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Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean

Seller: Sangwon Park

iOS6 supports
iPhone5 screen supports
Document Interaction supports
Sharing to Instagram
High Resolution supports

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
29 Ratings
All Versions:
53 Ratings
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Amazing Photo Editor is an amazing fully featured photo editor!

✔ Enhance (Auto, Night, Backlit, Balance)
✔ 10 Effects (Singe, Vivid, San Carmen, Indiglow, Concorde, Aqua, Strato, Laguna, Ventura, Soft Focus)
✔ 25 Stickers
✔ Rotate / Flip / Crop
✔ Brightness / Contrast / Saturation / Sharpness
✔ Draw
✔ Text
✔ Redeye
✔ Whiten
✔ Blemish
✔ Multiple Share Options (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Customer Reviews

  • Ok

    by Tonya529

    Its pretty good but it keeps closing out the app

  • Awesome

    by Heavenly_perfect

    I love that I can whiten teeth

  • Works great W/ 4s

    by Nearcoastaldad

    No issues. For the price, hard to beat. I've made good photos great using this app.

  • The best and simple to

    by Ants....

    just wish it had a new ui and icon

  • Awesome

    by Harim101


  • Ok

    by Sara Kramer

    Needs more options

  • Good enough!

    by Random5743585

    For a free app it is good enough for doing simple photo editing.

  • Great tool

    by Jeanmarc44

    The blemish removal is very good. It has a lot of other easy to use stuff. This is a great app to have for simple fixes. And for being free it does a lot more than it should.

  • Pic app

    by Theotherjoel

    Just another picture application

  • Ok

    by Electric---girl

    I like this editing app, it's better then most free ones I tried to download, I only hate that it closes out in you sometimes, but other than that it has a lot of things to help edit your pics.l

  • Pretty

    by Mimi875

    Its good

  • Best so far

    by Funnelcloud9

    Love it

  • great

    by poanko

    download now :D

  • Excelent app

    by ArayL

    Very good

  • Buena

    by Juan-onechor


  • Sgt. Smiley

    by Native_Angel44

    Love it.

  • Gets the job done

    by Ppeddi

    I don't know why so many people gave bad rating. May be there were bugs in previous version but I just downloaded and used it, it's very simple to use, and automatically saves a copy in my camera roll.

  • Awesome app!

    by OnCloudNine

    Best app so far that I've found for editing pictures. The blemish removing is so amazing, it makes it look so natural :D

  • Great apps

    by Oscar's Grand-Dad

    Enjoy playing with this app

  • good!

    by daego79


  • Not bad

    by Jack4573

    It was okay but it was keep on exiting me out

  • It crashes

    by AvengerArts

    Keeps crashing in the middle of your work! :-/

  • Brightening Photos

    by Carli L.

    I would certainly recommend another app if you want to brighten photos! Every time I try to brighten a photo and I hit apply the app closes and I can't save my picture! It's very annoying and I am not impressed!

  • Keeps! Crashing!

    by Natalieeekbye

    Crashes when I try to edit the contrast, sharpening, and saturation. It's a good app, if it would stay open!

  • Amazing photo editor not

    by Luebem

    Keeps closing in the middle of my edits!

  • Was to good to true!

    by ExpectingGoodService

    Tried this with some of the pictures on my camera roll cropped, adjusted contrast and Tried to post Facebook just to find that the pictures are to small! The pixels are not clear! anywhere you post on social media it comes out blurry! what a waste of time :/


    by Laalaa123

    Crashes and doesn't function

  • Ehh.....

    by Halieyl

    My app does not have the page with blemish remover, which is what I wanted. Disappointed

  • Not really worth it

    by Photoedit loving

    It's ok, but the only effect that is worthwhile is the blemish remover. Everything else is pretty average. I wouldn't download. I would find something else

  • Terrible

    by SwaggaDeej

    I usually don't write bad reviews but with this app.... It crashes instantly when I try to open it! I didn't even get to use it

  • Not good

    by selene gomez

    Did not let me use it because had a error "null" by Jkstar November 21 2012

  • Seriously

    by K81365

    I got it to edit my pictures and what can't I use, my pictures -_-


    by hartz_luv123

    I got it free so it doesnt matter, but I wanted to edit a photo and when I tried to upload a photo it said "access denied". Not worth it.

  • Error

    by Rynafolks

    Error, Error is that all it says!!!!! Not worth the free download my advice don't download!!! I even tried to rate it no stars!!!!!!!

  • Not worth a press of a download

    by Em82010

    There is no point of this app. Copycat app and there are some bugs. By reading other comments I am not alone. Not worth the free download.

  • Amazing~~~~!!

    by Luv gun bros

    Real Good App

  • Stupid app

    by BeautifulGirls23

    Doesnt even let me edit a photo it says error. give me my fricken money back.

  • got this on Canadian app and got it for free

    by Dr.webb

    So you edit pictures

  • Corny

    by MarchsVeryOwn

    I can even edit my own pic from my library :(! Help us please!

  • Same as free apps!

    by rosefromco

    Same editing tools as the free apps! I can't believe they charge money for this!

  • Slow!!!

    by ✨Tinz ✨

    Really slow with not so amazing features.

  • Another useless app!

    by smartbot1of7

    Same as all the other aviary photo editing apps! There are no new features. Plus this app has a horrible interface and is hard to use... Photo Editor by Aviary offers the same features, but it's free!

  • Awesome!

    by BeastlyAce17

    Love it! Except, how do I get to the photos I've taken with the app? Or from my photos already on my iPod? It says to go to preferences? Where's that?

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