A.C. Slideshow Photo & Video App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Rogobete Christian

2 critical bugs fixed:

1. slideshows with more then 100 photos did cause photos to disappear

2. app crashed when restarted fast due to a multitasking issue in iOS 4

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New in this version is the most requested feature for slideshow apps: You can now add own songs from your music library.

Create beautiful slideshows on your iPhone or iPod touch with ease. Impress your friends and family with your creative slideshow containing exciting image transitions, own music and voice comments.

Use pictures stored in your photo library and choose from more than 35 image transition types such as:

- Dissolve
- Grow from center
- Rotor
- Spiral
- Shoot in
- Fall down
- Move in (from left, right, bottom and top)
- Push (from left, right, bottom and top)
- Reveal (from left, right, bottom and top)
- Fade (from left, right, bottom and top)
- Flip (from left or right)
- Curl (up or down)
- Fill (from left, right, bottom and top)
- Push & Fill (from left, right, bottom and top)
- Zoom (in and out)
- Random
- None


- intuitive and clear interface
- supports portrait and landscape modes
- templates: to create and change slideshows fast
- add background music to your slideshows
- choose from 12 included music tracks
- upload your own background music via WiFi
- or use own songs from your music library
- record voice comments (on iPhone only)
- choose from more than 35 impressive transitions
- change to shuffle mode
- loop mode for endless fun
- optional info bar
- reorder pictures easily
- photo effects: sepia, black and white (new)
- optionally add captions for each picture
- rotate pictures if needed
- organize your slideshows in categories
- protect you slideshows by PIN
- export the contents to your computer via WiFi
- help tutorial and hints

Get now this full featured and inspiring slideshow tool and start creating beautiful slideshows today!

Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars App

    by Silberstern

    Very nice program with many options, simple to use and worth every penny. I recommend it everyone.

  • Needs revision after since OS 3.0 came out.

    by Hooch 1

    This is a great little app. Things were going quite well until I updates the iPod Touch to version 3.0. Now the screen size is reduced in both portrait and landscape modes. Soneso needs to update as well.


    by jasonvogel25

    This app has worked great for me. No crashing at all. My only suggestion is to make it where you can save it to your photo library so you can share you experience!!!! Please update. I find this is the best Slideshow app out there so far!!

  • Good Enough

    by ARickC

    I appreciate being able to add music and short captions. Looping presentation is useful. I'm concerned (April 11, 2011) if there will be any updates- web site not loading and last update Oct '10.

  • Amazing

    by Born Again Kiki

    Crashes sometimes so b sure to pause and save

  • No output

    by HippieCebu

    Generally, very easy to use. I was hoping to use this with my PICO-P by Microvision for business presentations but was very disappointed to find that there is no video out capabilities like the Apple picture viewer.

  • Excellent

    by dexoticaqua

    Wow this is a really great program. I have been waiting for something like this for a long time. If I would improve upon it, would be nice if one could load a entire folder by simply taping on that folder without having to tap each individual photo. Love all of the transitions, the layout, the fact that the program works without crashing, ability to setup different categories, the ability to add music, and how smoothly the transitions occur. Please note...I have a blackberry storm as well....they are working on a app store there ....would love to see your program there...for blackberry phones.

  • I'd say TWO THUMBS from ME!

    by A.K.A. XD

    Its great for makin ur own shows-theres music and more-its a bit like powerpoint-but BETTER!add captions to eac! pleased to hav this app -A.K.A.XD/ A.K.A XD (both my accounts)

  • Great app, Please fix 1 serious bug!

    by Biker99

    Perfect, simple Slideshow app. Easy to set up and link with Ipod songs. BUT, please fix the bug where shows get completely deleted when the phone is turned off - sometimes. Without a fix for this, I don't see how anyone will use this cool little app.

  • Future Updates?

    by SweetsLunacy

    I love it so much but please, for some people, they like to time some pictures so can you make the option for the picture to last less than 2 seconds like maybe .5 seconds, or one seconds. You should also be able to preview the transitions and effects. I live how you have catagories and some organizing options. But you should have more effects like maybe hue cycle, and effects where like the picture pans. Transitions like fade in from white or black should be added too. Compared to Others you have your place in music control or easyness and I can understand how hard it is to put all the scripting and everything together. Try looking at Windows Movie Maker for common transitions and effects which shouldn't be too hard to script. I may have mentioned things that many people don't care about but I love making slideshow animations with your app. I'm making my first one as we soeak and it's fun to use the app. You should allow email but add or do what ever you want.

  • Can't view on TV

    by lcgramps

    This is is a great app.To bad it doesn't work when viewing on a tv useing an AV cord.

