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  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Publisher: Adobe
  • Updated: Jan, 25 2013
  • Version: 2.1.1
  • Size: 26.24 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Adobe Systems, Inc.

Bug fixes for crashes and load time issues reported by some users.

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VideoBite makes it easy to create short movies on your smartphone—no experience necessary! Trim the best moments from your video clips, add photos and special effects, and then let VideoBite piece them together to make an awesome short movie. Add music to make it complete!

- Make movies from combining your video clips and photos.
- Personalize your movies using titles, transitions, looks, and music.
- Share on Facebook or YouTube, or by email and text.
-Access and Share with Adobe Revel:
- Save your VideoBites to Adobe Revel to view your high-quality short movies.
- Clear up space in your Camera Roll, and access your movies on any device, wherever you are.
- Upgrade to Revel Premium after 30 days to get unlimited photo & video imports - just $5.99/month.

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Tyrabanks70

    But sometimes it won't let me save my video

  • Very easy to use!

    by AndreCharland

    Quite simple and intuitive. Just wish I could add music.

  • Works well

    by NicoAptos

    Good for merging together a bunch of clips.

  • Easy to use!

    by Emily_Morris333

    I have never done video editing before so I don't have anything to compare. However I will say this was very easy to use!

  • It's pretty good.

    by EllieRoseMaryRamos

    It's good, wish there was more edits to the video or more things you can do to edit it, but it's good I guess.

  • Good

    by Bulenkov

    Good app

  • I Like

    by Trainerchick

    A little choppy with the video results

  • Easy to use

    by Jear69

    Awesome app! Fast and easy to use.

  • Would be great if it worked

    by Erin9404

    Was very easy to grab pieces from several videos and piece together a movie in a few minutes, but what good is that if I can't save to camera roll or upload to facebook? It just hangs. Sounds like ios7 issue from other reviews. Please fix!! UPDATE: bug seems fixed and works great! My only suggestions to make it 5 stars would be an option to add a low-level soundtrack and title pages to the videos. Otherwise I'm very happy.

  • Awesome awesome

    by HarveyDowd

    This is a very good app. I used it to make a minim ovine using Disney Infinity characters. Worth getting.

  • So far so good

    by izzyizzyahh

    Still getting the hang of this app, but so far I have no complaints. I'll keep you posted. ;-)

  • App

    by Interesting24/7

    Amazing love it

  • Awesomeness

    by Yulfiano

    I never waste time writing a review, this is my first time. That's cus this app is simple, awesome, fast, easy!!! Yay

  • Awaome

    by Lacha2171

    Connects videos together just what i needed

  • Love

    by Husvm

    Love it.

  • Great

    by Laurennn12

    Easy to use. Great app!

  • Fixxxx

    by TexXoxo

    Good app but sometimes it blacks out for 1 second ruining the flow of the videos. Keep having to delete the app and redownload it to fix it.

  • goood app

    by dlwjdtlrdlek

    i enjoyed it very goood and simple app!!

  • Awesome app to split and merge video

    by Rahul 123456

    Like the ability to add text in front of the video. Would love to have the same ability at the end of the video as well.

  • Love it!

    by A person that you don't know

    This is exactly what I needed to combine videos! I highly recommend it!

  • Sound!!!

    by Sdavis030

    Help! Every time I put three video clips together, only the first video has sound. The other two don't.

  • an issue with sounds

    by Alawi-Bafa

    guys can anyone tell me why the second video always with no sounds ?

  • Required Sign In = STUPID

    by frankz00

    No better way to lose a moment than require a sign in on my own phone that has a camera!!!! And to add insult to injury, it wanted me to change my password too! IDIOTIC! ONE STAR!!!!

  • I like it!

    by Coquisa


  • Merging videos

    by George Bailey2013

    Just got started but worked great.

  • It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This

    by Americas_App_Guru

    Like any new tool used to create: 1. Read the directions. 2. Follow the suggestions. 3. Try ALL the settings. 4. Combine the settings. 5. Look at the result. 6. Get a trusted opinion. 7. Practice makes perfect.

  • Great

    by Theresa Peterson

    Pretty cool

  • So so great

    by Meigo M

    Just did my first vid, so easy. Cannot wait to do my next.

