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This is the lite and free version of Exposure Calc, with limited scene settings. The lite version, there are about 15 scenes (Full version has more than 70+ scenes).

Exposure Calc aka iKspozher is a exposure computing tool for Nature Photographers. iKspozher calculates optimal exposure settings (with respect to incident light) for a given scene for a photograph for a varying choice of aperture, shutter speed and ISO speed of the sensor. , the ISO speed ranges from 3 to 3200, aperture range from 1 to 90 and shutter speed from 1/8000 to 130 sec with 1/2 shutter/aperture stops.

If you don’t own a incident light meter, then this is the closest thing to incident light metering. Incident light meters expose the tones most accurately. Most in-built camera meters are reflective light meters and an optimal exposure of the scene depends on the reflectance of the subject being shot. The camera’s in-built meter renders the entire scene to give an overall medium-bright photograph. Most often you see flushed out or dark spots. With this exposure calculator you just have to get the settings are shoot! Its simple, quick and produces results.

There are also guidelines provided for long exposure photography of star trails and lightning for a chosen ISO sensor speed. All the calculated values conform to ANSI PH2.7-1986 Photographic Exposure Guide Standard.

iKspozher Features

1. Intuitive Interface
2. Instant calculations as the user chooses the settings
3. Automatically saves user previous settings
4. Aperture and shutter priority modes
5. Long exposure of star trails and lightning
6. Conforms to ANSI PH2.7-1986 standard.

Note. This program is to be used as a guide, the correct scene exposure setting might vary slightly.

Note: Doesn't work with iPhone camera

Customer Reviews

  • missing something

    by ||homEsick

    I'm rating this based upon the "lite" version. I don't expect to get everything for free. if I paid for this, it'd be a two star app. but it does it's job perfectly by allowing me to see how the full app works. it does it's job successfully by making me be willing to pay for the full version. I'd like to echo the other reviewer, though, and say I'm not going to pay for it unless smaller apertures and longer shutter speeds are added - for pinhole and zone plate photography. is there any reason not to do this? let the fstop close to 76,138,238. I understand the difficulty in this, as you obviously wouldn't want to include all of the apertures between those numbers. also, apertures vary depending on how the pinhole was made. perhaps don't show all of the apertures and allow a (fstop) number to be typed in, so the calculator will just show that one number, even though all of the information will be included in the app unseen. for what it's worth, I'd be willing to pay a bit more for this feature.

  • Almost there

    by Bent-tronics.com

    I'll buy the full version as soon as it's updated for longer exposure times (pinhole photography).

  • Boring!!!

    by Gopeeps77

    U hav 2 get pay 2 do it!!!


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