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Stackables is the most advanced and comprehensive effects layering and blending app. It's packed with over 150 effects expertly crafted by photographer and artist, Dirk Wuestenhagen. These include tasteful grunge textures, light leaks and bokeh textures, painterly textures, abstract weather and clouds textures, grit and grain textures, original vintage filters, gorgeous gradients, elaborate geometric patterns, and much more - all stackable, all adjustable, all undoable, all breathtakingly beautiful!

In addition, Stackables comes equipped with over 20 professional adjustment tools most notably White Balance, Color Balance, Vignette, Sepia, Blur, Tilt Shift, and Depth of Field. And for the first time ever on a mobile device, these tools are added as layers, giving you unprecedented control over color and tonal levels in your composition.

Stackables’ layers-based architecture and nondestructive workflow encourage experimentation and foster creativity. Add layers to your heart’s content and see impressive results with every new layer. And have peace of mind knowing that all edits are completely modifiable and reversible regardless of when you’ve done them in your editing process.

Instantly transform your photos into works of art with 23 preset formulas meticulously constructed by Dirk. Or save your own edits as formulas and never lose a custom edit you love.

With its revolutionary design, easy to navigate interface, and streamlined workflow, Stackables is perfect for any skill level. Whether you’re an avid photographer or an aspiring enthusiast, Stackables provides you with the tools you need to elevate your mobile artistry.

Note: Screenshot images are processed entirely with Stackables' preset formulas, namely Berries, Dreamscape, Modern Quilt, Warm Glow, and Orange Day. Screenshot images are in square format for illustration purposes only; Stackables supports all image aspect ratios.

◉ 150+ unique effects (many with multiple variations)
◉ 20+ professional adjustment tools
◉ Unlimited layers. Modify, rotate, rearrange, hide, and delete layers.
◉ 18 blend modes with live preview
◉ 23 preset formulas and the ability to save your own edits as formulas
◉ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email sharing options. Also supports iOS’s “Open in Other Apps” protocol.
◉ URL Scheme "stackables://"

◉ Minimalist iOS 7 design that redefines simplicity and emphasizes functionality
◉ Innovative expandable panels design gives you access to effects, blend modes, and layers all from the same window. You no longer have to wonder what layer you're working on or what blend mode you have chosen and navigate multiple screens just to find out. Everything is right there in front of you, updated in real time.
◉ Space-saving retractable panel design allows you to work comfortably in full screen. All the tools at your fingertips when you need them and out of your way when you don't.

◉ 16MP (4000 x 4000) on iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad mini Retina, iPad 3G, iPad 4G, iPad Air
◉ 8MP (2828 x 2828) on iPod Touch 5G, iPhone 4s, iPad mini, iPad 2
◉ 4MP (2000 x 2000) on iPhone 4

Special thanks to Dirk for his exceptional work and contributions. Check out Dirk’s inspiring work at

All image resources in Stackables are the copy right of Dirk Wuestenhagen Imagery licensed to RedEye Development under a perpetual enhanced agreement.

Experiencing issues? Have comments or suggestions for future updates? Please contact us at

Customer Reviews


    by Mastermer

    Enough said!!

  • Amazing editing tools,

    by Im a battlehearter

    But the tutorial is virtually non-existent, and very inadequate. Took me a while to figure out how to use.

  • Similar to Photoshop.

    by Muntariq

    If you’ve ever used Photoshop you’ll find yourself right at home in this app. Highly recommended. Kudos to the developer.

  • An artist’s dream

    by xfam0usx

    Really gorgeous effects, powerful editing tools, unlimited layers, maximum control - I could spend hours on this thing! Just wish I could load my own textures. I have so many of them. Maybe in a future update. Fingers crossed.

  • Powerful and versatile

    by biba)

    This app affords you so much flexibility that you can create virtually any effect that you want. And best of all you can save your custom edits and apply them over and over again. Very impressive!

  • Awesome app

    by EvgenTrof

    This app is awesome! It has so many amazing options and yet it’s so easy to use. I especially love the preset formulas. I can’t believe how beautiful and artistic my photos come out and neither can my friends on Instagram! Oh and don’t be fooled by those reviewers complaining about resolution. I’m glad I wasn't. Photos save at a very respectable 8MP on my iPhone 4s and the app is pretty fast too.

  • More than a little impressed

    by Denis.Leon

    It's such a powerful app with so many options: textures, gradients, filters, patterns, blending, and all the other editing tools you'd expect and more. Honestly, the only limit here is your imagination. The work flow is so well thought out and the non-destructive editing is a joy so I don't have to start from the beginning if I don't like something making easy to experiment.

