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******NEW: Award winning Best Camera app is updated for iPhone 4 and offers multi-tasking, new filters, a customizable filter interface and sharing options.

“Top 20 apps of the year” -Wired Magazine
“Top 20 apps of the year” -Macworld
“One of Apple Sr. VP Phil Schiller’s Favorite apps” -New York Times

Inspired by the phrase "The Best Camera Is The One That's With You," the award-winning Best Camera app lets you shoot, creatively edit and quickly share your iPhone photos with the world.

The Best Camera app offers a powerful and easy-to-use set of filters and effects for your iPhone and iPod Touch photos that can be applied with the touch of a button. Stack them. Mix them. Remix them. The possibilities are endless.

When you're ready to share your images, Best Camera lets you quickly and easily upload them to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, email and – our photo-sharing community exclusively for mobile photography, featuring a real-time gallery of mobile photography shot with the Best Camera app from around the world.



The Best Camera app is used by beginning amateurs to top pro photographers to:

SHOOT: Take a picture with the app or choose an image from your library.

EDIT: Choose among fourteen custom one-touch filters and effects to enhance your images. Best Camera's signature filters like Jewel, Paris, Slate and Candy allow you to create customized images in the touch of a button. Tools like fade, contrast, lighten, darken, cool, warm, vignette, crop and frame add even more customizability. Most of these filters are now available in half-power (50%) versions as well.

SHARE: The Best Camera integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, email and, along with any service that allows you to upload images via email. WIth the touch of a button you can share your images with the world.

Exclusive to Best Camera, touch the app's globe icon to view a real-time gallery of images streaming in from other Best Camera users all over the planet.

Visit for a virtual tour of the Best Camera app and to check out the best iPhone photography – and best community of mobile photographers – on earth.

Customer Reviews

  • It's cool

    by juanmacko

    I'd love it even more if it updates. I'm having problems uploading my stills. And the Twitter authentication is being denied. Please update!

  • Honestly? I use it the most of any photo app.

    by Journalgirl

    I truly love this app. My photos don't have that "stock Instagram" look to them that everyone else's photos now have. I've never had any of the problems that users have mentioned here, thankfully. I run photos from my Canon Rebel through it (b/c higher pixels than iPhone 5) from my MBP to my iPhone to the Best Cam app and then back to my MBP—and have even sold some of the framed prints that I made from it. I like the ability to get different effects from changing the order of them. Highly recommend it.

  • Great app



  • Does what it says!

    by Ciarab1969

    Does as advertised, so I can't complain.

  • Okay but not outstanding

    by kaphinga

    I suppose that this was once a great app, but there are so many other apps now that do so much more. It's very expensive for the amount of functionality it provides.

  • Really good

    by Lynez

    I like this one deff worth it!!

  • Great, There

    by Samusesthisappallthetime

    The book that Chase Jarvis wrote, "The best camera is the one that's with you," was so inspiring that I'm writing a college speech on it. He took pictures on his iphone and only edited them using ONLY THIS app. SO AMAZING!!! This app is missing a few key editing features like cropping and rotating, etc. But other than that, I use it all the time and it was well worth the $3.

  • Not as good since two updates ago

    by GoldenOrchard

    Overall, a nice app, filters are great and sharing options work great. My only complaint is that you used to be able to tap the screen and be able to see the entire photo as you edit it. Now you tap the screen and it crashes. Also, I like the new look of the web site, but it would be great if you could incorporate the stats function into the app. Mainly so you wouldn't have to get on safari to check how many views and votes your pics have received. If you fix that, it gets 5 stars.

  • My default camera app

    by Scooby Carolan

    I moved the iPhone camera app to my last page (The Land of Misfit Apps) and put best on the front. My only gripe is the long delay to launch it. I really love it!

  • Hands down the best

    by Cheese Wheel

    I have tried several apps to enhance my iPhone images, even "best flash", and none of them work as well at improving the color and exposure as this app. It's a must have and the only one you will need

  • Awesome filters!!! Thanks for the Facebook fix, and saving enhancements

    by rizzple pizzle

    There are way too many "half-hearted" camera apps which do the same thing. This app is different –- thank you! I like how this app makes use of the filters / effects and then let's you reorganize them to get different results. Oh, great FB fix... much appreciated!

  • 50% cool / 50% warm switched?

    by allison125

    I think the 50% cool and 50% warm filters are backward. Also, I'm surprised that this app hasn't been updated more than it has, with more options and filters. As it is, I would not spend $2.99 on it again, as there are better post processing apps out there.

  • Once great, still OK but with odd problems

    by JClark

    This used to be my go to app for photo processing. It really does some amazing stuff, but it's sorely in need of an update. Something about the latest iOS updates isn't playing well with Best Camera. One obvious example: The vignette produces a dark streak diagonally from the top right to the bottom left of the photo. That's just weird. I'm using a 3GS, not jail broken, with iOS4. This wasn't a problem until some time around iOS4, or maybe the last update to iOS3. An update, preferably one that also speed up processing, and this will be my go to app again. Until then, I'm reluctantly using other tools.

