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Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: VicMan LLC

Do you use Instagram? Then take advantage of the new 'For Instagram' tab. Effects from this tab are great for square photos. Special filters, backgrounds, sketch and painting effects - any of them will make your photo look outstanding.

Also, try out a new 'Semi Transparent Calendar' from 'Amazing Frames' group to spend the New Year 2014 fully armed!

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Description Lab PRO – a full-featured Photo Fun Generator for your iPhone and iPad! Lab PRO contains more than 500 awesome effects for your photos including:
* fun photo montages,
* stylish photo effects,
* beautiful frames,
* fun face montages,
* lovely backgrounds,
* hilarious human-to-animal montages,
* holiday e-card templates,
* caricature effects,
* collages for multiple photos.

The PRO version does not contain any ads and does not watermark your resulting images. Besides, it comes with extra groups of premium photo effects that you will not find in the standard version.

You will love the neat interface and how easily effects are created. You needn't do any cropping or adjusting. You just choose an effect or a frame, then select a photo from Camera Roll (or take a new photo with your phone camera) and ta-da!.. you get a unique photo montage or collage! Lab PRO includes:

- Photo montages with automatic face detection.
Become an astronaut, a medieval knight, a gangster or a beautiful fairy – all with a single tap!

- Photorealistic effects.
Put your face on a billboard or a banknote; put your photo into an ancient book or airbrush it on a posh car.

- Photo filters.
Neon Glow, Fire, Chalk & Charcoal, HDR, Pencil Drawing, Oil Painting, Impressionist Art, Jigsaw Puzzle, and more.

- Lovely backgrounds.
Change the background of your photo to make it look really romantic and beautiful!

- Human-to-animal montages.
What would it feel like being a tiger, a rabbit, a lion or a bird? Upload your portrait photo and check it out for yourself!

- Magazine covers for the ambitious and the fashionable.
Put your face on a magazine cover like Forbes, Vogue or Playboy and feel what it's like to be famous!

- Headwear.
Try on a King's crown, Elf hat, St.Patrick's Day hat or the most popular Santa hat!

- Caricature effects.
Animate faces and turn your portrait photos into amusing caricatures!

- Collages for multiple photos.
Put yourself together with your sweetheart or even all your friends into one photo collage.

Most of the effects let you add your own text onto the picture. Text style is designed particularly for each template.

Finally, you can save your masterpiece to Camera Roll, share it easily to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or send it as a message (iMessage, MMS or SMS) to your friends.

More than 15,000 photos are processed with Lab PRO every single day! Here are some of the testimonials that we have received:

Best pic app I have come across!!! Definitely worth paying for!!!“

“Fun app
Great app. Works as advertised. Loads of fun to use.“
Jose Chung the 1st

“Awesome x's 10
I love this app. It's crazy fun, great turn outs and easy, not a ton of crap editing.... Totally worth paying for the full version. way u won't love this app... U can even put in your opinion requests!“
Sugarland Lab PRO provides photo effects for all preferences and tastes. But if you want still more, feel free to suggest your ideas! All your suggestions of photo effects, filters, frames, collages and anything you can come up with are kindly welcome! We will be happy to create new effects inspired by your ideas!

Customer Reviews

  • Me encanta

    by Michelle Nieves Marin

    Lo mas q me gusta es todas las opciones que tengo

  • A Lot of Incredible Effects!

    by Oracle1001

    This app is amazing! So many different formats to choose from. Definitely worth trying.

  • Love It!

    by Hdmannnn

    So many choices. Wish I had found it along time ago!

  • I lovvvve it

    by Exstylin

    It works great. Easy. Lots of obs

  • Awesome!!!

    by Cowdean

    Awesome app ;)

  • Great app

    by Jolinawel

    I love it!!!!

  • Fun Stuff

    by wldbdgr

    I really enjoy this app. Lots of things to enhance your photos! Easy to use!

  • Great results....lots of fun!!!!!

    by EjayToothfairy

    I have lots of fun making my friend look rediculous!


    by Caticakes

    My absolute favorite photo app. Purchased the Pro and it's so worth it. Love, love, love it.

  • Great app

    by Mary T 1965

    I love this app and all it offered. For years I used to have to scan and crop, and maneuver to put my students on the 100 bill for our 100th day . Now it is so easy. Not to mention all the other fun options available. My only suggestion would be a search option (theme - winter, valentine;, title - Santa, Cupid, etc.; etc) since you have so many options in the Pro version.Thanks

  • Fun, fun, fun!

    by Libralin5

    I love displaying the people that mean the most to me in a fun, artistic and interesting way. Definitely a Five Star! So much fun and personalization with this one!

  • Isttella

    by Xt65

    Awesome Love it I would like to have Diferents Fonts Moré Fonts

  • Creative, fun, and easy

    by Bmjteacher

    I recommend this app 100%. It is easy to use and allows you to be creative.

