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★★ 100 FX is the the BEST Camera app with 100 REAL TIME CAMERA EFFECTS ! ★★


Devices compatibility
★ iPhone 3GS
★ iPhone 4
★ iPhone 4S
★ iPhone 5
★ iPod touch 4th generation
★ iPod touch 5th generation
★ iPad 2
★ iPad 3
★ iPad mini

★ 100 Awesome Photo Effects
★ Photos SAVED automatically to your phone photo album
★ Can use your photo
★ Can draw something
★ Can upload photo to twitter & facebook
★ Can use Front and Back Camera
★ Real EASY and FAST to use
★ Universal App 
(You can install it on both your iPhone/iPod Touch and your iPad without being charged twice.)

Customer Reviews

  • Many Photo Effects

    by Mo Freeapps

    For not many $$. Had this for a long time now and I LIKE IT! Most def a value and I thank the dev!

  • by Super pie power

    Luv it

  • Pocobello Alberto Labriola



  • Love it!

    by Cheeseylee

    I think this app is a lot of fun to toy around with. I am thinking of the upgrade because taking videos with some of the touch effects would be awesome!

  • .

    by savannah_x

    Too many pop ups asking for a review.

  • Amazing

    by GabiGirl99

    I have so much fun with this app and I've taken plenty of photos!

  • Best camera ever!!!

    by Madiv123


  • Love

    by Jenna/jellybean city lites

    I love this app it's never ending fun!!

  • 100 FX

    by Hubhjhbsdjfhbsd

    Hi, My opinion of "100 FX" is amazing, mostly I use it to take pictures either with my friends or just a profile picture for most things I have. I think it takes amazing pictures but my only flaw is that it needs more effects. I think there isn't a lot of effects. I've used most of them. But, overall great app! (:

  • Awesome

    by Cooldog276


  • Beautiful Colors

    by JT HaugDog

    I would recommend this app to anyone who like colors

  • Speechless

    by Maliq.I.Am

    There are absolutely NO words to describe how amazing this app really is. I mean all I can really say is download it and I swear on EVERYTHING you won't regret it. There are over 50 affects!

  • Better than Instagram

    by cinbeef

    My new favorite filter app. The options are endless, and it's easy to use. A+++

  • Great !

    by Lecky__Louu !!

    This App Is wonderful.. It Helps Me Create BEAUTIFUL Pics :) ! Everyone Should Get It

  • Love it

    by Julles7

    This app is so cool, so many FX I've never even seen

  • My favorite

    by Kittycat2324

    This is the best camera app ever!!!!!

  • Puny lover 0129

    by Puny lover 0129

    So awesome use it every where all the time

  • Fun effects

    by Aley Kat

    I was expecting a tutorial or some instructions but once I realized how to switch the camera, it was very easy.

  • Awesome app

    by L-BoogieDaBeast!!!

    This is thē very best fx app!!! I have friends who have GP market and can't find a app better than this one

  • Awesomeness

    by Jhxssghv

    So many options to choose from! No need to have different apps for different effects this app has it all and is so much fun! I'd definitely buy the pro version.

  • Not cool

    by Eewewwwwwweeee

    Yeah this app is not that good but ehh from 100 effects it has like 10 good ones....

  • Ok

    by Amanda 2

    It's a good app but I don't know how to take photos from my photo album and make them cool

  • Awsome

    by Eva Hopkins

    Best picture game ever

  • Awesome

    by Mdeswc

    I love the different pictures you can take and I love how simple and fun it is. I give it five stars

  • Love it

    by Gogo goat lover101

    I love this app it takes such good pictures and very good effects!! And there are SO many effects. JUST LOVE IT!!(:

  • FX

    by Zzkkpp

    Has good features

  • <3 it :)

    by MariaB<3

    It is a greate app i love it ❤

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

    by Kenzie

    This app is AMAZING it can do so many things!!!!!!!! :) so cool you have to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please get it

  • Great very clear

    by Lilbear50

    Takes the best pictures I've seen yet

  • Great

    by Prettysyncere

    I luv this app <<<3333

  • Very cool app!!!

    by APBTCourageatitsbest

    Love this app and you will also! Best part it is free! So what do you have to lose no cost and big returns on fun!

  • This app

    by Digity05

    This app is the best app ever!! I love it soo much!! It's way better than camwow and I just love it!! I recommend it for everybody! I don't wanna tell anybody so that only I can have it I love it!!

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    by Sjpj

    I LOVE this app

  • More!!!!

    by Ion McKinney

    Picture And Video!!! Now!!!

  • FX

    by Kimbo Alice 68


  • Awesome man

    by Kolacheee

    Freakin' love it, I'm having fun.

  • Having fun

    by Calypso boom

    Having lots of fun with all of the options in this app.

  • Ummmm

    by meliLUV119

    Love the effects but that logo on my pics when I save them is really annoying.

  • Fun App!

    by OnTheFlyPinner

    This is a lot of fun. I felt like it was a little bit difficult to learn to use at first though. Who knew that the little photo in the upper right corner was part of the app? I thought it was part of the ads that show.

  • Love it

    by Bibble0716

    Gives so many options.amazing photos!

  • .

    by Mary T W H

    It won't let me save my pictures to my camera roll on my iPad:(

  • The App

    by Travis Vosburgh

    This App is sweet


    by Ilovelucyy2

    SO AWESOME! Get it

  • Fun and entertaining for everybody to enjoy.

    by P.0. Gamer

    Enjoy and play with, without a doubt one of the best apps I've seen!

  • Great

    by ShNznabagabgsnavah

    I think this is a cool app because it has a lot of affects love it

  • Needs work

    by Krazikatsz

    Needs work.. iPhone 5 glitchy Needs work on the upload

  • okay but...

    by raschelle sevilla

    it would be better if you can pull photos from your album to edit filters on.

  • Great!

    by Ypsitucky

    Great app with lots of filters to try out.

  • Awesome app

    by Green8603

    This is a must get app! As far as free apps this is the best one I've downloaded so far.

  • JustMii.

    by Jessyjess2

    Awesome app:)

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