A ClassicCamera: Live view HDR camera, photo and video Photo & Video App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Seller: Chiasa Matsuda

- HDR effect update
- Fixed an issue in iOS 4.X

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★★★★★ ClassicCamera
Live view effect camera with beautiful effects such as HDR, Fisheye, LOMO, Bokeh
You can easily view final filter result while taking photo&video!
Share your photos via Twitter/Facebook instantly!
More than 40 filter variations!

★ Love the realtime effects at full res!
★ Best FX processing ever seen!
★ It's nice and it's free,so what's keep you from not downloading this app?!

- HDR filter
- Bokeh filter
- Glare filter
- Fish eye filter
- Monochrome filter
- Posterize filter
- Halftone filter
- Pop filter
- Splash filter

Customer Reviews

  • Bokeh

    by StepFunny23

    I download this for the bokeh setting. I like it but I wish you could choose a different shapes and change the size of the bokeh.

  • Iphone4s

    by Skater kid Logan

    I just love to use this when I make my skate videos this app is sick

  • Get it

    by Palber

    Skate videos look sexy as @$&@ in this!!! Love it!!!

  • Awesome!!

    by jeromee71

    *update*.....this is simply one of THE BEST apps on the app store!! If you are looking for creative,artsy fartsy pix, get this app!!! My only wish would be for volume shutter to be available again like it use to be and for the option to import images from the roll.....i'd love to see these effects on some of my 1ds mk3 shots:).....also, the ability to change the EV setting,prior to exposure as i'm not too fond of the blown highlights when using the glare filter on skin tones:) Great job dev and thank you for continually supporting this app!!!!....and not abandoning it like so many others do when they don't get a lot of ratings.... Love the realtime effects at full res!! It is a bit buggy at the moment. The exposure/focus tap isn't working correctly. Pls fix.

  • Highly recommend.

    by Mauigirl101

    This app is awesome. Even though I only use the normal, fisheye, and bokeh I still love it. I highly recommend this app to people who want high quality pictures. The only thing bad about it is that the app starts up a little slow. But I can overlook that.

  • Camera button

    by shlmsoo

    Camera button doesn't work for my iPhone 3GS. Beautiful effects, but it won't take pictures!

  • Bruno Israel Ryan castelo

    by Enrje

    Cool I really love this app is awesome!!

  • Great update

    by rob0607

    I like new HDR filter!

  • by Kelso1890

    Sometimes the app screws up and the whole screen goes black, but other than that it's perfect. I originally got it for the fisheye but the bokeh affect is my favourite.

  • Sick

    by Tony chickensandwitch


  • Awsome

    by Freezei


  • Awesome

    by Splice lover

    Enough said

  • Fisheye

    by Sixsk8er


  • Amazing!!!!!!

    by u guys have no life

    The only reason i got this app is for the fish eye and it works great!!!!

  • No option to use physical flash

    by Lucky Ace

    A little buggy with the lighting in the app. Sometimes it's extremely bright, other times, extremely dark. Once you get the right lighting, it's a fun little app. Purchased the premium. Patiently awaiting use of physical flash and updates.

  • Love it... But

    by Jack the been stock

    Love the free version... Only 3 lens worth using, bokeh, glare and mono...1 star for each lens. just wondering if I should get the premium pack based on the negative feedback here...

  • Best FX processing ever seen!

    by JesusHigh

    I know most of you think that this camera has very little effects... and specially compared to other apps. It is true, you won't find so many variations, film types or color correction tools. Yes this camera does only few things, but it does it well. I am a pro photographer and I used to use my iphone only for fun, but I know ended up printing several pictures that I took with this app. I was very surprise to see how amazing they look like once printed on pro-paper! The camcorder is brilliant too! Keep it up!

  • Nice real-time lomo effect

    by Donkey-Monkey

    Great new UI, and some beautiful dreamy like lomo effects! Exposure feels a bit buggy but can work around it.

  • best fish eye effect in all camera app

    by Corncone

    love it

  • Awesome but...

    by sh3lby187

    It used to work but after the update it stopped working..it just crashes by the time you hit record..i purchased the premium version so i could make skateboarding film..but now its useless..please fix and update ASAP please..5 stars after!! Thanks ------>> soo as i promised..i'll give this app a 5 star.. Thanks for the update!

  • Won't open

    by Melinda H.

    It asked to access my microphone, then closed. Can't get it to open again. iPhone 5S.

  • App

    by Bitch92

    This app was amazing when i first got the iPhone 4 now that I have the iPhone 5c I can not even open this app. This app should be updated for the use of the new and updated phones.

  • App

    by Bitch92

    This app was amazing when i first got the iPhone 4 now that I have the iPhone 5c I can not even open this app. This app should be updated for the use of the new and updated phones.


    by imapugdoyouwantahug

    I absolutely hate this app. I take pictures with my front camera and they look blurry. I also can't even take pictures. It's a waste.

  • Worthless without paying

    by KellsBells920

    Can't take any pictures without buying premium, and I can't import any pics for editing. Seems pretty worthless to me.