  • A very intuitive app

    by kgdi

    I don't use it too often , but when I do, I find it very consistent and reliable. This app is for everyone basically because it is so user friendly. The author thought this app through out. Very convenient! I find it fun to use.

  • A very intuitive app

    by kgdi

    I don't use it too often , but when I do, I find it very consistent and reliable. This app is for everyone basically because it is so user friendly. The author thought this app through out. Very convenient! I find it fun to use.

  • Review

    by iginzburg

    I love this app.

  • Fun

    by sianirtak

    Fun app. You get a lot of ways to stylize your photos in the pro version. Only downside so far...being asked repeatedly to leave a review when I've already submitted one 4 times.

  • Awesome

    by Crazyterry1

    This is a great app and lots of fun. Easy to use

  • ThunderStruck's Stormy Mind

    by Michael "Thinderstruck" Hayes

    Having used many photo apps, I've become very fond of this one. Ease of use, combined with a large amount of options available draws any user to upgrade.

  • Greatest!

    by Cindi Lu Who

    This is the greatest app that you can get. Awesome. I have had so much fun with this.

  • by OOSOKOI

    Love it! So easy and fun...

  • AWESOME best describes it!!!

    by AllyMurree

    This is the greatest app. I have made some of he most interesting pictures for my friends and they all love them. A must get app for all ages.

  • Fun app

    by Fun cans

    Easy to use and lots of options

  • Muy buena aplicación

    by Tito guapo


  • Lots to choose from

    by imapuzl

    So far so good :)

  • Great App

    by Cowgirlup1963

    lots of fun

  • Love it!

    by Pic Perfect!

    User friendly, great results!

  • Es buena

    by Misbebes

    Excelente y sus actualizaciones excelentes

  • Good

    by Hugo tercero

    Good I like

  • I love this app!

    by IrishOFeeney

    Super fun app with cool tools to jazz up even the most boring pics...How about you as an astronaut or wood nymph? Save it as a photo or a sketch or an antique painting and frame it with a fun frame before you post it for your friends and family.

  • Denpap

    by denpap

    Great : use it a lot

  • Super cool and super easy

    by Jmbarris

    I love this app. The only thing it has trouble with is sunglasses on a person's face. Can't find their eyes so it won't load. Also one cool pic is a super close up of an eye that you can place a portrait in. I wish you could place any pic in that frame. Not just a face. I am having loads of fun.

  • Great app

    by B1040d

    Great app!!!!!!

  • Excellent App

    by GayleTheos

    Lots of fun - you will love it. You will need the Pro version to get a lot of options.

  • Does what it says

    by jhughes358

    It does many things, mostly novelty filters. That said, hundreds more are needed.

  • The Greatest

    by StaciDollarx

    So many options and different pictures. Incredible. Thanx photo lab

  • Somewhat good

    by Aworleo

    I like it but some of the frames are a little cheesy

  • So much fun!

    by Sg1979

    Awesome ap...and so easy to use.....we are having lots of fun with it!

  • Okay

    by Chelita777

    But for the price you pay for pro it's not all that great I think it should give you more would nice to have more of a selection

  • Must Have!

    by emeralddragonfly

    Whether you are a pro, semi-pro or just beginning photographer this app is a must! Spend the few bucks and get the pro version it is worth it. The imagery to play with is endless and amazing. Only drawback is you have to have internet connection.

  • Just love it

    by Deluxgirl854

    It works great, I love the magazine thing you can do, I love the background change and the cool stamp or movie collage thing. You must get it, it's awesome

  • Fun to embellish photos

    by clerkjane

    Really like how creative one can get with this app. Wish there were even more templates but it has a good variety already. Have fun with it!

  • Fun!

    by KT Didd

    Takes my creative bug and gives it a big boost. :)

  • Love!!

    by Thia0914

    I love this app!!!

  • Love it!

    by Onlymisslady

    This app is amazing! A must have if your into creative pictures

  • Best photo app!!!!

    by Shewede

    I love this app. It's so easy to use & post. Thank you

  • Fun app!

    by BickyFaye

    I enjoy using this app with my pictures. I only wish there was a way we could make our pictures smaller as we crop them and position them in the pictures. I'm hoping there will be more holiday items to add on.

  • Too awesome to explain with words

    by Laurajc11

    If you are looking for a way to make your pictures more exciting, you've come to the right app! And it is incredibly easy to use- 3 steps from start to finish and they print beautifully, very professional looking

  • Lots of options!

    by Janester619

    Love this app!

  • Need updates for dog

    by Lily Pit

    Like so far! Lots of options. My MAJOR issue is that I'd really like to be able to use my dog's photo on all the choices that currently require a human face. Any way to update this? My pup has 22K+ Facebook fans that would love to see pics of her in all these variations.

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