D•View : Digital Viewfinder for Cinematography Photo & Video App Review (iOS, $29.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Pseudo Studios, Inc.

* Added support for Sony NEX-FS700 & Sony E-mount lenses
* Fixed a few minor UI issues

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Quickly and easily visualize shot framing for a wide variety of cameras and lenses without the need to haul very expensive equipment on scouts. Because it has been designed for both iPhone and iPad, finding and capturing your shot progression has never been better.

By replacing a traditional analog director's viewfinder, D•View can not only emulate a wide variety of professional filmmaking equipment, but it captures photos in the desired aspect ratio and emulated focal length, with full meta-data including the virtual camera and lens used, the GPS coordinate, and the device heading and orientation.

Sharing your shots is made simple by using the latest iOS technologies. Send to other via AirDrop, iMessage, Email, Facebook, and Twitter, or generate a beautifully formatted PDF with full meta data.


● Emulate the aspect ratio and field of view of over 45 professional digital and film motion picture cameras, including the latest cameras from ARRI, Panavision, Phantom, RED, Sony, and many others.
●Visualize shooting with lenses from over 45 lenses from manufacturers including Zeiss, Canon, Cooke, Hawk, Panavision, & more.
● Universal app for all iOS devices : iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and iPod touch.
● Capture your photos and record meta-data including GPS location, device orientation, and the current emulated camera, lens, and focal length, then attach notes to individual photos.
● Organize your scout photos into projects.
● Share your photos or create a PDF report.


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