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Seller: Totally Rad, Inc

- fix for crashing on startup after the iOS 7 release affecting some customers

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● 375,000+ #pictapgo & #pictapgo_app photos shared on Instagram
● Featured by Apple: New & Noteworthy
● Named Pick of the Week by “This Week in Photo”
● Featured in “Rangefinder Magazine,” May 2013

PicTapGo is the simple photography app, for your iPhone and iPad, that lets you express your creativity and unique style. PicTapGo includes over 50 photo effects and allows you to layer filters and save your own custom filter recipes. PicTapGo includes film and vintage filters, crisp black and white and beautiful color effects. Easily share your photos with family and friends on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Follow @PicTapGo on Instagram and visit the #pictapgo_app hashtag to see how photographers worldwide are using PicTapGo to stand out from the crowd.

● Universal app, works for iPhone and iPad
● Layer filters
● Adjust the strength and clarity of the photo effect
● Enhance your pics with lens effects and vignettes
● Save custom recipes to use again and again
● Crop tool
● Sharing your pics on your favorite social media sites has never been easier
● Post to Instagram full frame - no need to crop square!
● Built-in camera for easy picture taking and seamless editing
● If you like RadLab by Totally Rad Inc, you’ll love PicTapGo!

What people are saying about PicTapGo

"Photo editing apps are available by the dozens but none of them can do what PicTapGo can do." - AppPicker.com

"PicTapGo ended the hunt for the BEST and friendliest editing tool. PicTapGo is all you need". - Candice Becklund, YourCloudParade.com

"I have long been a fan of simply everything Totally Rad... PicTapGo combines every Rad action that I have loved for years with the ease and grace of a perfectly designed app." - Susan Stripling, Professional Photographer

"Fun, fast, responsive interface that streamlines the selecting, adjusting, and sharing of images." - Katrin Eismann, Photoshop Educator

Customer Reviews

  • Perfect

    by breanneallyse

    Wouldn't use any other app!

  • LOVE!!!!!!

    by Brandonswag

    Perfect editing app!!

  • Great!

    by Nancyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Got this app and loving it! This and vsco are my go to camera apps!

  • Fix glitches and lags!

    by Ashley Mixtapes

    Come on, guys! This is my favorite photo editing app, and would usually give it 5 stars with no question, but lately it has had lots of glitches going from page to page, and lagging a LOT when saving a photo to camera roll. It literally takes over 3 minutes, if it even saves at all. Help!

  • Must have

    by danieldezago

    This is one of the must have apps on my iOS devices. My wife and I don't put a picture up anywhere without running it through this app first for that extra little bit of sweetness.

  • Fantastic editing for iPhone pictures!

    by Grace and Peace-full

    I have other photography editing apps, but this one is really clean & easy to use. Love the real-time filters. Glad I got it! It's replacing many of the other photo editing apps.

  • Not worth $2

    by Bummin801

    It's an okay app. I don't see what the fuss is about.

  • I love it!!!

    by Herc&Vader

    I am very pleased ton of cool filters


    by Amanda Sheppard

    Absolutely the best photo editing app out there! I would have boring pictures without it!!!! :)

  • Perfect

    by Barbara Ferrini

    Easy and Fun.

  • 1/12/14

    by MmamaLlama

    All of a sudden my edits are not saving even though it says "Saved to photos" it has access in my setting and all previous photos have saved.

  • Crashing all of a sudden

    by Sassee pants

    I absolutely LOVE this app, but yesterday it started crashing when I was trying to apply filters. Today it crashes as soon as I choose a picture. Please fix! I need my PicTapGo!

  • To many crashes

    by carrie mcclellan

    Love the app but it is constantly crashing anyone know how to fix that?

  • Love this app!!

    by Hmarsden

    I love this app so much it is on my homepage with the apps I use everyday!! I use it with just about every picture I take!!

  • Fantastic!

    by evaxebra

    I love this app! It lets me make photos brighter, it let's me crop them, and the best part is it allows full sized photos to be sent to Instagram!

  • Best app!

    by Dewymann

    This app has all the filters and its very quick and easy. I don't have problems about crashing at all. This has alot of filters to choose from and it it like afterlight. Very worth it.

  • Best app!

    by Crafty's Corner

    Love this and use it on all my photos!

  • Good

    by Clphotography88

    More more more! It needs more presets!

  • Great app for getting creative!

    by Missimperial

    Love this app!! Only gave it 4 stars because of the random and somewhat frequent crashes. Other than that, this app is amazing for creating filters for your photos.

  • My Go-To App :)

    by lkl1976

    Love it!

  • Won't Save Images to Camera Roll

    by AFP77

    So I like this, but unfortunately it will not save images to my camera roll. I've been able to work around this by saving to Dropbox and then re-download, but that's a pain so I've moved on. They don't seem to updating this app anymore so I don't have much hope for returning. But maybe....

