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Seller: Accord Technologies LLC

About My Guy 3.4.5
- Backup & Restore to Dropbox
Now you can backup from one device and restore to your other devices. Easy way to share your data across devices!
- iOS 6 compatibility
- Background Image fix

Previous Update: About My Guy 3.4.4
- Create PDF Reports
- iOS 5 compatibility

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* It’s all about your special man *

About My Guy is one app in a series of applications to help you organize your life. Finally an app you can use to organize important information about your guy. About My Guy comes packed with settings specific to men. Whether it is for your husband, boyfriend, brother, or the special man in your life, use About My Guy to organize all his info in one single place. No more excuses for forgetting important occasions like an anniversary or birthdays, show him you love him by remembering!

About My Guy is a Photos, Preferences, and Occasions organizer centered around "Your Guy" for those things you should never forget, but most likely will! Men want you to remember their likes and preferences, so let About My Guy do the work for you!

Organize his preferences for items such as clothing sizes for men, favorite brands, shopping preferences specific to men, favorite men shopping stores, hobbies, favorite colors, food, movies, music, and book authors. Keeping information with you about the sizes of his shoes, clothes, and suits will come in handy when shopping for gifts!

Use about My Guy to organize events and occasions for your man. Include events like birthdays and anniversary dates or maybe the date you first met or kissed. Everything is completely customizable, so the possibilities are endless.

About My Guy is indispensible as a shopping tool when you would rather not ruin a surprise by having to call and ask, “What coffee drink do you love?” “Which hockey player is your favorite?” or “What brand of cologne do you love?” This useful tool is also a fun way to get to know "Your Guy," regardless of how well you think you already do!

Common items that we find most useful to record in About My Guy are favorite gifts and gift ideas, favorite places for shopping, clothing and jewelry sizes, anniversary dates and birthdays, to name a few..

Features Include:
- Packed with a comprehensive set of predefined items to fill out if you choose, like footwear, music, books, clothing, jewelry, sports and drinks
- Highly customizable: add new entries, repeat entries, or remove entries
- A simple organized list for his favorites and personal preferences
- Backup & Restore to Dropbox
- Create PDF Reports
- Event Organizer for important events such as Anniversary and Birthdays
- Event Notifications, to receive alerts when the app is not running!
- Notes Sections for Categories and Events
- Photos Organizer to add pictures with captions and dates
- Easy to reset, so no way to mess things up!
- Passcode Screen Locking feature, so don’t worry about letting your man see gift ideas!
and more..

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* Never ruin a surprise, keep Your Guy’s preferences close at all times *


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