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Languages: English, German

Seller: Simon Meyborg

-Critical Bug solved

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Snapshot Your Life - The Daily Cam lets you record 3 seconds of every day of your life and creates your personal film out of it.

Start now and join the culture phenomenon. It was never so easy.

The Daily Cam is also available as the 1 Frame Daily Cam and as 1 Second Daily Cam

Customer Reviews

  • Stolen Idea - People Dowload Cesar's!

    by Ramonablu

    Why take the hard work and fan loyalty to Cesar for his brilliant idea and working to implement something not just fun-but working with the fans to make it better and better. People that have DL your version clearly don't care for your execution and those of us that know what you have done, won't download it. Stealing someone's thunder and buz hoping to capitalize on unknowing users seeing the name and mistaking the REAL creator for u.... Pathetic. Pls work on improving ur own apps, assuming the others are ur idea. The witness one needs work-options on make it applicable for different types of user preferences.

  • Junk

    by FuQnA

    Previous videos are gone!

  • Garbage. Fake. Knock-off App

    by Discrete Genius

    This is not the real One Second Everyday app. It's a knock off, and its a poor knock off. Do not download anything by Simon Meyborg. The real "One Second Everyday" is by the creator: Cesar Kuriyama And his app doesn't release in US until tonight.

  • This App Needs Work.

    by Bchbuumm

    This is a great idea, but it doesn't work correctly. I try to film and the picture is sideways no matter how I turn. Please fix.

  • Nice but...

    by Roger Uy

    I am only 10 and this is nice but when I made a mistake, I have to reset my movie. I wish you can edit clips and have an undo button. And when I reset the movie the app thinks its still there and won't let me video! And when I try to off the daily limit and video again and then off the daily limit the app will not show me the video

  • Horrible

    by Stolipup

    No no no, wait for 1 Second Every Day by Cesar Kuriyama :) can't wait for his to be released! Sorry but this app need alot of work!

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