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New catchy app icon and bug fixes.

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Just picture yourself pointing your camera at a friend and getting a cartoonized caricature with an animated broad smile or a cute wink! Wouldn’t that be hilarious? It sure would!

Well, guess what, this is more than real! But it’s not a magic camera we are talking here about, but an amazing application - 'Cartoon Face' - that allows applying tons of photo effects to portraits. Its features include:


– a flirty wink, nice smile, sad or surprised face, squint eyes, etc.

– become a troll, alien, Martian, bulb-headed guy, grotesque, etc.

'Cartoon Face' has a remarkably user-friendly interface. You select a photo from the gallery or take a pic with your phone camera, then choose an effect you want to apply and here you are. This will surely make your day! Moreover, you can send the resulting pics to your friends by email, Facebook and Twitter. It will have them in stitches!

'Cartoon Face' is absolutely FREE! Get it right now!

Customer Reviews

  • by Rainbow Cookieees

    I love this Cartoon Face App!!!!!☺️

  • Awesome app!!!

    by MrBrianSloan

    I love this app! It's quick and easy enough to use as a joke. ie: take a funny pic, convert to cartoon, post on facebook. Why arent they charging for this?

  • Ecxited

    by Gf nerd

    It's downloading right now I'm excited hopefully it works

  • OMg

    by ggcollo


  • Great!!

    by Ilovo

    Lots of fun (especially for kids!!)

  • Fix

    by Andy Lexus

    Do not process other effect, Is processing and does not end...Fix this Bug. Thank you.

  • Very nice and easy I love it...

    by Full blooded fil

    Number one!

  • Fun

    by Haveacoconut

    Great app, really works

  • CB

    by Chris "Dam Yankee"

    Great app

  • Great

    by tbrad223

    Fun app to use

  • Stay away

    by Ella told u so

    This was a total waste of my time it only makes facial expressions and doesn't turn u into a cartoon!!!!! Don't say I didn't warn u

  • by Jorgelemus

    Worst app ive downloaded lately

  • Also

    by Marsncharge spammac

    Also Mr. Brian whatever your user name is you are wrong you prob just made this app or something? You have no clue what u are talking about! No one listen to him/her!

  • Terrible

    by Billyjobsack

    Doesn't even make you a cartoon just makes you ugly

  • Don't recommend yuh it!

    by DazerPadilla

    I tried it doesn't even cartoon yuh! Well it's not recommended for yuh, but if yuh wanna download anyways go for it.

  • Don't waste your time with this one

    by Dixieprincess426

    Every pic I've tried to upload it just says "processing" for several minutes then crashes. Huge waste of time.

  • Barely works

    by Sio546

    It doesn't make any of my photos into cartoons and the emotions are terrible.

  • Noooooo!!!!!

    by Kiki131313

    I didnt like not one bit of it it didnt cartoon nothing it was just terrible!!!!

  • Needs work

    by Phillyslix

    The app just says processing and never does what it's supposed to do.

  • Never

    by Adhanon

  • Wish there was a negative stars

    by Sharon Tiller

    This is a horrible app

  • Needs work!!!!

    by Tom irs

    Lots of good ideas, it would be nice if they worked, mine work great the 1st 6 times now error message timed out. How can it time out

  • Worst app ever

    by Lovelove 85

    I have seen better animations then the animations they do don't waste your time downloading it

  • Awful

    by Dancer-Rachel

    Its always says " error occured: face not found try better quality portrait image" ver unhappy!!


    by Melorain

    Animation dose not work or the cartoon part

  • It's stupid

    by Zekromgal56

    It doesn't work and its soooooooooooooo stupid!!!!!!

  • False advertising

    by Warfare guy

    The pics of the app make it look like it cartoons your face right? Well it pretty much just adds really weird stuff to your real face that just makes you look like a really ugly but completely real person, no cartoonizing whatsoever.

  • Worst Game Ever

    by K-Basketball

    It makes u look really bad and it doesn't even work. This is the last cartoon game I will get.

  • Poor app

    by Amberd78

    Takes too long to use.. Dumb app

  • Terrible

    by Asapdomo

    Doesn't work

  • BAD!!!

    by Tincup time

    It didn't even download correctly cuz it took FOREVER!! And when I opened it it crashed and then when I actually tried it it sucked! I think it was a waste of time!

  • Doesn't work

    by 07Nickster11

    At all.

  • Worst app in the history of apps

    by Arimonster1212

    Really bad hate it I thought it would work


    by Admire_My_Beauty

  • Can't delete photos inmediately.

    by marturana

    Don't make any photos you didn't want to be seeing the next 12-24 hrs. You won't be able to delete them. They say that, but if you go to the page of the photo, it said it will be deleted 30 after the day it was seen by someone.

  • Not quite fun


  • It's ok

    by Elmughrabi

    It's ok but not for me. The fact that it upload my photos to private server doesn't make me comfortable

  • Not a caricature app

    by AlexConceicao

    Good job for emotions or expressions, but far to make a caricature...

  • Terrible

    by copperlemur

    It just does creepy stuff with your pictures and it doesn't do it well either.

  • Horrible app!!

    by derthax

    Uploaded your picture to a server. SLOW and errors out 9 out of 10 times. Don't waste your time.

  • SQL Server - Error

    by Rak'Shiri

    Not only is it not mentioned that your pictures will be loaded to a server... but the app cannot connect to the server.

  • Can't get it to work it clocks forever then gives error message.....

    by Italy079

    Can't get it to work clocks for a long time then gives error message....

  • Looks terrible

    by DarkDusk

    I don't know why a lot of people like this app.. The animations are terrible and distort your face in extremely unnatural ways. It needs a lot of work.


    by Jdnrjdjneyd

    IT KEEPS CRASHHING ON MY IPOD 3G....please fix!!!!

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