  • Great App!

    by braceyoself

    This is a very useful app that also provides a pleasant user experience. It has the quality that I've come to expect from Adobe. I spent over an hour looking through garbage apps that didn't do simple video editing and exporting without gimmicks or blocked content. Don't waste your time with other apps if you are looking for something to clip your video recordings and want to export to your camera roll or share on social networks. I would highly recommend this app.

  • Easy to use!

    by Rubiok

    I love this editor, it is so easy to use even my 5 year old is using it! Best thing about it is that it's ready in a few minutes and you can save it or post it to Fb!

  • Great quick video editor on the go

    by taction

    Pretty easy to use , edited and upload videos to share. Once uploaded to revel and I can remove from my tiny hard drive. I can use my phone to shoot more videos than before.

  • Awesome. VideoBite is great.

    by Dpats12

    People can't believe that I can edit, title, create transitions, and post videos while I am at the event/party. The Facebook uploads seem faster. I like the Revel integration so I can share easily with a smaller group of people (I am starting to use that more and more) and not broadcast all my videos to the world.

  • Satisfied

    by Goolander

    Loved this app for the last 16 months. Not so much since the iOS 7 update. Anyone else having problems? Month later it is all better, ios7 friendly app. Thanks

  • Sweet !!!!

    by Ritchmyster

    Awesome app it took me a couple of minutes to figure it out but now that I have it's great and fun to work with can't Wait for new add ons.

  • Love

    by Judibl

    The best video bite! Love the effects!

  • Please Fix the bugs

    by 용용이 러브 똥이

    I really like this app. But it doesn't work when I try to save it in my camera roll. It goes on well and then at the last point it will just stop itself with only a millimeter left to go. I have deleted it and downloaded it again and again but it will just not work. Please could you fix this bug.

  • Major problem saving actual video

    by Photobucket enthusiast

    This app wouldn't be bad but it wont ever save to camera roll which makes it useless for me! It opens a loading bar that loads till the end then just sits there doing nothing.

  • I can't finish uploading my vids

    by Fatman_reveiws

    I need an update do my videos can save to my camera roll

  • Freezing

    by Mr.ImNotHappy

    When ever going to share or save to camera roll, it prepares 99% then freezes. Possible compatibility issue with IOS7? Please update and fix, other then that great app would rate 5 stars if I could keep the videos I edit.

  • freezes while saving

    by PastorChadster

    while saving to camera roll the app hangs so no videos are created. perhaps not compatible with iPhone 4 &/or iOS 7?

  • Great, but won't export :(

    by GG615

    Got into it and edited a video, Noticed it does not have the ability to add a transition after the title or add title info at the end. Transitions fade in the wrong place, so had to add 2 second blank video clips where I wanted a smoother transition. Main issue right now is that it gets stuck on export. (maybe an iOS 7 issue ?) So, all that work and can not even save it to the camera roll. Work around for final titles (if I could save it to the camera roll ) would be to create a title, export and then add that clip at the end. Additional features could be voiceovers, separate audio that can be muted or removed etc.

  • Make it look nice in 5 min

    by Evans a Drum Head

    'Nuff said.

  • Love it!!

    by 구 이 엔

    Love this soooooooo much !!


    by Marixa91

    This app is amazing. Very simple to use and handy!

  • Great!

    by Djtavo82

    My favorite app for video editing and sharing!!!

  • Was easier than I thought!

    by Wayne1069

    I downloaded the app a while ago. Never really used it. My friends started a fitness club amongst themselves to stay healthier. I whiled out my iPhone and started recording different scenes of their workout. I quickly edited the scenes and BAM! A quickly made promo of their work! Made me look a little more talented! :-)

  • Awesome

    by EKtheDJ

    Totally recommend. Easy to use. Quick to edit. Great for those who want to put out a lot of media regularly.

  • Genial

    by Gabrielpzff

    Tremenda aplicación, les sugiero una función para agregar música a los vídeos !

  • Awesome

    by Fatalistype


  • 5 Stars

    by iPhone 4 user!!!!!

    Awesome app! You can save it to ur camera roll n upload it on IG

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