

    Overall, a great app. All it need is some different color/skin options.

  • Awesome. Best unit convertor

    by ritz24

    Using it for last few hours. Absolutely loving its simplicity in UI. Very well designed and has lot of feature. Very simple and helpful. One of the best app designed for my iPhone. Great.

  • Awesome App (:

    by Rajan Chandi

    Easy way to do any calculations or conversions.

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