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Do you use Instagram? Then take advantage of the new 'For Instagram' tab. Effects from this tab are great for square photos. Special filters, backgrounds, sketch and painting effects - any of them will make your photo look outstanding.

Also, try out a new 'Semi Transparent Calendar' from 'Amazing Frames' group to spend the New Year 2014 fully armed!

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Description Lab - FREE Photo Fun Generator in your pocket with over 7 million downloads! Lab contains almost 500 awesome effects for your photos including:
* fun photo montages,
* stylish photo effects,
* beautiful frames,
* fun face montages,
* holiday e-card templates,
* collages for multiple photos.

You will love the neat interface and how easily effects are created. You needn't do any cropping or adjusting. You just choose an effect or a frame, then select a photo from Camera Roll (or take a new photo with your phone camera) and ta-da!.. you get a unique photo montage or collage! Lab includes:

- Photo montages with automatic face detection.
Become an astronaut, a medieval knight, a gangster or a beautiful fairy with a single tap!

- Photorealistic effects.
Put your face on a billboard or a banknote; put your photo into an ancient book or airbrush it on a posh car.

- Photo filters.
Neon Glow, Fire, Chalk & Charcoal, HDR, Pencil Drawing, Oil Painting, Impressionist Art, Jigsaw Puzzle, and more.

- Magazine covers for the ambitious and the fashionable.
Put your face on a magazine cover like Forbes, Vogue or Playboy and feel what it's like to be famous!

- Headwear.
Try on a King's crown, Elf hat, St.Patrick's Day hat or the most popular Santa hat!

- Collages for multiple photos.
Put yourself together with your sweetheart or even all your friends into one photo collage.

Most of the effects let you add your own text onto the picture. Text style is designed particularly for each template.

Finally, you can save your masterpiece to Camera Roll, share it easily to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or send it as a message (iMessage, MMS or SMS) to your friends.

More than 15,000 new users download Lab every single day! Here are some of the testimonials that we have received:

"This app is so versatile. Just when I thought there was not an app that gives you enough options, I was floored by It's lots of fun for myself, and my whole family."
Lisa Ravel

Catherine Delaney

"Amazing app!
I don't like to write reviews for apps very often, but this one deserves it. It's one of the BEST photo editing apps I've used yet. It's super easy, and it has amazing effects, and the coolest collages I've ever used. Totally worth downloading!"
App surfer =) Lab contains almost 500 effects for all preferences and tastes. But if you want still more, feel free to suggest your ideas! All your suggestions of photo effects, filters, frames, collages and anything you can come up with are kindly welcome! We will be happy to create new effects inspired by your ideas!

Customer Reviews

  • Love it

    by Steph Hunsaker

    It's a great app I Iove it

  • Most Fun Ever!!

    by Melfrancescolucci

    Best app I've used in awhile! Super fun! Ability to combine effects is even more awesome!

  • Muy buena

    by Aracelin


  • Palestine

    by assafco91

    Its. Usefull app . Thanks

  • nice

    by mohamad monfared

    love it

  • Cool

    by El ninlla

    La mejor en su clase

  • Cool

    by La lokilla :/


  • Really good

    by Cheyanne561

    It's the best frame app I've found! Def deserve a 5 because there is quite a bit to chose from

  • Alisha

    by AliJoseph

    I just love it!

  • thumbs up

    by aenats

    so much fun!

  • Photo lab

    by T O S

    It's great!!

  • by Starrpowder


  • Amazing

    by Justin171878

    This app as more than u would expect what I wanted when I was looking for this app was for back round changing kind of app but this is even more u can upload a pic into a sketch and more

  • Awesome app

    by Eden LueAnn lab is so awesome. My friend and I both use it to make laughs and giggles. We also use it to show how much we care about each other. I use this app all the time. You need to get it if you don't have it.

  • Amazing!!

    by Valeriana102

    Most complete app ever!

  • nice

    by ddeadly dude

    would be very useful if we could add our photos on any celebrity

  • Nice

    by babyboy90

    I love this app

  • Awesome

    by Mr.EPIC13Bdawg13

    I love the cool effects, it's amazing!

  • Perfect!!

    by Angel_Puppy_2002

    It's just great!!

  • Amazing!

    by Saba Keda

    Great app! Love it!

  • Love pohtolab

    by Hinauddin


  • Photo

    by Twoknife

    This app is great!

  • Awesome

    by Horny J

    This is a great app. Adds pop up a bit but the photo effects are amazing.

  • Great!

    by Hexed101

    This app gave me life and a great birthday present thx guys!

  • Awesome!! ...

    by Maruhdz

    Me gusto mucho de las mejores apps.

  • AWESOME!!!!

    by Lululala126

    Nice app and would recommend!

  • Photo Lab ROCKS!!!

    by YourLisaMyLisa

    I love this app! I have it on Mi'Phone and Mi'Notebook ! I get so many compliments on Mi'Facebook pics! It just totally ROCKS! Mi'Lisa

  • Dark_Warrior11

    by Elf167

    Best photo app

  • Love It

    by Gamer77324

    I love this app, it is so much fun. I would love it if you could add words to the pictures though. Other than that, GREAT!!!!!

  • Laboridiva

    by Laboridiva

    wonderful app & easy to use! i've only used it for a week & its my favorite!!! recommendibg it to my friends!! thanks!!

  • Fun

    by NewsiezFan

    This is a really fun app for playing with photos. I like the ones that look like drawings.

  • My newest download

    by Probowl74

    Love it

  • Luv

    by Anibal jr.

    This is love I luv it

  • Can do so much!

    by nbake

    I love it!

  • Super cool

    by Blue86_86

    Awesome!! The best.

