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Continuous Camera provides fast shutter speed for multiple pictures.

***Click, Click, Click*** up to 20 sequential pictures in a row!

Never miss that action shot!

Burst Continuous Shutter Speed Camera allowing you to auto capture a series of wonderful fast shutter speed special picture effects. Fast shutter speed cam mode which is considered as prevailing inspired tool in cam lets you freeze the action in a photo and it controls the image exposure.

The automatic mode is picture-perfect to capture moving actions, that is, sports, kids playing, moving animals and the like. This automatic mode correspondingly exposes your pictures without a glitch.

===Camera Highlights===

* Image Preview
* Inventive cam controls
* Adaptable Shutter Speed
* Fast & Continuous
* Easy to take a Snap
* Capture Moving Objects
* Freeze Image
* Auto mode
* Smooth Picture Exposure
* User Friendly

Picture perfect for sports, kids, animals and all action shots!

Frame by Frame shooting! Capture moving targets!

Take a fast shot! Clear and Perfect Frame!

Pick the best photo snap and share the image on Facebook!

Customer Reviews

  • 3star

    by Kkebs

    It works ok. But too much ads and too long saving time

  • Crappppp

    by Cats review

    I can't do anything with it it's stupid hatttttte it

  • Nice app

    by Mackenzie lane bowen

    Worked great don't see any problems

  • Spam

    by Lb6387

    Pure Spam. DO NOT download

  • Straight up Spam app

    by Ijdboarder46

    Don't download this app. 100% spam

  • No

    by Alwbabayyy

    It won't open camera. Doesn't do what it says and an ad pops up every 2 seconds.

  • Bad

    by Shannon kornegay


  • awful

    by rob139

    this was just terrible

  • Didnt work

    by Laladela

    It said to check your settings but when I did nothin popped up I literally went through EVERY THING. It wouldn't let me use the camera I have no clue why ...ANNOYING

  • Do not download

    by CX4 Elite

    Very poor app that doesn't work as advertised and contains too many adds.

  • This app is trash

    by Ria 1211

    This app is not worth the time you can't use it it keeps saying check setting but there are none. Doesn't even deserve one star.

  • by britthefpeace

    Don't waste your time. I would try to open the camera and it would just tell me to check my settings. Total waste of time.

  • Horrible!!!

    by Kaylyn aponte

    I hate it don't waste your time it's so bad I can't get squat

  • Don't waste your time

    by Zenzoecutie1

    This is so dumb. The camera only catches blurs and doesn't even get the pic. Totally useless.

  • Waste of time

    by Kmashiba

    Not even worth looking ar

  • Use Fast Camera App 100% better

    by sfath1975

    It will take 1000 pics and all look great

  • Lame

    by 

    Doesn't work. It's slow and blurry. Don't even bother.

  • Junk!

    by KF5FEI

    Pop-up ad is very annoying and error messages are rather cryptic.

  • Horrible

    by Revenge 99

    Slow, blurry, and must be really close

  • awful

    by Madi_1996

    It won't even let me use the app because it's not "compatible" with my iPhone 4s. Really glad I didn't pay to get something that won't even work on my phone

  • It's just okay

    by Thatswhatshesaidmmx

    This app takes multiple pics a bit faster than the iPhone camera. Pics are blurry. You can't zoom. The only positive thing I can see to using this app is if you are close to your subject (>10 feet) AND you need multiple pics of something. Free version = meh! Glad I didn't pay for it.

  • Piece of Junk

    by Guts.gasman

    This app is not worth downloading. Need to speed up the shutter speed!!!

  • Terrible.

    by A really cool nickname

    This app does nothing. It just takes a bunch of blurry photos that could have been taken with the regular camera. So glad I didn't pay for it.

  • Still a slow shutter speed

    by mollymcdeath

    This does not pump up your shutter speed it just fires the cam multiple tomes. so instead of taking one blurry photo of something moving you can take five blurry photos with this app. Um... Yay?

  • Suuuuuuucks

    by Kodi Arthur

    Didn't take right amount of pictures and didn't work fast enough.

  • Doesn't work

    by P8ntballsteve

    The camera says its taking pictures but when 20 are selected, only three actually take

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