  • Not bad

    by Lfcc99

    Not the best out there but for only a buck it's better than most apps of it's kind......to bad you can't save to camera roll!!!

  • Almost Perfect!

    by srfisher101

    This is a great app! Perfect would be if you can add a Ken Burns effect. All it needs is to crop photo to starting size, then crop it to ending size, and let the duration specify the speed. I know that this is easier said than done, but it would be great. Thanks.

  • Nice program

    by CiscoTech

    This is a very nice slide show program. Also enjoy the fact that you can add music. Very easy to add pictures. Would like to be able to email.

  • Hahahahahhahah

    by AllayMousayEaglay

    Should be able to export to camera roll..or send to email... :D

  • One problem.

    by Berk7889

    you need to put captions so you can identify what the photo is.

  • Really Enjoying This App

    by Cairnblsd

    I'm really enjoying this app. It was intuitive and easy to use. It would be fantastic if the slideshow could be emailed but that's probably not possible. It would also be nice if you could add a one line text note to the bottom of the picture. If it had that it would be five stars.

  • Almost there

    by milito9871

    Works good, only 2 suggestion that it would make this worth 10 bucks. Add your own soundtracks, the abbility to add on the app your own songs, to be downloaded right from the app. Share your slideshows on the web or at least sync them on your computer via USB or wifi. This 2 would make it worth alot more than .99 believe me. It would make it one of a kind. Hope u take this under consideration.


    by Kentucky Music Lover

    What a creative app! I just purchased this about an hour ago, and I can already tell that I am going to really love creating slideshows. The flexibility is wonderful. Photos can be moved around. I created a opening slide with another program… plus a closing slide. I loved being able to record my voice over the pictures. My only request is that I would love to be able to insert a short 30 second video into the slide production. Plus, maybe a few more effects. Example, a slide over top of another slide with a the bottom slide being screened out or something. But all in all I love PhotoShow. Oh yes, one more thing… could there be a way to fade out of the last slide and have the music fade out. Maybe I am asking for to much. Even as it is right now I give it a five (5) star. Keep up the great creative work. I look forward to updates.

  • Sweet!!!!

    by boomersooner12

    Only two things could make it betr 1. Video capability from your library 2. Being able to use an exturnal microphone for voice input on iPod touch But don't get me wrong GREAT app!!! :D

  • Horrible

    by Lib621

    This app is horrible! It cranes whenever I try to put photos on it! Don't waste your money on this piece of junk! If I could give it 0 stars I would!

  • Poorly done

    by Spectrum44

    Adding audio crashes app. Should never have purchased this one.

  • Not even worth 99 cents

    by rrosef

    Seemed great at first but you can't even save the slideshow to your photo library. Not cool.

  • Very Disappointing

    by Me101010

    At first look, this seems like a great app. Easy to use, easy to put music on, easy to rearrange photos. Sure there's a couple bugs: when you pick photos, they are in a different order on the editing screen and often the thumbnails of the images are different than what the image actually is. But those are livable. This app would still be worth a good 3 or 4 star review. Then I spent a good hour or so making a slideshow, only to realize the minute I shut the app down, the slideshow that I had supposedly successfully "exported" was nowhere to be found. It didn't save. Very, very irritating, this app is getting deleted pronto. Don't buy, unless your interested in spending a dollar for some irritation.

  • Waste of time and money

    by Wikiwikiwa

    Total POS!!! App shuts down before all pictures are processed. Description seemed nice and simple but not so. Don't waste tour money.

  • Hmm...

    by Takuya272727

    The only app that seems to create slideshows without a high price cost, but it only exports in an iPhone format, which I believe is needed specifically by this app to even read. I've looked around, and these apps have not been updated in almost a year or more. There has been no updates or anything. I believe the creator of these apps, has disappeared somewhere / abandoned them. I do not advise you to spend your money here.

  • Does Not Work as Described

    by ToddMGullett

    Will NOT save as Movie to export. What good is it to export contents if one cannot see the slideshow except on the iPhone. Ugh

  • doesn't work

    by ilikemusic&stuff

    it deletes all your slideshows as soon as you exit the app and crashes when you add sound

  • Crashes when adding sound iOS4 vs2.0.4

    by Cary L

    Version 2.0.4 (current version) crashes whenever I attempt to record narrative sound for a slide. I am running iOS 4. Please fix.

  • No IOS3 support

    by rduatc

    IOS4 has nothing but problems reported for most 3G owners. Bring back IOS3 support and don't abandon us like Apple did.

  • No improvement

    by JustRo

    Still not saving slideshows. I made a small one this time since I was burned before, and watched the show. It looked good. Quite the application and when I tried to run the slideshow an hour there it was GONE. Sure would love a decent slideshow program for iphone AND for ipad. Oh well..................

