Peak Aviation Center FlightOps Productivity App Review (iOS, $19.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Adaptive Systems, LLC



The official mobile app for Peak Aviation Center, Inc. in Colorado Springs!

Peak Aviation Center FlightOps gives you aviation tools customized for Peak Aviation Center’s aircraft at your finger tips.

- Customized checklists for all Peak Aviation Center aircraft
- No more worrying about keeping track of multiple, paper copies
- Intuitive layout makes checklists more efficient
- Checklist completion/incompletion history is automatically saved for your records
- Find something amiss, easily insert comments with or without attached photos
- Create your own checklists for any unique procedures such as instrument approach briefings

Weight & Balance Calculator
- Never again worry about whether you are within limits
- Quickly enter the data for your flight and the app dynamically computes the weight and CG, checks it against defined limits, alerts you if any limits are or will be exceeded during flight, and graphically displays the information
- Save data for future access and save the data for printing

METAR/TAF Visualization
- Built-in custom weather visualizer allows for instant understanding of weather and potential weather hazards on METARs and TAFs
- Weather icons and color coding that highlight what you need to know
- Saves you time and helps mediate risks

Airport Distance Calculator
- Simple planning tool to quickly access distance and heading between airports
- Instant access to your planned route METARs and TAFs, fully translated using the customized weather visualizer


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