Visage Lab - best face photo retouching app! Make a natural eye makeup, whiten teeth, remove pimples, wrinkles & skin blemishes. No cosmetics needed! Photo & Video App Review (iOS, Free)


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More gorgeous effects are added to the 'Stylized' group:
- 'Rainbow sketch': turn your photo into a colorful rainbow sketch;
- 'Rain effect': add a slanting rain effect to your portrait.

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Visage Lab is a professional beauty laboratory for your facial photos. Remove pimples and wrinkles, outline the eyes and whiten the teeth in seconds, with all operations made automatically!

* Fully automatic face retouch
* Skin makeup (skin smoothing, including removal of face shine, imperfections and wrinkles)
* Eye makeup
* Red eye removal
* Teeth whitening
* Color enhancement
* In case there are several faces in a photo, all of them get enhanced!
* Awesome artistic effects
* Easy sharing and saving

Would you like me to hide those horrible Pimples and Spots and smooth the Wrinkles? - asked the Concealer.
I'd love to get rid of them and look younger! - exclaimed the Skin.
Then the eyes need to be enhanced as well: we'll outline them and define the eyelashes. – said the Eye Liner and the Mascara.
To add a final touch, let me whiten your teeth! – said the Whitening Toothpaste.
Now you are ready for a photo shoot! - they said in chorus.

Of course, cosmetic products cannot speak ;) But there is magic of another sort! Discover “Visage Lab” app that will enhance a face in a photo with the wave of a magic wand! Just select a portrait photo from your iPhone/iPad or make a shot with your camera and let the app do the rest. “Visage Lab” applies eye and skin makeup, removes wrinkles and oily glare, whitens the teeth and performs smart color correction in seconds. Besides, it automatically removes red eye, if necessary. You don't have to learn to use complicated software like Photoshop to retouch your photos!

After automatic enhancement has been performed, you can compare the before and after photos to evaluate the changes. Meticulous users can tweak the settings (exclude some options they think unnecessary). What's more, you can apply various artistic effects to your retouched photos to make them look more appealing. Use 'Retro Sepia' and 'Black & White' effects to vintage your photos. Also try awesome background effects for a bit of a festive look. Finally, share your enhanced photos with the world via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail or save it to your photo album.

P.S. If everybody enhanced their portraits with “Visage Lab”, how beautiful the web world could be!

Customer Reviews

  • Love this APP!

    by rmnga308

    I'll be honest, I have had several apps that said they could do what this app does! Love how easy this app is and how great the end product it!! AAA+++

  • Amaze

    by Ms. Awesomenumberone

    This app fixes everything and my pimples aren't visible. I can't stop taking selfies also u don't have to pay 2 save just click "download". <3<3<3

  • Awesom app

    by Heart of Kitsap

    I really like this app due to the fact that it can really make pictures beautiful and flawless without making it look like they were retouched ! Thanks !

  • Excelente.!!!

    by Sandy lpz

    Me encanta esta app. Es muy buena!!!

  • Glam

    by Kristy Hardison

    I'm new to this app but I love the results! Looking forward to going pro.

  • Glam

    by Kristy Hardison

    I'm new to this app but I love the results! Looking forward to going pro.

  • Titulo

    by Miguel a rosa

    Super I love it!!

  • Fun and apt; instant coverage assess > glamour polish

    by TiXapay

    app w target id accuracy: read analyze highlight n clarify pic comp > enhance portrait quality Add filter effects Entertaining

  • Great!!!!!!!!

    by SpringCherries45

    It's a great app but the problem is that it's no very good quility once u get the picture fixed anyway it's still great

  • Works great!

    by hydraphonics

    Makes a good photo even better.

  • Okay I guess

    by Kdkej

    Umm to be honest I love this app it really works most apps don't really work or do anything right but this one I gotta give it a thumbs up cuz it is amazing the only problem is that you have to pay two dollars and I gotta is it that's a little of a rip off to me I don't know to anyone else but it is for me on other cameras we don't have to pay to save the photo to camera album but it's a great app so it gets a four star rating

  • Works good

    by Horses&Ponies

    It works excellent... But it doesn't cover big objects too well... I have never had a problem with it! And I would totally recommend it to a friend!!!

  • Great app

    by Biobertbeetbob Yolo

    I thought it would be more manual-it's not. It's an automatic beautifying easy fast and helpful app that works great fir Instagram selfies before adding additional filters (otherwise it's a little noticeable). There is a bit of a glitch with the cancel button but they should fix that soon. Overall simple app that totally perfects the splotchy skin that iPhone selfies can give you!

