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Seller: Taoufik Zammou

* Fixed issues with Evernote upload
* New sharpening algorithm for non-white backgrounds (e.g. newspapers and magazines)

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Cam note turns your notes digital so you never lose your notes again.

Cam note is an easy-to-use, free app that digitises your notes quickly and efficiently. Go paperless, get organized, take your notes with you and improve productivity.

Cam note lets you capture written and visual information and makes them searchable wherever you are.

Cam note works best alongside the specially designed notepads available in handy A7 and A5 sizes from Used along with the notepad, the app automates many of those tedious steps of scanning such as de-skewing, cropping and rotating.

Don't worry if you forget your Cam note notepad, you can also use the app with any ordinary piece of paper…or napkin, or receipt, or poster, or whiteboard, the list is endless.

Your notes are then ready to be tagged and shared or automatically synced to your favourite cloud storage service or shared with your contacts.

Key Features:

- Quickly scan, sync and share your notes

- Manual mode lets you capture whiteboards, blackboards and any rectangle

- Cam note will find the edges automatically, and deskew the image for you

- Corrects the pinhole effect

- Share with friends and contacts using email, mms or any other instant messenger or social networking apps you have on your device

- Automatically sync to the cloud using online storage such as Dropbox and Evernote

- Free app works with any type of paper

- No need to register, works with existing cloud storage services.

- Save notes on your device to have on you wherever you are

- Use the OCR capabilities of Evernote to make searching your notes's contents easy

- Manage your notes by assigning tags

- Automatically transfer tags from your Cam note notes to your Evernote account for instant organisation

*** To get the most out of your Cam note app, use with the Cam note paper notebook ***

Some ways to use Cam note for your personal and professional world:

- Learn more effectively: Studies have shown that handwriting engages your brain more effectively than typing

- Capture notes on whiteboards and presentations

- Capture ideas and inspiration when you're out and about

- Access your notes created on your phone across a range of devices

- Go paperless and capture snapshots of restaurant menus and business cards

- Send your partner your shopping list

- Share your to-do list

- Share meeting notes

- Organise your sticky notes

- Digitize a messy disorganized notebook or shopping lists

- Capture and share brilliant ideas.

- Snap newspaper and magazine clippings or posters


Do I need the Cam note paper notepad to use this app?

No, The app was designed for the cam note paper notepad, but can be used without just as well. However, using the Cam note paper notepad has advantages:

- When you use the cam note paper notepad, the app will automatically detect your notes, and crop carefully around them.

- Without the cam note paper, you have to do this manually.

- When using the app with the Cam note paper notepad, it will automatically apply Cam note paper specific post-scanning optimisations.


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