  • Deceiving Purchase

    by Dis_appointed1

    DO NOT BUY the Premium if you expect any of the additional special effects. Even after buying the premium, you must still pay for additional special effects. The Premium purchase only gets no advertizements. VERY DISAPPOINTED and will not buy another product from the maker.

  • Horrible

    by Guitarman5756847686

    Do not get this app, all the effects are cheap and grainy. Also, fisheye is suppose to make everything look farther away not closer. I got this app for the fisheye cause it's good for filming skating but the creators of this app obviously know nothing about fisheye or any other camera related feature.

  • Horrible!!!!! Don't bother getting

    by zvball2

    This app I junk. I'm so glad I didn't pay for it. The bokeh doesn't work, you can only get a couple effects without paying and worst, the camera quality is HORRIBLE. It's soo fuzzy.

  • Really BAD!!

    by Eve Severe

    This app is only free if you want a few effects, low res photos, and even lower res videos. The ui is nothing special. You have to pay 2 bucks to get rid of the ads and have 'acceptable' resolution. Then they want a buck per extra effect!!! WHAT???? No way.. This app is NOT WORTH SIX BUCKS!! No way... This app is worth a buck all day-- not more.. You can get all these effects and 100 more in Video FX Live ( if you pay four bucks you get even more effects! Plus it takes pictures!!) Power cam is free and you get more than this app too. If this app was a buck I would grab it in a minute but not in this state. Certainly not for six dollars..

  • Por que no graba bien

    by Hola b a t


  • Stoped working

    by Spscirocco

    Loved this until the new version can't save photos now. Please. Fix

  • Crashes!

    by Danny:•)

    It doesn't even let me record at all!! Fix this! Please!

  • Wackkk;/

    by Karinekarinaa

    It stopes working it crashed please help;(

  • Crashing on latest update

    by Camardella

    Has potential but only if bugs are removed. I have had this app successfully save a few photos, most of the time it crashes after taking a photo. After updating on April 29, I cannot take a single photo now. Crashes after snapping photos. Please fix.

  • 1.99 for nothing

    by Oscarito09

    I bought the premium package to record with fisheye but now all it does is crash without a sign of starting again. I want a refund! Or an Update because i actually want to use it!!!!! PLEASE!!! UPDATE!!

  • does not work

    by GSK7

    crash crash crash and crash it worked well yesterday but today it keeps crashing please, i wanna use this app again

  • good

    by wndwl20

    좋와요~요즘 별로 끌리는 어플이 없었는데 좋네요~gooooood!!

  • I love it but...

    by InfinityTech

    It works the first time you use it and the next time you go in it crashes help.., if you don't fix it I want a refund a payed $1.99 for the premium package

  • Why MEEE?!??!

    by Patrick Trieu

    It works before and doesn't work anymore. This is my first review, that's sad, I used classic to record skate vids wid fisheye :/ make it work please

  • Haley

    by Hat18mylove

    Does not work at ALL

  • update

    by Sunny1976

    At least it worked before. Now it crashes before it even opens on my iPhone 4. YES--all apps are closed in multitasking bar. If you're making apps for old iPhone versions like 3G and 3GS, you need to get with the times. It's 2011. ****UPDATE!! it hasn't even been a day, and the dev already responded to my issue...luckily I solved my prob on my own, but good to know that they care.

  • Old lomo effect was better

    by keylokd

    Good fx need higher quality. I really digged the lomo effect before the recent update. Wish I could back up a version.

  • GooD but...

    by Gadelha

    Very Nice Video effects but crashes sometimes. Low resolution. Great potential.

  • Keeps freezing

    by heatherrranne

    Then crashes before I can save my videos

  • 4 stars for innovation

    by Stefanos Gatdoulos

    It does save photos and videos into camera roll. The app is pretty innovative but it hesitates/freezes a lot in my iPhone 4. I've cleared all my apps in the multiple-tasking bar and this app still freezes. I don't know if it's a memory hog or what. I hope they can fix it. Low RES...meh....oh well. Looking forward to their promised updates.

  • I lurv this

    by Aghjhdjkbb

    if it didn't freeze half the time after I take a picture with it it'd be so much better but í still love it

  • Doesn't save photos?

    by iBridget

    I have a 3GS and when I clicked on the camera it only changed the effects. My only option is to then save images as video, not photos. Not bad for the effects, but ...the app needs some work.

  • Keeps freezing!

    by KLaShel

    Everytime I take pics, the camera completely freezes! Please fix this! Other than that, I love the app.

  • Pro?

    by Nicole moncayo

    What's the point in buying the pro version?? 3 bucks to remove adds? I thought I'd get more effects, plus the fishy eye is in that red negative effect, and resolution still the same??? this is bs. Not happy, hope u guys soon, then maybe I'll give it more stars..

  • Resolutions of the pro version???

    by Skareview

    Resolutions did not change for the pro version??? So we only removed the ad??? What resolutions does the pro version output? HD video? And for photos. Please post this and I may consider upgrading.

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