  • Ok ap

    by Storey @apps

    This ap ok

  • Good ap

    by Tania707

    I like it)

  • Love

    by Lscoopsta

    I just love love looooooove this app it's just great.

  • App

    by rachelajewel

    Love it

  • Ok

    by Luv Vids

    It's ok, but i see more effect on the sample pics than I do with the ones I take.

  • Love it.....

    by 1Love_1life

    By far my fav ;)

  • Awesome

    by Rzuu

    Makes my face look prettier than it is

  • Terrible

    by Awesome blossom 34

    I hate this app. I take a pic and it takes forever to load. DONT GET THIS APP EVER!!! It's stupid.

  • Eh....

    by jazzfan101

    I wanted it to be more manual and less automatic touch-ups.

  • by Jakesal12

    The make up dosn't fix anything.

  • by Candyfun2346781

    This is a great app!!

  • Love it!

    by Derry is fluffy

    This app works really well! It really helps.

  • by Vidrio1980

    Love it ❤️

  • Love

    by Ilovuhayoufromee12739

    Love this app!! Super easy to use which I love! Super pretty filters!!

  • LOVE IT!!!

    by Ng8623

    Love love love this app

  • Excellent!

    by Fosho3

    Love this app! Works flawlessly

  • Absolutely amazing!

    by Socccergurl14

    I love this app! It gets rid of acne and makes my face look perfect! It really works!

  • Love it!

    by RawannRikabi


  • Toby

    by Ms Toby 29

    Good but fix bugs. Crashes after one edit.

  • Pixby Fox

    by AirFoxGlobal

    Cool app! **** It's a good tool. It works better on some photos than on others. Thanks, I love it. Pixby Fox

  • .

    by ChristieBarton

    Luv it!!!!! Awesome. Pro.look.

  • by RIP247

    Wasn't expecting much… Got really surprised, in a good way! Great app!

  • Love it

    by Kaumana_gurl

    Makes me feel like I am more important for some unknown reason

  • Ok

    by Okcol


  • Great

    by Karinaangeline

    I really like this app it makes you look flawless.

  • It's ok

    by Akbowlingprincess

    I think this app does wonders, but I think they should fix the bugs, it said 100% done on a photo then crashed saying I need a clear photo when I took it on the app, then it kicked me out. Besides that I love this app, makes my eyes brighter, whitens my teeth, and makes my skin tone one color.

  • Love it!

    by Joa011014

    Really nice app

  • LoveIt

    by Jareri

  • by Mary-Sue<3'sU

    I love this app!!

  • Good app!

    by k_zamora07

    It's a good photo editing app. Makes pictures look a lot more natural than others...

  • Great app

    by Aprie0909


  • Stupid to the max

    by Shelbie_Z

    Hate it! useless. I used it on my Grandma and it made her look totes worse

  • It keeps crashing!

    by Boogie_7

    I have an iPad Air and I used the app for literally 1 minute and it keeps crashing


    by Lexxxxiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    I have really dry skin especially on my face and this app literally made my skin look flawless without leaving an oily sight. It is truly amazing and I totally recommend it. The app also like never crashes and it is a really good quality app

  • Great app

    by Juliet 

    Makes my face look better

  • Waste of my time

    by Lutrennaam

    This app is a waste of time why? Well I tapped on take a photo so I took one and it was loading for two hours and it never loaded. I thought I would have a lot of fun with this app. I think the company who made it should make a visage lab two that it is more reliable and faster

  • Great app!

    by christian tamayo hernandez


  • Genial.* * * * *

    by Sandy lpz

    Me encanta esta app. Es muy buena!!!

  • Hi

    by Beatrice Perez

    The best

  • Needs a blemish targeter

    by So Random is cool

    This app works pretty good and gets rid of almost all my blemishes all the time. But if I have a bad blemish it will sometimes miss it . Otherwise great app!

  • Best app ever!

    by Sophia24004

    Such a good app to fix up any photo of yourself!! Never regret getting it!!

  • awesome

    by Rustia

    Great app!

  • Lizzie

    by Jill Thompson

    I love this app!

  • Awesome app <3

    by Newyorkerr4aday

    Love it! Can retouch a photo without making it look obviously photoshopped :) it looks like you have naturally nice healthy skin.

  • by Country_girl75

    This is the worst app in the world i have piples and it doesn't even enlighten then but it does whiten ur teeth!

  • Love this app


    Just what ive been looking, so far so good

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