  • No brainer!

    by LuziaL

    So much power under the hood and only for a buck! Do yourself a favor and pick it up now while it’s on sale.

  • Look no further

    by Lebron711

    Look no further, you've found the best layering app on the store.

  • Amazing

    by Nikita_Spyke

    I'm creating artwork with this app. Like paintings on canvas. Really amazing.

  • Ahead of the rest

    by Aliyparus

    I have been using Mextures, so wasn't sure about buying this app, but so glad I did as it goes a step further with blending modes and adjustment tools that even include tilt shift, depth of field and blur. The app is just jam packed with features, too many to go into here. The textures are beautiful- incredibly professional . I'm really very impressed


    by AppleNextUSA

    You'll LOVE it.

  • Checks all the boxes for a photo editor

    by Jane Warren

    Check on interface. Check on high quality effects. Check on quantity of options. Check on speed. Check on resolution. Check on price. Check on developer responsiveness. Makes the grade.

  • Does what it says

    by bubsenca2

    Does what it says and does it very, very well.

  • Wow, wow, wow!!!

    by HolioYo

    What a fantastic little app in every way. Disregard the reviews about poor resolution - it's simply not true, the resolution does go up to 16 MP. So many textures, gradients, filters, patterns and adjustment tools, etc and such high quality. Unlimited layers and it's so great that you can change the order of the layers at any time. Also it's lightening fast and super stable. Highly recommended!

  • Great even for a novice

    by AngelaDavis13

    I'm new to this layer thing, so got it for the preset formulas, which are great, but the app is just so easy to use I've made my own creations. I'm loving it. It's so much fun.

  • Ehh

    by itzmeKL

    Kinda disappointed I can't blend multiple of my own photos. Hopefully this can be a possible feature in a future update.? And a tad bit more ease of use.

  • Lots of options

    by InfiniteSpaceTraveler

    Good app. Lots of options, settings, layering, filters. For an app, does a good job. Also like the interface design and layout. Clean, stylish.

  • Recommend

    by rbrenner

    Unlimited combined effects, impressive app.

  • My favorite in the photo and Video

    by Bassam Kabbani

    this developer has become my favorite in the photo and video category and I own all his apps.when I saw the new one, I bought it without hesitation. As usual, I am extremely pleased with the amount of textures, blending and adjustment toolsis mind blowing- I can't believe I get all this for a dollar! and really beautiful effects, so kudos to the artist. Despite all the options, it is easy to use and navigate. very versatile with non-destructive editing and I love the unlimited layering abilityand being able to change the orderof the layers at any time. Fantstic app! thanks to the developer.

  • Nice effects but very confusing to use

    by Mike Rundle

    I'm an interface designer and I'm a little embarrassed to say that this app confused the heck out of me. The right sidebar has multi-layered scrolling portions and it's difficult to know what "mode" you're currently in or what layer is currently active. On top of this, the touch areas for all buttons is absurdly small and I routinely tapped the wrong button by accident. The lack of text in the interface also doesn't help with its use. The effects are nice but boy is this app confusing overall. I'd rather use VSCO than this app just because it is so much easier to use.

  • Best of breed!

    by S John 29

    I don’t know where to start. This app is simply amazing! It is by far the best effect layering app on the store with tons of gorgeous textures, patterns, filters and effects. Best of all, this app offers unlimited layering and blending modes. The possibilities are endless. The preset formulas are absolutely stunning and the app also allows for the creation/saving of your own. I’m using an iPhone 5S and had no issue with the output resolution - as advertised. I don’t know what other reviewers are going on about!

  • Images are saved low resolution.

    by jm43ds

    Images are saved at incredibly low resolutions. My images are saving at 800x800. I know they are large because they are taken on my iPhone 5s. Not even good enough for Instagram.

  • Nice interface but disappointing resolution

    by Techno-nut

    Be aware that the described "up to" 4000x4000 resolution is hardware dependent, and on the iPad2 the best resolution I have been able to get is a disappointing 1879x2828, 5.3mp. I suspect it is better on the newer iDevices! but really a disappointment. Maybe if the developer builds an iPad version they can squeeze a bit more resolution out of it.

  • not optimized for Ipad air...want a refund

    by Madmax37One

    you listing mentions ipad compatible, yet the app has to be stretched for an ipad. refund please!

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