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Seller: Warner Bros. Entertainment

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Academy Award® nominated director Spike Jonze collaborates with celebrated author Maurice Sendak to bring you one of the most beloved books of all time, Where the Wild Things Are, to the big screen. Now Warner Bros. invites you to escape to where the Wild Things are on the iPhone™ and iPod touch®. Meet and play with Carol and explore the forest to discover additional content from the film. Unleash your inner Wild Thing and let the wild rumpus start!


Interact with Carol – Have a dirt clod battle, watch him dance to your music and see him eat up your photos and contacts. But keep him happy or he’ll run wild.

Photos – View photos of the movie and your favorite characters and save them as your personal wallpaper.

Video – Watch the trailers and additional clips from the movie.

Music – Listen to the motion picture soundtrack featuring original songs by Karen O and the Kids while exploring the app.

Posters – Official movie posters are also available within the app.

Customer Reviews

  • Woooo!

    by Bobby roode 2013

    I'm love this app and I seen movie 10 time it is goooooooooooooood movie

  • R.I.P Maurice Sendak

    by Jovel Maldonado


  • Awesome app:)

    by rad428

    I love this app and the movie, but we should be able to interact with more characters, also it would be fun to have more features like idk be able to actually talk to the monster and them responding and maybe some mini games to play that would be cool!!!please please please consider these suggestions it would make my life:) after all I am a looser/geek:)

  • I love it!

    by NYCPirate

    My favorite app! I loved the movie! Now I love the app. Just wish they had more characters than just Carol to play with! Like maybe K.W. or Max! That's my only recommendation.

  • It crashes

    by TattooedMama

    After latest update it crashes if you try to put Carol in dance mode. Please fix this bug my 4 yr old loves this app and would love to see Carol dance again.

  • Love love LOVE this!!!

    by Cosmic Crash

    It's awesome, I like the friendly monster. Totallllyyyy worth it for being free! Love the music, really comforting. Sometimes I just have the app on while I'm laying in bed....

  • Amaziiiiing(:

    by Personwiththeface

    I love this app so much I totally recommend it!!!!!!!!!!! Super duper cute.(; <3

  • Awesome!!

    by Potatoes17

    This app is so great !! and i love carol XD

  • Great app!

    by hellogoodbye0853

    This app is so cute for a great movie :)

  • Love

    by Cindylou79

    This is my favorite movie if all time. Why not this app it's got neat features from the movie.

  • Love it

    by Miss_Laura

    This app is fun and totally recommend it to everyone.

  • Awesome

    by Masa023

    My daughter absolutely loves it but it's been crashing and not loading. It's kind frustrating for a toddler. Please update. It's the only app she never gets tired of.

  • OK..

    by The Most Awesome Girl

    It is hard to understand and so very confusing. Aren't these things supposed to come with instructions!?!?!?!?!

  • Carol lover!! =)

    by JDB lover!! ;-)

    The movie was so cute!!! I loved it but i love carol more!!!! ;)

  • So gooood!!

    by Fatso Raven

    So gooood!!

  • adorable!!!

    by Flying Pigs!!

    carol is so cute!! can't wait for this movie to come out:)

  • awesome app!

    by dualscreen

    love it! nicely done and thanks for making this free WB. the movie is out finally! i've been playing this for the last week until the movie came out. watching it today!

  • Love it

    by J1023748

    But could u put it so we can use the mic to talk to him lol that would be fun and like food and differnt clothes to

  • Love it!

    by Love To Be Fit

    My daughter loves this application, and she never gets tired of Carol.

  • Max!!carol!!

    by Nickjonas01

    This app us soo cute and fun! Buht they should have max in it!!!am I right !?

  • Sadddddddd same w/the movie I cried

    by Jellytinferb

    Umm never loaded

  • Just got this app to say

    by Airstreaming

    That this movie was by far thee worst movie ever created.

  • Wild things

    by mettropolitan

    It is so cute and I love when he gets angry. But I would not put those pictures up and trailers

  • Satisfied but...

    by gallows calibrator

    I am very happy wit dis app bc it's cute and fun and stuf... But there should b more than 1 monster. 