  • Constantly crashing :(

    by Tracy aka Fuzzball

    This was my favorite photo editing app but lately it has been crashing every single time I try to use it.

  • Meh

    by Chickadees5

    I'm not sure what all the fuss is about and irked I spent any money on an app that doesn't allow more specific filter adjustments. Apparently I'm supposed to be seeing layers when using multiple filters. I notice little to no difference. Don't waste your money. I should have purchased another Hipstamatic pak instead of this lackluster app.

  • Crashes

    by HBP

    This used to be great but now it crashes so often it's pretty much unusable. I just tried to edit the same photo 10 times and each time I tried to save it, the app crashed.

  • Awesome!

    by PebsGrandma

    Easiest ever to use!

  • Love this app!!!

    by Crash508

    Quality filters that I use daily to improve my photos. So easy to use and adjust. Awesome!

  • Love it!

    by PapaBorch

    Easy to use and great results!

  • Best picture editing app yet!

    by Lltheo

    Absolutely my favorite photo app of all time!

  • Update awesomeness!!

    by jeannie22

    The developer is very dialed in to this app's community & has taken suggestions & made the asked for updates. in my opinion, this is the strongest photo app in the store! I recommend it to everyone I talk to!!

  • Love.

    by Stevie Pattyn

    Totally Rad knocked it out of the park on this one. I am majorly OBSESSED! Officially my go to photo app.

  • Love this app!

    by Stephtr

    It is so easy to use and has lots of fun styles to choose from. I use it almost every day.

  • GREAT photography app!

    by kelgor

    I love the flexibility and creativity that this app allows. You can truly customize each of your images and I love that it remembers recipes, as well. I can't say enough good things about it! Love!

  • Love it

    by eidalfarraj

    so good i love it ❤️❤️

  • Pictapgo

    by Meeeeemsters

    IS the best of the best.

  • Pictapgo

    by Meeeeemsters

    IS the best of the best.

  • It would be great...

    by Shutterbug07

    If it would just stop crashing ALL the time. Every time I try to save a photo, it crashes. I have to try several times before I get a pic to save. And sometimes when it does save, I go to my photos and it shows me just a copy of the original instead of my edited photo. I'm about to throw my iPad across the room!! I can't believe I paid for THIS. It would also be better if there was a zoom in function. And get rid of the transition between edits.

  • I wish I didn't love this app

    by IzzyGail

    Crash crash crash crash... And yet I keep trying.

  • Perfect photo app

    by pzxpjy

    Pictapgo is phenomenal. Filters are "just just all right". You won't end up with images that looks too artificial, that is, you will never "overdone". It would be appreciated if there is a way to directly browse between each filter. So I won't have to scroll down every time to change a filter. Devs, thanks for your masterpiece.

  • Best app!

    by Smallcarfakeout

    Best photo editing app and the only one I need to make a photo look great! Love it and worry every penny

  • Great app

    by Tjdoyle811

    Really like using this app to edit my photos!

  • Stellar Photo Editing App

    by Yo boi t

    My go-to photo editing app!

  • Crashes all the time

    by Justineberlintrevino

    I love this app but I can't use it without it crashing!!!! It's really really frustrating!! Please fix this ASAP!

  • Love it

    by Muffskkg

    Excellent app. I can finally get the look I want from my iPhone photos. I LOVE that I can control the strength of the effects and the live preview takes the trial and error out of it.

  • Love this app, when it works...

    by skirk110

    This app worked so well with iOS 6, but since iOS 7 (even after two updates) it has been glitchy and now it crashes shortly after choosing a photo, so I can't even use it, at all. Wish the bugs would get fixed, because this is truly the best iPhone photography app there is.. When it works.

  • Love this app!!!

    by Danie411c

    This is by far my favorite photo editing app. Love it!

  • Such a great app

    by Kari d w

    Always the final edit for all my pictures.

  • my favorite!

    by maxbug

    easy. simple. fun. the best photo editing app around. mine doesn't crash at all.

  • The Very Best

    by Live2shop

    This is an awesome app, just as good as the software.

  • ☺️

    by InnaSamong

    My go-to app from now on. Replaced afterlight and vsco for me. This does much cleaner and stand out filters, thank you! And your IG profile is very interactive and engaging! Love the team behind all this, more power to you guys

  • my favorite photo app

    by mere on ravelry

    hands down! it's easy to use and makes even a so-so photo look great. love it!

  • #1 app

    by Kale80

    Use it daily! The best editing app!

  • Crashes all the time

    by tiffanyxo

    I can't even use it because it crashes constantly. Did the update and still crashes. Please fix!!!

  • Love it!

    by VivInterrupted

    One of the best picture editing apps!

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