The Wizard Of Oz Game Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Warner Bros.
  • Updated: Mar, 21 2013
  • Version: 1.3
  • Size: 221.47 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Warner Bros. Entertainment

Thanks for your feedback! We’re continuing to make improvements for you to better enjoy your time in the Land of Oz!

• Fixed ability to make in-app purchases.

If you are experiencing any technical issues, please email us at Dorothy thanks you for leading her home in The Wizard of Oz!

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893 Ratings
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1499 Ratings


Designed for iPad 2 and up, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th Gen


Join DOROTHY™, TOTO™ and all of your friends in THE WIZARD OF OZ™, an adventure-driven town builder based on the most-watched movie of all time! There truly is no place like the Land of Oz – and you can visit anytime, from the comfort of your own home or on the go!

Build your very own Munchkinland and customize, feed and play with your Munchkins with natural gesture controls and beautiful retina display graphics custom-made for your iPad and iPhone. Join your new friends as they follow the YELLOW BRICK ROAD™ to the EMERALD CITY™ and protect Dorothy from the WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST™ and her evil legion of WINGED MONKEYS™.



**** “The Wizard of Oz is one of the most gorgeous, immersive, city-building games…” –

**** “It’s a town builder with a Wizard of Oz theme – an incredibly pretty town builder.” – Kotaku

**** 4 Stars –

**** “PLAY…this is a solid city builder at its core.” –

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• Care for, feed, customize and entertain your Munchkins

• Recapture your favorite moments from the movie with the characters you love and the story you remember

• Enjoy building your very own Munchkinland in fully immersive 3D graphics using easy and fun gesture controls

• Listen to the nostalgic score based on the iconic music you loved in the movie

• Visit GLINDA THE GOOD WITCH™ and play with your friends

• Join Dorothy in her adventure and enjoy memorable moments from the classic movie!

• Features movie likenesses of your favorite characters, including Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale

• Become the Mayor of Munchkinland and lead your Munchkins while building your town

• Meet the SCARECROW™, TIN MAN™ and COWARDLY LION™ on your way to the Emerald City

• Defend your Munchkins from the Wicked Witch and her Winged Monkeys

• Have fun playing more than 10 minigames that help grow your land

• Build the Yellow Brick Road and lead Dorothy home to Kansas

The Wizard of Oz is completely free to play but you can purchase in-game items for real money to optimize your experience. If you don’t want to use the benefits of this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Do you need customer support? Would you like to make suggestions? We want to hear from you and help! You can reach us at

THE WIZARD OF OZ and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Turner Entertainment Co.


Customer Reviews

  • Fun but issues

    by Madaffodil

    This game is super fun for WOO lovers, but the game keeps dumping me. Other than this issue, I love it!

  • If you don't use Facebook it's useless!

    by LishaG20

    This could have been a great game but as you get further into it if you don't have friends on Facebook there's nothing to do! It is constantly trying to get you to invite them to play and everything uses friends who plays the game! Why spend so much on such a well made game just to ruin it? I hate when they do this!

  • Crashing but fun!

    by KcMom2010

    I love this game! Fun to play and I like all the details! However it keeps crashing in Facebook mode and takes a long time to load. Hopefully this will be fixed soon!

  • Iphone5s

    by Honeydiorxx

    Please make this game compatible for my iphone 5s i love it and wish it would workkkk!!! :-(

  • Fun Game

    by Ghshicxd

    Great game but crashes every time I try to connect to Facebook :/


    by Chynawhite10029

    It keeps crashing!!!!! I hope u fix the problem ASAP cuz it's a fun game n I still rate it a 5 plz fix ASAP thank u

  • GG

    by ALomastro

    It doesn't remember my Facebook, I always have to login to play. Overall, so far so good.

  • Please help!

    by Samantha miranda

    Please update so it's compatible with iPhone 5s!!!! :-) I love this game but cannot play on my 5s only on iPad for now..

  • Sad

    by Tudane

    I love the game. Can't find enough friends to play and help me along. it crashes and freezes up. Then you can't proceed the yellow brick rd without friends to move the tree the witch Knocked down can't get the emeralds because of no friends and I'm not buying them. Just brought a new desk top computer it says it can't play the game for some reason so I can only play on my phone . Right now it's frozen up if I delete it and reinstall I loose all I have done. I have a ton of friends that play games no one wants to play this one :( doesn't show other players so you can't ask other game players !! Boo!!!! W

  • It's great, but......

    by Hjdbfh839486

    It really needs an update. It crashes every time I try to play it on my iPad.

  • Crashes

    by Brian Maynard

    I love this game! It's really fin and we'll put together. Although it needs an update bad. I log into Facebook and I get to play for 3 minutes flat before it crashes. Please update to where it won't crash every 3 minutes please. Other wise it's a really great game

  • No iPad air

    by Zeby Cupcakes

    It is not available on iPad air but it seems totally tubular to the max.

  • Needs work

    by T.G.O.

    So Spooky Labs and Zynga are working together on this app and neither of them has done anything since April 2013. The log in screen gives you an option to play locally without internet, but that is no longer available. The app is not compatible with the iPad Air. If you do not have 50 friends actively playing this you will not get far, unless you fork over real cash for emeralds. The inbox crashes too often. Cute game, but needs work.

  • Favorite app

    by Bryce superstar

    I <3 this app! Wizard of oz is my favorite movie so I simply love it!!! Sometimes it makes me start over but the next day or a couple of hours later it takes me back to the place I stopped before. So I think this app is good for anybody!!! I love it <3!!!