  • Amazing

    by Hayn'iwa

    Just get it. You won't regret it :)

  • Love it

    by Eternity~Love

    Really cool app my only problem is that it freezes sometimes other then that super

  • Awesome

    by Ermad13

    Great app! Will be recommending to everyone!

  • Fabulous

    by Anabelle Quesada Moran

    Great app to edit pictures!

  • Nice app a little be expensive ...

    by Krazysoundz

    Really cool app ... I like it a lot..

  • Awesome!!

    by CurlztheKlutz

    I love it so much! I would recommend getting this app for sure!

  • Awesome

    by Vick_k

    Very good app

  • Such cool effects!

    by Pinkiepie2

    All kinds of them to choose

  • Awesome!

    by CoolKat46

    OMG it lets you do ANYTHING download Download!!

  • T

    by Quitochi

    Nice & fun app

  • Great app!

    by Elk4evr

    Really fun app!

  • Great Photo App!

    by Kjcraig

    Love it!

  • Love it!!

    by Baleofur

    I love the versatility that you have when putting together a collage.

  • AMAZING!!!

    by The JDawg

    This app is so much fun and easy to use!!! I just love it! You don't have to have a perfectly centered photo in order for it to work. It's definitely worth the download!!! Now I gotta purchase the pro!! EXCELLENT APP!!!!

  • Good

    by Charlieaiki

    Very good

  • Great App, lots of fun!!!

    by Roberto Milton

    I love it so far

  • Amazing

    by !!

    Amazing effects that are so fun too use some of the edits are really funny! I love making boring photos better than original and this the app to get . Although I love this app I wish there wasn't stuff to buy for example pro version if there wasn't those expenes the app is GREAT!!!

  • My new fav photo app

    by BEAUTIFULEEcreated

    I absolutely love it!!! A must have

  • Fabuloso

    by Barm1975

    Muy buena aplicacion muy util gracias al creador de ella.

  • I love this!!

    by Msmean

    Tons of stuff to choose from!!

  • Great!

    by FreddyPersia

    Great app! I love it.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    by Lupin The Wolf

    LUV IT ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Awsome

    by Joey3atta

    I like all the effects

  • Creative

    by Patriciainkentucky

    I love the creative thinking. Great app

  • Too cute

    by Excited new mommy

    Love it. Easy to use

  • Love it!!

    by Hairismygame

    This app is awesome!!

  • So so

    by Rdg_

    A really nice app.. But you have to pay for save the pic... :/


    by susiesells

    This app has so many cool features I lov this app so so much me and my friends always lov making pictures with this app

  • Cool!!

    by Lol@@@

    Best ever, I cant stop playing with it!!!


    by Asey Fowlis

    This app is amazing can't stop making the awesome effects with ma pics

  • Great !

    by Shamalama ding-dong

    This is a really great app and has a lot of great effects! Anyone who wants to download should! It's super easy, too.

  • ADORE IT!❤️

    by Harry_styles02

    I love it! It is a really cool app all my friends and me love it!

  • Good app

    by Khatris

    Very good app

  • Great app

    by Rav2010

    Lots of good effects

  • Not bad

    by Kira101578

    Still trying to figure it out!

  • Funny

    by Freeordead33

    Sweet app! Fun to mess around with! Wish there were more face montages tho! :)

  • lab

    by Tazminjade

    It's great and a lot of fun

  • ❤️❤️❤️

    by RSAJR28

  • Very nice

    by Evil68

    Really nice features, even without paying for any of the extra effects.

  • Outstanding!!

    by abodeofpeace

    Really enjoying using this application....well done!!!

  • 2/2014

    by Photo fun 7

    This app is great and a lot of fun

  • Love it

    by FrozenIsAwesome1234

    It's so cool

  • Best editing app yet!

    by Photo ford

    Love this app! The creative options and amazingly quick and clear results is phenomenal! Also very user friendly. My thanks to these developers!!!!

  • Love it!!!

    by French hello

    I love this app love it too good to be true

  • Great app!

    by Abigail Sullivan

    This is an amazing app! Thank you!

  • Great

    by Preetylaure

    Love the effects it makes to my pictures

  • Great App

    by RR-saved

    A lot of fun

  • Great!!

    by Kahx2

    Great App!! Lots of fun...very addicting!

  • :)

    by directioner#1!!!

    I LOVE this app, i love editing pictures especially selfies and this helps alot:)

  • The app

    by Nailyisawsome

    I like the app because I just love editing photos all the time so this is a awesome app for me and I hope other people like it because trust me once you download this you will keep using it and it's a awesome app but you are only gonna enjoy it if you just like editing photos like I do.

  • Easy to use

    by M8pate

    Awesome way to add to personal photos!

  • Photo lab

    by ApplePlot

    Lots of fun with supreme results

  • by queenpr

    Love this app!!!

  • Photo lab

    by terr46

    This app is awesome

  • Wicked Fun!

    by Kajiandsampson

    Love it!

  • It's cool

    by KushMccoy

    I like it a lot

  • App is Fire!!!

    by LifeisGoodRightNow

    Was kinda skeptical but I really dig this app. I suggest all download and try it out!!!!

  • Awesome!!

    by Alexes villarruel

    This app if fun,entertaining and funny!!

  • Yes

    by Turtleneckbob

    I had too much fun playing with this app

  • Cool Fun

    by I am Francesco

    Very good app! Lots of fun!

  • Ok

    by Tocngan.ycs12683


  • Cool app

    by Sarah Collins

    Great lil app. Fun to use!

  • The best

    by Iicjma

    This is the best app I have ever use It's great

  • Amazing


    Love this

  • Pics

    by Daisy doodle 2012

    Love this app!!

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