  • Easy to use!

    by RoverGurl

    This app is user friendly and filters are easy to use. I love how the filters make my photos look more polished. I do agree with the other reviews that this app needs updates. Stay true to your words that you wanted one app that does it all. Add a crop tool and a depth of field tool please! Without any updates I think the app is worth 1/2 the price of what I paid. Although I am still pleased with how my photos look.

  • Love it

    by Neumero4te

    Only thing it's missing is a crop tool.

  • I love it but...

    by aaronbrownphotos

    Maintain EXIF please!

  • Easy to use, easy to share

    by Kris Arruda

    Very neat app. Simple and effective. Cool effects and good options to share. Facebook, twitter and email included. For 5 stars i would add Flickr support and custom crop. [UPDATE] Flickr support is here. Missing custom crop and some news.

  • Recent Crashes Render Unusable

    by Sarah Lena

    I've had (AND LOVED!) this app for almost a year now, but just this last week, it has begun to crash everytime a new picture loads. Bummed.

  • Not bad, not great

    by Techn0phile

    The App is easy to use and beautifully designed but it has one very crippling flaw. You can't adjust the intensity of an effect, and unfortunately they effects are all a bit too strong so you can never achieve a subtly edited photo, the effects tend to look amateurish. Seems like a very simple fix, just ad intensity sliders for each effect. It would make this app a 5 Star app for sure.

  • Why all the negative comments?

    by UnluckyWimp

    This is a great app. Just this evening I was using it to fix up the brightness and contrast on a couple shots before uploading them to FaceBook. The ability to make those sorts of adjustments on-the-fly without stopping at a computer first is well-worth the price of admission. It's running great on my new iPhone 4 (4.0.1). The only thing holding me back from 5-stars is that it would be nice to have finer controls on the filters. Oh, yeah, and what's with the "12+" age rating for this app?!??!? Really?!?!? It's a CAMERA app for cryin' out loud! It only shoots what you want it to shoot. If your pictures contain "adult content," is that the app's fault or the pervert behind the lens???

  • Used to be the Best Camera app

    by Seminole360

    I'm guessing the purpose of this app was to promote/accompany a book titled "The Best Camera is the One That's With You" by Case Jarvis. Since the book launched in 2009 there have been very few enhancements to this app. It seems the app served its marketing purpose and is no longer needed by the author and thus, no enhancements since 2010. It's a shame because this app was Instagram before Instagram was anything. Now it's just lacking.

  • Slow

    by J.Yale

    This was so fast on my iPhone 4. Now that I have the 5, it takes FOREVER to do anything on it. It used to be great but now I can't stand it. PLEASE make an update.


    by frgreyes

    This app is so dated compared to new apps out there. Disappointed.

  • Meh

    by Rick111713

    I understand that this was an attempt to streamline workflow. But it is woefully inept.

  • Do not need

    by 12floz

    You know Chase secretly uses Instagram. This app is now terrible.

  • Not that good

    by Omar_r

    Waste of money. I love Chase Jarvis photography and what he is doing with it. I expected a better app. Better fx editing than instagram but it doesn't cost the bucks. It's just too complicated

  • Sham

    by RadioSlow

    Waste of money! Just use instagram and save yourself $3!

  • Update pleez

    by Carrrrrlos

    Was a great app when it first came out, but with the number of other Now cooler photo apps, Best Camera kinda loses it coolness. It’s now slow, buggy, and not worth the price. Camera + is the way to go.

  • worst iphone camera app for 2011

    by normandp

    no updates & apps enhancement.

  • Now its the meh cam

    by thebmrust

    19oct11 app hasn't been upgraded in 10 months. The fees doesn't work. Not sure it's worth the money now. Support is still a little thin. 15nov10Heard there is a mem leak no ETA if/when it will be fixed. App crashes at full screen review. Can't share with anything. Crashes. Can't auto create a new photo album unless it's uninstalled and re installed. Crashes. Can't take full res pics. Not worth the $$. Chase Jarvis is great. The camera app. Not so much.

  • Can't adjust the effects?

    by cbseattle

    Terrible. All the effects are set to overdo everything. The results are lame.

  • Other apps are better!

    by Mercypl

    Back when this came out it was worth the price. Now it's as old as the iPhone 3G. I just bought camera+ and I will not be using this app again. Even hipstamatic is better than this app. This app is NOT WORTH THE PRICE.

  • There's many better

    by brizzle83

    Lame camera.

  • Disappointed

    by Kim Nickens

    I do like the best camera website but this is too expensive for what you get. I like fx photo studio better and it's cheaper. You get a lot more for the money.

  • A bit intrusive

    by Beezlebubba

    This was a decent app on the 3G but the camera on the 4 is improved and there are plenty of better photo applications out now that give you more control over the image. I also wonder why, if you want to post photos to Facebook, this app collects not only my information, but that of my friends to include family, relationships, birthdays, religious and political views. Seems a little intrusive for a photo app.

  • Issues issues

    by Dave Downing

    This app would be good with only a few missing features (flickr upload?) if it didn't FREEZE on the upload screen EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! Restarting the app and returning to it and often it's still frozen. My edited photos will be in my photo gallery but the app will be stuck, often until I restart the phone. Use the free Photoshop mobile app instead.

