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'All About Her' is a simple repository of information men are supposed to remember about their ladies, but, in most cases, don't. Dates, favorites, gift lists, all in one place on your iphone, at one tap away.

Have you ever forgotten an anniversary? Probably.

Her birthday is tomorrow. Do you remember the gift she hinted at 6 months ago? Not likely.

Do you remember her favorite Color? Flower? Musician? Movie? Nope.

Well, there's an app for that. All About Her will give you the Get Out Of Jail Free card you've been looking for or simply provide necessary on-going 'support and maintenance' to your relationships.

By giving you the tools: A repository for important events, favorites, gift lists, reminders, tons of great images & ideas and on-the-spot photo attachments for items she has here eye on - you'll be well equipped and armed to avoid pain and enhance pleasure.

Be a gentlemen, Be super sensitive, Be the stud, Be right for once, Become the Hero.

Guys aren't built to remember this stuff. Women are. Prove that it's 'All About Her'


"That app really came together well! It's gorgeous. I love how you made it fun and whimsical. Congrats on such a wonderful app!"
Carla White (Author of Little Buddha and Inside Secrets)


"Awesome lol. Saved me"


"Stay out of the dog house and in the bed...
Some guys manage to be cassanovas forever with their wives and some of us don't. Here's where you get to store the little things you need to remember about her.
Happy wife, happy life."


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