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Languages: English, German

Seller: Simon Meyborg

-Critical Bug solved

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Snapshot Your Life - The Daily Cam lets you record a second of every day of your life and creates your personal film out of it.

Start now and join the culture phenomenon. It was never so easy.

The Daily Cam is also available as 1 Frame Daily Cam and as 3 Seconds Daily Cam

Customer Reviews

  • Love it!

    by abashore5

    Great idea, and better after update.

  • A

    by Big T Smalls

    A poor knock-off.

  • Am I cursed???


    Why is every app I download SO AMAZINGLY STUPID!?!?!?!??!!

  • ZERO STARS! Why steal an art-project w/fan loyalty?

    by Rocket202

    *DESIGNERS PLEASE FOCUS ON BRINGING NEW or UNIQUELY IMPROVED (and appropriately marketed) CONTENT! **SIMON'S TEAM: Come on! We all know things can be recreated and redone and - Stolen! Why not let Cesar's app idea alone - surely u can't have expected the horrible feedback you are getting, but theft will not make u successful or beloved in the long run. You, and know we know who NEVER TO BUY FROM AGAIN, targeted an APP with a loyal old Kickstarter-fan base and stole it and te NAME as well. Are you not creative enough? Can you not design your own ideas? Take pride in your own stuff? If you can re-imagine and improve on any app then do so with respect to the original and don't knock it off and steal the name and attempt -SOLELY - to capitalize on their buzz and hope new buyers will accidentally choose ur app. You EVEN CHOSE THE SAME IMAGE SCREEN CESAR INITIALLY HAD! Way to support a fellow designer. Perhaps you are no designer at all. I downloaded your WITNESS APP previously that sure could use a lot of work - perhaps u stole that idea too. If not, please focus on refining/offering options. If you want to know what users respond to-try communicating with them.

  • Cool

    by Yomo305


  • complete crap

    by crankypuss

    buggy and missing any useful features. I was trying to download the kickstarter project I backed and accidentally ended up with this bad imitation. So I'm bummed I didn't get the app I backed and have been frustrated with this featureless one. No reminder to record, tends to flip image sideways, playback is horrible! upside I guess is it's free :/

  • NEEDS an edit feature!!

    by GillaMonster11

    I saw Cesar on TED but accidentally got this app instead. It's still the same concept but it'd be 1000x better if a calendar was developed that allowed users to 'pin' their 1-second moments to each day--& also allowed us to edit the sequence and pick which second we wanted to feature in our film. I'm sorely disappointed with this app -- without an edit feature I'm stuck with the first shot I take which often means a close-up of the back of someone's head rather than the actual party. Please add an edit feature with a calendar. I'm deleting this app until a better one is developed.

  • Fake!

    by GuitarPenguin

    This app is a ripoff of the real 1 second every day app!

  • Shame

    by lexcollins

    Poor implementation of somebody else's idea.

  • FAKE, fraudulent App

    by DannyBoy81x

    This is not the real "One Second Every Day" app. Not only is this is a blatant ripoff... it doesn't even work!

  • Horrible

    by RandyG777


  • Fake!

    by mnstang

    This app is clearly trying to rip off the real "One Second Everyday" app by Ceasar Kuriyama. Wait until midnight tonight and get the real one!

  • Stolen app

    by Cravit8

    App is clearly stolen from Cesar Kuriyama and his 1 Second Everyday App. Not that I his app is all very clever or anything, but this app is stolen from him as he had a published release date and this app was created on the fly to steal thunder. blah

  • Garbage. Knock off.

    by Discrete Genius

    This is not the real One Second Everyday app. It's a knock off, and its a poor knock off. Do not download anything by Simon Meyborg. The real "One Second Everyday" is by the creator: Cesar Kuriyama And his app doesn't release in US until tonight.

  • Wrong App

    by sdcarter

    I don't think this is the same app as the Kickstarter project. The icon looks different and the functionality is way different. On the Kickstarter page, Cesar Kuriyama refers to an update and launch for Thursday. Also, the name of the developer is wrong. I don't think this is a case of people getting ripped off; it's more a case of mistaken identity.

  • I simply don't like it at all

    by eddie2013

    'Nuff said.

  • Huh?

    by Gkalo

    It would be nice if it explained how it works or what you're suppose to do with it

  • Not as good as one second everyday

    by ptoasty

    Where's the calendar view? Why do I have to record in app? Feels like a rush job

  • keeps crashing...

    by J.Fo

    ...every time!

  • Lost my footage after update

    by Samuel Ruiz

    It erased my footage after I updated the app to fix the bugs. bs

  • Cool, but now crashing

    by James Maslow, Never Change

    It was so cool for a while till it records, then crashes...Over and over again. Plus, it no longer lets me see my already recorded material.

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