CoverCam - get on the cover of a popular magazine using your camera! Forbes, Cosmopolitan and Vogue are waiting for you! Photo & Video App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, Russian

Seller: VicMan LLC

Now you can select photos both from camera and your photo albums. After the effect is applied, you can move & scale the image within the frame and switch between available frames!

Also we have added a new button on a result screen that allows you to switch between ‘in the setting’ / ‘no setting’ modes of a cover template. Enjoy the new version and leave your feedback!

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44 Ratings
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Are you ready to feel rich and famous today? With CoverCam your photo will finally make it to where it deserves to be - cover pages of World's top magazines.

Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Glamour, you name it! Some folks have to build their careers for decades, undergo plastic surgeries and sell their soul to the devil just to get there. You only need to download this free app, take a nice photo of yourself and choose your favorite magazine (or all of them really!)

Currently available (and more are coming soon!):

★ Playboy
★ Glamour
★ Forbes
★ GQ
★ Cosmopolitan
★ People
★ Vogue
★ Rolling Stone
★ Marie Clair

Customer Reviews

  • I love it!

    by Cvau

    I really really love this app please update it soon with more covers.This the Best cover out here the Glosses covers are Great please update it SOON PLEASE Thank You.

  • It's alright

    by GirlyGirly22

    I think if anything the app would be 12+ cause the things on the mag are pretty bad like sex but other than that it works well

  • App

    by Ilovecartergilliam

    I love it

  • Magazines

    by Official swag real talk


  • Awesome

    by Dick Higgins

    Pretty cool! Camera a bit jerky but does a great job!

  • Cool love it

    by Lovelymission

    Thank you..

  • Chris

    by Croberts63.c

    This app is funny and cool and awesome keep up the good eork guys ;)

  • Coollicious

    by Berto 12you

    I think it's FUNNY

  • Magazine beauty

    by Nonyabiss

    It GREAT nuff said :))

  • I'm on the cover of Cosmo!

    by Littlemisscaroline

    This app is amazing! It is so much fun and the results look so real!

  • Great!

    by JCGiTunes

    Great app!

  • Yah buddy

    by Keeli sexy chik

    Fun I guess

  • Funny and easy to use

    by Viktorob

    Is fun, has a lot of popular covers, easy to use. Could improve if they add a crop tool or some sort of basic tools to rotate and reposition the picture.

  • Great app!!

    by Anonymous7127

    Love this!!

  • Great App

    by JLoPerkins

    Works excellent for me

  • Cam Cover

    by KimKim1281

    Cool app! I like it a lot!

  • A great app

    by Gr8Unky

    It's great for a little goodmoney

  • ???

    by Blackjackjohnson4life

    Why can't u edit the text?

  • Very cool! Everyone wants to slap their face on Vogue! A++++

    by kma4lsu

  • Fun fun fun!!!! 1000

    by Peters800000

    I love this game do much I put my little sister on people and it was my wallpaper for a while but that's not the point I love it so much it is so fun I cannot stop playing it I play it a lot like I play my other games but this one is the most

  • Inappropriate

    by MyNameIsAlise

    It's irritating because almost all of them say inappropriate things

  • by ?????///:::;;(())$$&@"'b

    This app stinks because there r like only 5 mags to choose from and all of them r inopropro

  • 4+?!

    by Supersun8

    How is this app rated 4 and up? Do you people even take time to read the magazine articles on the cover?! If I had a four year old I sure would be mad to see her pose in one of these covers! Please fix rating!

  • Fun

    by Guyordinaire

    Entertaining but limited

  • Great app!

    by Sunnydeefl

    Lots of fun. I kill time in waiting rooms by goofing off and laughing uncontrollably with the help of this app! Wish they had more covers to choose from though.

  • Cam cover

    by Harry styles 19

    I love this app!! I did it on myself my dad and mom and they both thought it was so funny!!! You should totally get it!!'

  • Covercam

    by Tammy0659

    Very entertaining

  • Covercam

    by Sunshinemist

    This is AWSOME!!!! It actually kinda looks like you're on the cover if a magazine!!!!!

  • Great



  • R

    by Finfomanguera

    Nice, very enterteining

  • perfect

    by Arap Umit

    100 star

  • Beautiful!! Great

    by Darth Jager


  • Cool app. Use it all the time!

    by PrinceJay305

    Nice app to play with from time to time.

  • Great

    by Naty Kitty Cat

    Love it

  • by

    رائع البرنامج

  • So fun

    by Cat 888

    It is so fun you feel like your on a real magizine cover

  • NOT appropriate

    by Ninaduv

    It has a few words that are NOT good for kids. I'm deleting this app right now.

  • Awesome!!!

    by Brandon88227

    This is 1000% awesome I just wish they had backgrounds to choose from and more magazine options including GL, and Seventeen!

  • .

    by Flyry1212

    It would be a lot better if there was a timer and you can use you photo library , I LOVE the rolling stone one ur the only app that has it cx thank u


    by Bradoaa

    This app is useless unless i can use existing photos in my iphone photo library!!!! I would even pay for an upgrade if your company would add this capability !!!

  • Disappointing

    by Ada Torres

    In the begining i really liked this App, but the bad thing is that you can't save any of the photos.

  • Like it

    by Lady Gadget

    But it should give the option of using my own pic from library.

  • Not Ready For Prime Time

    by Lowejazz

    Good concept, but can only be used by taking a NEW picture with my iPad/iPhone. Ought to be able to access my existing photos to use in the app, but the app does not do this. This seems to be a major shortcoming. After downloading, I immediately deleted.

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