The Vampire Diaries Entertainment App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Warner Bros. Entertainment

- New design with added features and iOS 7 compatibility
- Minor bug fixes

- Follow Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram feeds which include talent from the show and hashtags
- Easily share content

TVD “Rehash”!
- Past episodes available

Caption Now!
- Improved performance
- Galleries are separated episodically

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
15 Ratings
All Versions:
1592 Ratings


The Vampire Diaries app sponsored by AT&T lets users caption moments from the show and share them with friends. Fans can follow and share the social conversation surrounding "The Vampire Diaries" on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. In addition, fans can stay up to date with video previews, and watch weekly episodes of TVD “Rehash” which recap the latest and greatest fan reactions to the show.

Customer Reviews

  • Vampire

    by Jelly2times

    Man I'm shocked the vampire part isn't on here anymore :( I LOVED THAT!

  • Why?!?!

    by CyndiSalvatore

    I love this app, it keeps me updated with the latest vampire diary news. But I don't like how there's no more vamp yourself or the trivia questions from a long while ago. :(

  • LOVE

    by Aria56543$


  • Nella

    by t mobile account app

    It's awesome because you get to make your own comments with the vampire diaries pictures of scenes happening during the show.

  • put the vampireizer back on

    by AJJepson

    its really good app and all. i would give it a full 5 star if the vampireizer was there. PUT THE VAMPIREIZER BACK ON !!!

  • What?

    by Treehugger5000

    I loved this app until the new update because they took many things off! :( I'm waiting for the next update hoping they will fix it and if they don't I'll delete it because I really loved it until now! Now you can barely use it because basically the only thing left is the caption now which you can only do it on Thursdays! This made me really mad so please come back!!! Also I can't wait for the up coming episode of TVD! Thanks for the creators of this app but now I can't even use it...

  • Captions are fun!

    by n1kname

    I love TVD and love the app. It's super fun adding my own captions with mt friends!


    by *Krys29*

    Please bring back the game that was in the app! And the vampireizer! I hadn't played cause when I opened it it crashed. Please please please bring them back. The update is cool but please being back the original stuff.

  • WHYYY!!!!

    by Logolby1110

    why would you take off vampirizer. That was the best part. Please put it back on.

  • Fun app! :)

    by Vacholino

    Waiting to see the next episode of TVP so I can use the caption now functionality!

  • Crashing

    by Goldfish201

    The app is crashing when I try to go into #rehash

  • Tvder

    by Rating Person 101

    If u love The Vampire Diaries go follow my IG~ @tvdoe and my Twitter~ @TVDoverdose

  • Trivia!! ☹

    by paulabui

    You should bring the trivia back!!!

  • It's pretty good

    by Doooooooode

    It's pretty good at first but then once you open it it won't open again I have been trying to open it for days but it just not working I really like it but its bugging me haha:)

  • Awsome

    by Juan247

    This is awsome

  • Caption!

    by Ito

    On the cw app, I watched the rehash for the last episode,Graduation, and it had captions from the TVD app but my app isn't updating to the last episode captions... Please fix!!

  • Rehash

    by Phily 57

    Rehash does not upgrade

  • Cool

    by Saige0604

    It's nice and I love to make pics when the show is on.

  • Amazing

    by Araceli/Ireallylovepink

    Okay I'm in love with this app especially the makeover thingy like omgawd but I heard about the trivia and y'all should really bring it back.!

  • Ok

    by Alyssaalc

    Can you fix the vampiarzer plz

  • Bring back the vampirizer thing.

    by iJennifer!

    Seriously it was the best part of the app. Grazie.

  • WHY

    by Amelia Louise

    Why did you get rid of the mystic falls make over and vampirezer app! Was the best part. Please bring it back

  • No

    by JCW1215

    The only reason I wanted this app was to have the vampireizor thing! Now it's gone?! Whyyy???


    by Kk the jj jet plane

    It is awful now without the games and vampirizer. Nobody cares about the social junk, everyone only wants vampirizer and the games. THERE IS NO POINT WITHOUT VAMPIRIZER. PUT IT BACK ON NOW!

  • Hate it now

    by asweetheartgirl

    I can't believe u changed the app I liked it the way it was before u updated it cause now I can't make any of my photos into vampires or werewolfs why did u get rid of that feature


    by Music4Life113

    Caption now does not load. It hasn't for about 3 weeks. I hope this gets fixed before the season 5 premiere. There is plenty of time to do IS in the fall after all haha.

  • This needs to be updated

    by Greekismyfavcolor

    All the episodes on the rehash and bite sized whatever's are WAY behind, including the captions. Please fix this.

  • Caption Now isn't working.

    by Ohfxxkitsjay

    Caption Now isn't working. It just says loading but it never loads.

  • Never Updates

    by mak75231

    Rehash never gives new one--permanently on epi 4.06 and the finale is this week.

  • Bloody Trivia

    by Ajamer311

    Never even use the app anymore because the trivia was taken away. Useless app for me now.

  • I like it but.....

    by Eventinglover

    Hey it won't update it is like four episodes behind

  • There's no sound

    by Michellie94

    I try to watch #rehash and bite sized recaps but there's no sound

  • Would be great but....

    by Shellyb1221

    Do not really use since the bloody trivia was taken away. Getting rid of it was a stupid mistake.

  • Okay

    by Lauren_123

    I love it but the vampirizer doesn't work it freezes

  • Awesome but...

    by T-Anna Ward( is awesome )

    The vampirizer doesn't work and Im mad plz fix

  • Nice app

    by shea97

    A great app, but the vampirizer needs to be fixed. It freezes and I have to download the app again. Everything else is awesome, though.

  • <3

    by BriLove Nicole

    Omg I love this app soo much.!!

  • Vamperizer


    Cool but the trivia should be brought back and the vamperizer doesn't work

  • Trivia

    by Erin08

    When the trivia was still in the app it was nice to play but difficult to win! I really thought I knew my stuff. Please bring the trivia back and perhaps show a clip of the scene in question after 3 or more failed attempts to show the answer so it can be won.

  • Vampire diaries

    by Lehran

    It's was a awesome app until they upgraded it when I try to vampirism myself it freezes on top with the play bar they need to fix it ASAP bec I love the app

  • Fix vamperizer

    by babyjesus<3

    The vamperizer always freeze please fix it.

  • Updates

    by Lisagayleely

    Love this app but I have to delete and reload each week to get the app to update. Please fix!!!

  • Bring the trivia back!!!!!!!

    by Lavenderdaydream29

    Everything else good, but I thought when I updated I would still have trivia!!!

  • Doesn't work well

    by Elissabette

    The vampireizer freezes my iPod whenever I tried it-both times. In order for it to unfreeze, I just had to delete the app and reload it again.

  • Where's theTrivia

    by appbuyer2

    I love the trivia. How come it was removed?

  • What i think

    by BrAd1209

    The vampirizer doesnt work, and theres always a pop up video about Vampire Diaries which is the same one from like a season or two ago so can u take the off. Fix the vampirizer and optimize this for the iPhone 5

  • Update ruined it

    by AriSafariii

    I liked this app before the update. Now the trivia is gone (which was the main reason why I downloaded this app) and the vampirizer or whatever freezes. The caption thing is cool but the trivia needs to be brought back.

  • Good(ish)

    by My Girls Thrice

    I love TVD and this app was awesome but the update took away the trivia, the vampirizer won't work and the rehash and bite sized recaps won't update to this weeks episode.

  • Problems

    by Fantastic:}

    I am having problems with my app cause when I open vampithizer it freezes

  • Vampirizer

    by Izzy padilla

    The app is great but the vampirizer won't work

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