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Note: All of the functionality of Oovium Mind Mapper is included within Oovium itself. So, if you are not intimidated by math go check it out instead. If you have purchased Oovium, there is no need to purchase Mind Mapper also.

Designed to replace your white board; it allows you to place nodes on a field (the aether) and designate links between them. Each node can have multiple inputs and outputs (a directed graph).

Particular attention was given to creating a natural and elegant gesture suite that allows for quick and easy manipulations of the bubbles upon the aether.

Be sure to read up on Anchoring to learn about these gestures.

Customer Reviews

  • Good but needs one thing

    by Hairynippage

    I love everything about this app except that it doesn't have a pass code lock. If the developers added this feature, I would gladly change to a 5 star.

  • Very nice mind mapping software with a novel, flexible, excellent user interface.

    by PJSW

    I was looking for a small app for mind mapping and found this little gem after reading reviews of various options. The Ovium Mind Mapper has the most positive reviews. So I spent the 4.99 USD and started using it. Initially it was a bit confusing. But finally, just by trial and error I got the hang of it. To create the basic blocks you use the tool on the top right corner to set the color and the shape of the blocks. After you create these blocks, to move them around you need to use "anchoring", that is keep touching any block/component with your left finger, and you use your right finger to move any block around. When you want to edit the color or the shape, you need to use the "anchoring" again. This time you keep your left finger touch one block, then using your right finger you can touch a block that you want to edit. A menu will appear where you have the option to change the shape, color or to delete the block. The color will change after you release your left finger. It is a bit tricky, but I really like it. Then to set the relationship, touch any block, and a menu appear on the lower right corner. You can toggle from "input" to "output" of the block that you selected. Then you touch all the input blocks and the lines will appear with an animated directional dot. I wish they just simply put a directional arrow. Then toggle to the "output" and touch any blocks that would be the output and lines will connect them with an animated directional dots. The only thing that I have not figure out is how to print or to save it as a PDF file that then I can send it and insert it into a slide deck. I highly recommend this small application. Thanks for creating one. Please add the missing printing and the export functionality.

  • I agree with Mamaduckie

    by mad mad max

    The interface is clean and well thought out. You can select a grouping of boxes simply by drawing a circle around them, this allows making grouped changes of box color and shape In a snap. I also strongly desire some form of pinch-zoom, even if it would restrict making changes during alt-view state. The screen size limitation of the iPhone makes pinch-zoom/alt view a must. I give it 4 stars! Give us zoom features in an upcoming update and you earned 5 stars. ;).

  • Good already; great potential

    by mamaduckie

    I like this mind-map app more than any other I've tried so far but what really excites me is the potential it shows. Any additional improvements will only make it better. The addition of documentation would be very valuable but I assume that it's on the way. The app is very fluid to use and very flexible. I can't say that it is overwhelmingly intuitive but one run through the built-in tutorial and I had all the basics down. Between the tutorial, the additional help menu info (including the piece about "anchoring"), and a little bit of trial and error, I'm an Oovium Mind-Mapper wizard. Two features I'd like to see are the ability to export as a PDF and to be able to pinch and zoom for an overall picture of my map. The Dropbox integration, however, makes up for the lack of PDF functions. And it's super easy to drag the screen around to see whatever area of the map I need to see. The only thing that still baffles me is the function of the far-right button in the top right menu.

  • Great for educators

    by Tomgrrl

    Works really well in a class for visually mapping text elements, concepts, and social systems. Displays with VGA. The look is smart and engaging. Some aspects have a learning curve -- it took me a little while to figure out that Gallery saves the map to your Photos, for example. Also, the support option took me to a very elaborate user forum, required me to register, and then informed me I was not authorized to post. Oh well. Still a great app, a lot smarter than the average.

  • Very slick.

    by Z here

    I can now visualize just how scary my thoughts are.

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