  • Amazing

    by Twilight's biggest fan!!!

    I couldn't live with out CarolI luv u Carol

  • pretty good

    by natalee:)

    they should let carol dance to your music instead of the soundtrack

  • Very nice

    by MikeC_In_MD

    There's not much to this, but everything about this app is beautiful.

  • Cute. Fun. Entertaining.

    by artcgal

    While this game does have a tendancy to freeze from time to time, it's still really fun. I like that you can pick songs from your own iTunes library and make Carol dance to them.

  • Love it, only wish there was more

    by SohoDragonGirl

    Gorgeous pictures you can add to your photo album. Great videos. I wish you could do more things with the animated Carol. For instance when he holds up one of your pictures, it would've been awesome if you could take a picture of that. Or if you can choose more animated characters. For a free movie promo app, this rocks!

  • Cute

    by Postforest

    Super cute!

  • by 2impressed

    Apps like this one dont have much of a purpose. But, what it does, it does well. The graphics are good. Picking one you photos for Carol to eat is a nice touch. I was interested for about 5 mins. But my kids like it, so I kept it.

  • Terrible Application

    by Rachel1234680

    This application is TERRIBLE!!! If I could give it a ZERO. I downloaded it and then deleted it and it keeps on popping up again and again. It's like an annoying rash.

  • Love this APP!

    by AshNicHugh

    I've grown real feelings for Carol I let my friend play with the app and immediately took it back because she kept hitting Carol. Love the interaction and wall paper images! I hope they add more to it!

  • Cut but...

    by nunya1234567891011121314151617181920

    seems very slow to load pictures or music from the iphone. and at times the whole thing just starts to act unstable.

  • crash, crash, oh and crash

    by repressthis

    Version 1 was amazing, i noticed NO bugs, but as soon as I got ahold of the update crashes occur anytime Carol and I play. What a shame cuz diz was the most interesting spectical of the entire app.

  • Fun app and thoughtful movie

    by p@cm@n

    Watching Carol dance to my iTunes songs, and eat photos is amusing. The movie is very well done but not for toddlers. Go see it if you have an older child.

  • Fun app but not for the little ones

    by Redwolf2000

    Fun app for adults but it scared my five-year-old when he saw Carol eat a picture of his little brother. Then he told me it's not nice to throw rocks at people.

  • Cute app

    by Jeanieface

    Cute app that has some complementary material on the movie. Nice pictures and videos. Wish we could play with more characters, like Judith or K.W. or Douglas, than just Carol.

  • by Alyssaaa!

    Great app! I would deffiantly recomned this to little kids! Or any age! 3-12 is who should be playing this(:

  • AWESOME but,

    by Name unknown

    is very nicely animated but it would be SOOOO much better if it had more characters 2 play around with like the chicken looking 1 very cut btw :^)

  • wild

    by yosquirrel

    I love it!!I highly recommend this app!!!

  • Great app

    by xxxMarzxxx

    Great app but Carol seems so depressed!

  • ....

    by 555undead666

    who else thought this movie was depressing

  • Spectacular Movie, fun app!!!

    by Toothdecay

    First of all, I highly suggest for everyone to see this movie, it's GREAT. The app is fun and lets you view videos, photos, and even throw dirt clods at Carol!

  • Good for 1 minuet

    by nyra137

    This app gets very boring And whats wrong with the animal thing hes always 

  • Where the wild things are awesome!!!!!

    by Reagan luvs Alexander from the movie

    Omg I luv it although carol seems kinda depressed

  • Needs Directions

    by CL27

    Needs directons or feature list of available features and what icons on right do in Carol...or some features simply do not work....Looks great

  • Love it!

    by gleekgleek

    My 4 year old loves this app. It's cute and free.

  • As good as the movie

    by Isodora Crane

    There's probably more depth to this game, but they both get old fast.

  • Very Fun with lots of extras

    by BigPickle

    I'm still exploring this unexpected gem. I showed it to about 5 people today and they all said, "whoa! that's cool!" I'm not sure if I'll use it for years but it's definitely a must have for now. I like how smooth the animation is and the sharpness of the images. Great job!

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