Ace FreakyFace: The Cartoon Mask & Costume Photo Booth Camera Photo & Video App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Tiny Mobile Inc.

•iPhone 5 display optimized
•[New Feature] Tweet Photo Button! (Twitter account required)
•UI Tweaks & Bug Fixes

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FreakyFace Automatically overlays funny eyes and mouths on top yours or your friend's faces in realtime, using your iPhones camera. The app does all the alignment through cutting edge face detection, it's as easy as point, shoot and LAUGH! You can change a feature by simply tapping on it, and you can snap a picture at the touch of a button.

We've packed in a ton of eyes and mouths for you to play around with. Upgrade to utilize all 250+ facial features in the app!

Other awesome features include:
•Using your camera's live feed, FreakyFace automatically overlays hilarious facial features on top of any face! --No need to manually place anything, we do it for you!!!
•"Randomize Face" button - Gives you 3 random features, selected from all available sets, it never gets old!!!
•Adjustment sliders - Want to give your friend huge cartoon eyes? Or make it look more realistic with smaller eyes? You can adjust the size of the 2 eyes and the mouth independently for hilarious effects.
•The pictures you take are saved to your photo album automatically!
•Use Front & Rear Cameras!
•Fully iPad 2 compatible!
•Button to hide the User Interface so you can see more of the hilarity!

Customer Reviews

  • Freaky face

    by goscar62

    It won't save my pics.@all

  • I love this game

    by Johnnieb5

    Really good game

  • thanks

    by download nakonid

    this app is god

  • Ok

    by Hdhddhdbfuhrfhr

    First I don't know how to delete the eyes and mouth but its ok

  • 50/50

    by Cikik!!!

    If you are looking for a stupid and crazy app get this but if your smart don't get it my sister loves it though weird huh?

  • Ct

    by Jucjvjvi g

    I hate this game

  • Awesome

    by Taylor lund

    It is really funny

  • Ok?

    by livvyishotXD722

    Ok it's ok. But it doesnt always work.

  • best game ever

    by awsomekid1423

    This game is awsome and funny!!

  • Great app

    by Lexxayyy

    It's free and fun.

  • Good

    by hereinn

    Very funny

  • SO FUNNY!!!!!!!! :-D

    by BarneyAssasin

    All my friends were LOL!!!!!!!!!! I just love it! I give it four stars!!!! It cost no$$$$$$$$$$$!

  • Lol love it

    by Jdnhisbxntnirm

    I just love this app it's so cool!

  • Best app of all appstore

    by Villa drawing

    It's so cool its the best omg it's the sickest omg omg it's real it's fun

  • funny

    by Qwertyrandomness

    i love this app. it detects ur face so u dnt have to do all thiswork. and it makes it funny

  • Lol

    by Deebikieside


  • :/

    by Emily Cupcakes

    This is fun but kinda boring

  • It's really fun

    by gummy worms 5275

    Gives u lol moments great ps I'm a girl

  • Awesome

    by Hfvjisgsrun


  • The ugly monster

    by I love ice-cream

    One day there was a monster that had little kids and he was sailing them........ If you want to know the rest then download the game it's called(monster shop) and u will play the game for free

  • My purchases r gone

    by yerpalkal

    I paid to unlock all items and once I updated to iOS all the packs I bought are gone! I emailed the developer support but never heard back.

  • Lame

    by 33525/awesome

    To frustrating

  • Frustrating

    by BeckyQuigley

    It is difficult to work and sooooooooo frustrating:-(

  • Stupid game

    by Lighting L

    This game is a rip off it only lets u have a random pic instead of choosing what to make ur face look like OMG I HATE THIS GAME

  • Suckiest app I have

    by Juukjguvybmu

    It's so hard to keep the eyes and mouth stabilized! This app is 100% dumb.

  • Cannot load image from album

    by hankeester

    Way to think through the development. You can't load image from an album, only take a picture? What a joke.

  • BEWARE!!!!

    by flyingseadog

    Took a lot of pics didn't even save in my iPad how can i fix that can i get my $ back i can't even use it. Help!!!! (btw i'm using 3rd gen).

  • What happened?!

    by LolliDoom

    Why i dont no how to put on face!! Im pressing buttons but nothing happens!!

  • Error

    by Msxtowel

    Why doesn't the photo save to my album? I can't find the pix after taking it.

  • Total Garbage!

    by Nanski

    Update must allow for pics from photo album or it's worthless. Why? Because I use other face maker products and would like to add a little spunk to them. My creation may integrate 5/6 different apps for my final results.

  • Terrible

    by Pistol Pete 0320

    This app is garbage. The info when u download it is misleading. Don't waste your time.

  • Stupid

    by Softball4ev44

    It's soooooooooo stupid because you have to buy most of the faces

  • Waste of time

    by Alex1675848

    Dosen't work

  • Doesn't work right

    by Camille Pietralunga

    I can't get to the photo album and the instructions don't help. Lame.

  • Packages gone

    by Asil321

    I'm upset I bought extra packages & now they are gone : \

  • Eh

    by PenguinLover200000

    Eh I dunno. It's ok I guess I mean it wasn't horrible but it wasn't terrific either. It made my face look funny but it didn't do anything else. :(

  • Ummm idk?

    by Peanutbutterjelly534

    My things on the app store aren't downloading that fast, but I hope its fun!!!

  • Hater girl

    by Lil 213

    Once there was an app named Freaky Face and there was a girl that had a website (not in real life) and her name was Lil 213 (Lily) and she posted stuff that she hated and her name was hater girl. So she posted freaky face. The end.

  • Ehhh

    by Supersonic!

    It keeps crashing so I don't really enjoy things that crash

  • by Laura Burkholder

    DO NOT get it. Only 1 effect is all u get. It doesn't deserve even 1⃣

  • Pretty fun but...

    by Crisp-Ed

    I purchased the package for 2.99 on my iPad and now it wants me to purchase it on my phone as well. Why can't buying the package on one device transfer to the other. Definitely not investing any more money into this and feel a little cheated.

  • Automated

    by BBRT

    You don't choose from a library of eyes, which the photos in the App Store show. You must cycle thru eyes on a live image you can't import previously taken photos The ads are intrusive.

  • Okay

    by None none none none none none

    I can't figure out how to select a picture from your photo album. You also need to be able to decide if you want to save the picture instead of the app automatically saving it for you. But other than that, the app is ok.

  • 不错

    by chen ningyi


  • Good


    It's a good app!

  • Funny!!

    by $avannah!!!!

    Awesome game!!!!!

  • Love it!!

    by Montmom1

    It's fun for all ages

  • Stupid

    by nammi88

    Dont waste your time!

  • Fun

    by Deeds1492

    It's pretty fun. It made my fb profile pic.

  • Fantastic free novelty app

    by Awoolf

    This is a great app to pull out and show your friends. I only wish Apple could let you use this app with FaceTime. The handlebar mustache is growing on me...

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