  • Good features but lacking

    by pldrcy

    This app has good tools and features, but is harder to use and not as intuitive as other apps in this category. Worst thing is, the app has a preference for photos taken with the iPhone, not imported. I haven't figured out how to not have a large black boarder around imported pictures.

  • Bad app as far as i can see

    by Me.......duhhhh

    I made a slide show with 42 pictures in and addedy captions got the song anf went to save then the whole app shut off and deleted all my work......this happend to me 2 times i got so mad and now the music got cut off and stopped playing but it wasnt my ipod or the song it was the app it ruined all my hard work once again:(

  • Very dissapointing ...

    by Bolo Payne

    I mean it's ok when displaying pictures but, man! no control at all. There's no option to completely remove the stupid duration or swipe with my fingers without having a stupid icon appearing offering options to stop/go. I need something that allows me to select all the images I would like to add from my iPhone, manually swipe the pictures without time limitations and definitely nothing popping out/ appearing when swiping the pictures. Not one freaking app exists that would do this and now I am thinking that I am the stupid one expecting a developer to have such common sense in providing those options. Idiots ...

  • by Biscoff

     great

  • Good app!

    by DOAX

    Could be the best photo show app. Just a suggestion:add auto rotation so that picture always shown in full screen,shuffle photo's order and some more transitions would be perfect.

  • Almost Perfect

    by Ph100

    - Would like more transitions - Option to use my own music - more options Could be a winner

  • idea good, implementation not so good

    by Nonsequito

    If your photos aren't all the same size, the next on up pops up behind the current one (before the current one fades or disappears) which makes for very messy segues. I commented to developer months ago, but nothing has changed. Makes it completely useless for anything but showing your (not-too-discriminating) friends.

  •  I LIKE IT .....

    by flores82

    I was looking for something like this for days. Finally found it for only .99 cents. Well worth it and easy to use . I was so impressed with my first slideshow. Its cool that you can add music but you need to be able to locate your playlists rather then having to scroll through your artists or songs lists. It takes too long. And also it would be awesome if you could add the text directly on the pictures . Maybe in a future update ??? Other than that great app !!!! Good Job! 2nd Review ) It was doing fine but now the music gets cut off . I previously gave it a 4 star but now im giving it a 3 star rating . )

  • Crashes! slideshows disappear!

    by Phantom Nurse

    i love this app when it works but it crashes a lot. i once lost a slideshow i created.

  • Images disappear from slideshows.

    by mark1761

    App only works once. If you exit the program, then open it again to acess your slideshows, the saved shows are there, but all the pictures disappear. No support available from website, no contact info. I am unable to make it work.

  • Does good but needs

    by sculptingman

    I have tried all the slideshow apps and this one comes closest to what I am looking for, but still falls short... because it won't output to video. What I am wanting is the ability to put on a powerpoint-like presentation directly from my iPhone.... ( not remotely control one ) IF this app had video out AND had the ability to lay in text anywhere on the picture in various fonts, colors, bullets with drop shadow... then I could create full featured powerpoint presentations driectly on the iPhone. THAT would be a killer app.

  • Very Cool

    by 800feet

    Work on the crashes - bummer- could just be my iPhone though. Apple didn't bother to get right back 2 me within 3 or 4 minutes - their system was down... they said... - they running MS ( LOL ) ... sort of. Overall - if the crashing stops ... Top notch.

  • Want to play show on tv

    by Macdonaldo

    Great app, but surprised it does not play on tv when plugged in like the included apple slideshow does. Also would like to be able to select all the photos and then add them at once. Thanks

  • 2 Cool

    by Mackeemac

    look to the hands

  • Excellent

    by Gbkkk

    My application of choice so far is A.C. Slideshows. It contains two dozen or so more transitions than what Apple offers. In addition, it comes with a dozen musical loops that you can use for background music. You can also add own music from your music library or upload mp3 music files via a web browser, as well apply photo effects, add captions, record voice comments, etc. And I mean etc.! It's also very easy to select several photos from one or more albums in your photo library on your iPhone to create the slideshow. This should be the type of features that comes installed with iPhone photo library.

  • Perfect for Drilling Student Names and Photos!!

    by Stensvaag

    Wow! I'm very glad I found this program. It is perfect for trying to learn the names and photos of more than 100 students before the new semester begins. The random (shuffle) feature is excellent, and I appreciate that if I miss a name, I can pause the program and step back one or two photos. Highly recommended. One enhancement request: if it were possible to select a photo "album" on the iPhone and "Select All" photos, rather than laboriously have to tap on each of 100 or more photos, that would be nice.

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