  • Get Instagram app instead!

    by Stefanos Gatdoulos

    This app is $3. Instagram does the same thing but 10times better and it is free to download, no ads, and no in-app purchases. The filters are better at Instagram. You can share posts in more multiple social networks, you can comment on other peoples photos & vice versa. People follow u and u follow people. It's a photography social network mixed with a Twitter & Facebook feel. The devs update frequently and respond to u. Best of all, there are so many artistic iphoneographers using Instagram. BestCamera app is limited with features compared to Instagram. Sorry, Chase Jarvis. I think BestCamera app is no longer the best. However, since I paid $1.99 for it, I will keep it in my iPhone. Best Camera will need a miracle to beat Instagram.

  • Not impressed

    by Dhvxcjhdcjhfhbfihx

    I read the reviews (mostly poor) but bought this app anyway. Mistake!! Waste of my 3 bucks. There are way better apps out there that do not overexpose the pics and call it editing. Where's the option for zero stars?

  • Minor Improvement

    by Juangrande65

    I agree with "Too little too late" below. I really, really, love the interface on this App and the ease of use and customization (kudos to the designer of the interface) but even after a long awaited update the filters (which are great) still totally blow out the highlights!!! (I understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it's a matter of aesthetics, and some may love blown out highlights, and in some cases, I totally agree, it works, beautifully so, but I would like to have some control over the end result and that is my only gripe with an otherwise fantastic App!) You can stack a dark or dark 50% filter over your chosen filter in an somewhat useable attempt to save the highlights, but then you lose the shadows. I really love the concept of this App and the photographer who conceived it really gets photographers with the notion that "The best camera is the one you have with you" and this App is the one I want to grab and start shooting with when I'm inspired for it's intuitive, fast, and enjoyable GUI, but as a photographer he ought to understand blown out highlights (sometimes) ruin an otherwise brilliant App. I would say it's a limitation of a cell phone camera (iPhone 4 in this case) if it weren't for the fact that I have over a dozen other great camera Apps that produce beautiful and creative effects without sacrificing the highlights. Perhaps a levels or curves adjustment slider in the next upgrade? Or in keeping w/the minimal design layout, a low contrast/low contrast 50% filter to stack over blown out effects? If your starting image is of low contrast then you have more control since you can always stack a high contrast filter to boost the contrast, but there's no adjustment to lower contrast (and that's all that's lacking here). Maybe Chase Jarvis likes blown out images or lives somewhere gray and gloomy with dull lighting (and if that is your case, then snatch up this App as it will punch up your images for sure) but I live in San Diego where it's always bright sunshine and contrasty lighting, so this app often blows out all my images way too much. Contrary to my bitchfest above, I love this App and recommend it.

  • Don't Believe the Hype !

    by BarryGoldwater

    Chase Jarvis is a huckster and ripoff artist, not to mention a VERY mediocre photographer. He created this pathetic app to sell his equally pathetic book. This would be fine if he actually continued to support the app, but hey...he's moved on to "other" endeavors. There are too many worthy free & paid apps that are maintained...don't waste $3.00 on this DINOSAUR!

  • Update please!!!

    by Puppalah

    PLEASE UPDATE!!!!! I loved this app but it needs updates desperately! Please update. If you're not going to update, is there any way of letting a sister know you're not going to?

  • UPDATE!!!

    by Kevani


  • Don't want no stinking account

    by No Account XXX

    Why do you need an account to save to your camera roll or email a photo which is what this app now wants me to do. I don't want an account !!! So this app went from good to really useless if u can't save your photos.

  • Needs an update

    by Khurt Williams

    This app needs an update to bring it's features inline with with the capabilities of the iPhone 4. While other photo apps will capture and store EXIF and IPTC data this one does not. The image filters are rudimentary.

  • Ehh

    by Cheesey4567

    Not great, if I knew before hand I wouldn't have bought it. It's easier adding photos to Facebook just using your regular camera roll. I wish I could get a refund.

  • Use to be my favorite

    by Arthur M

    This was my favorite photo app. Now it stalls out when I try to save even to just the camera roll. Please update or if not let us know you're abandoning this great app.

  • A must have! But please update!

    by Hooptech

    ***update needed*** needs a refresh! If you want your pictures to stand out from the rest, get this app! Update is needed!

  • Crashes

    by milkdinero

    I can't use it anymore because it crashes

  • One of my favorite apps

    by thetrudz

    I really like this app. The only apps used more on my phone are Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and IMdB. I really like the effects and framing. Though I am a pro photographer, I started to love iPhone photography so much with using this app that I made a just for fun iPhone photography blog. My only complaint is that the app is very slow when transmitting to the web, even if I have a wifi connection. Otherwise, it's loads of fun and I haven't regretted paying for it. I do have an original iPhone 2G so I can't speak on the iPhone4 problems that people speak of.

  • Crashes!

    by Jdnetter

    I used to really like it, but since upgrading to OS4, I can't even open it. I've deleted it.

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