  • Iphone 5s

    by Cwoms167

    Please make it work on the iphone 5s

  • Disappointed

    by MusicCrash

    I can't play it either on my iphone4 or my iPod 4th gen when it's compatible with both and I wanna play it so badly, so can u please make it so we can still play with iPod 4th gen and iphone4 please. I just got an iPad mini and it is supposed to work but it didn't work :/

  • Good game, but needs fixes

    by Rbecca0630

    It says it is compatible with my iphone 4 and I have the latest update, but every time I open the app it says it's not compatible with my device. Also, this game requires too many emeralds and energy to do things and requires friends to play. Would be great if it didn't need energy, emeralds and friends (there are no friends playing so I cannot get past those parts).

  • review

    by BigRed2626

    ok well it is a nice game but i would like to actully play on the one i made, every time i log in its differant so yeah.

  • Crash crash

    by Musicnote09

    I love this game, but hate the crashing. It is now crashing every time the monkeys strike! It also crashes if I try to purchase emeralds. Please fix the crashing!

  • MAD!!!!

    by Sejlillyiscool

    It says I could play it on the iPad mini but no!I have the iPad mini retina display but that is still an iPad mini people don't put it their if it does not play ugh pay attention!?!??

  • Needs update

    by SHAD0w609

    Constantly crashes needs to be fixed ASAP

  • 5S

    by SeanO91

    So I was hoping to play this on my new 5S and during load up the game says it can't be played on this device. Really?

  • Not compatible?

    by Antithesis666

    How is it not compatible with the new iPad mini? Fix this now!!!

  • Not Capatable

    by Chef Twister

    Downloads this on my iphone 5s and it says it's not Capatable. Not sure why it wouldn't be since i have the las test device.

  • Stupid

    by krbagman

    Not allowed to play on iPhone 4!!!!!

  • Can't run on iPad mini with retina

    by Spelljammer

    Refuses to start on my iPad mini with retina... Tells me the game cannot run on this device.

  • Can't be played on iPad Air

    by Pandora09

    FIX IT!!!!

  • Bummer

    by Melbell21

    I can't stand that without peer harassment or cash you can't further advance in the game. Also crashes constantly. Would pay for a better version. However I can't even open the game at this time! Great idea poor execution.

  • Crashes

    by Chel212

    This game is messed up. Do not get this app. Too bad they won't fix a game everyone seems to really like if it worked properly.

  • Rubbish

    by ArmyWifeApril

    Downloaded it and it's not compatible with my device? I have the newest iPad mini with retina display so there is no reason it should not be compatible. Was looking forward to playing it. Please update it to make it work with all devices.

  • What kind of game is this?!

    by Elisa J Huang

    This game is a sucker, crashes every minute.BOO BOO

  • Crash

    by Pimp slaps

    Fix your crappy game.

  • 5s

    by Skyscraper619

    Make it for the 5s too!!! Then I'll be happy!

  • Seriously?

    by The lonely one12

    I can download it but not play it on my iphone4...what's that all about?

  • Pisses me off

    by Becron

    I like the game. Can't play it much because all it does it crashes! So I try to play four or five times and it crashes every time so I had to stop play the games it takes for ever to load on my iPad and then for it to crash nah don't want to play the game anymore unless they fix the problem!!!

  • Poor customer service

    by ...2000

    I've emailed 5 times with no response I'm not a fan! FIX it so we can use it on the new ipad air!!!!

  • Not to happy

    by Ashleebabyyy

    I just downloaded this and it is saying it is not compatible with this device. I have an iphone 4. Looking at old reviews it seems like im not the only person who has had or is having this problem. Please fix it, i would really like to play this game.

  • keeps crashing!!

    by Astoria927

    I would like to play but it keeps crashing! please fix it so it works. I'm tired of wasting my time.

  • Upsetting!

    by sapphirefate18

    My iPod lets me download the game but the game isn't compatible with my iPod....why would you let me download it when I can't even play it?!? I like the Wizard of Oz, so maybe whenever I get a new iPod, I'll try downloading the game again and play it then. For now, VERY disappointed!!!!!

  • Log in

    by Glitterbomb101

    Can't log in the local, always starts over

  • ????

    by Tccwoo14

    The description says it's designed for iphone 5 and it says it's not playable on my iphone 5s. Does the "s" really matter that much???? Can anyone help???? Looks like a great game, I just wish I could play it :/

  • Disappointed

    by Hunter E.

    Compatible with iPad mini? Says it's not playable on my device. So fix it please?


    by Mar Mar Clydesdale

    As you can read everyone wants an update so can you update it please. And I was so exited to play but its not compatible!

  • Junk

    by Cssmith1018

    This game is junk it won't let u play locally. And I don't want to log into Facebook to play. All it does is keep saying that u r logged in with another account and this is the first time I've played. Deleting and won't download anything else from you.

  • Review Wizard of Oz

    by snugglebear23

    This app says you can play on an iPhone. They lied! I downloaded the app and then it tells me it will not play on this device. Why the heck would you say and let it download just to post a sign that you can not play it on this device. Get your act together.

  • Unhappy

    by Arconklin

    Update needed! Keeps on crashing!

  • No iPhone or iPad?

    by Chahim

    Why is this in the App Store if I cannot play it on my apple devices?

  • Update

    by trpliljoe

    Update keeps closing

  • Waste of Time

    by Purplesnerd

    This game takes a ridiculously long time to load and then crashes before I can play. I've tried several times to get it going and I refuse to waste any more time.


    by Puppy08912

    Ok so first it doesn't even tell you what you have to do and it takes forever to load I'm not trying to hate but I hate his game I don't recommended it.

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