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Camera and lens updates. Major update coming soon.

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Camera Order is an app made for Cinematographers, Videographers, Camera Assistants, Directors, Producers & anyone that works with Cameras.

This app is an extremely thorough motion picture camera reference tool.
It contains a complete inventory of almost every lens used in movie and TV production. Along with every lens is the maximum aperture, close focus and front diameter.
You will now have a reference tool to know if you need to order different matte box backs for the wide or telephoto lenses in a given lens series or if the aperture on the Optimo 24-290mm is constant through the focal lengths(it is).

Contains cameras and details on every working production camera. From Go Pro's to SI2K's to Arri SR2's to Panavision Platinum to Red to Arri Alexa. Every Camera. And if it's not in here and you work with it on a regular basis we'll find the details and add it.

Every filter and all their sizes and strengths. From True-Pola to Hot Mirror to Antique Suede Soft Edge Grad. It's in here.

All the heads. Cartoni, Oconnor, Ronford Baker, Tango, Arri, Panahead, Sachtler, Weaver, Even the Wurl Head. WIth all the specs.

Oh, and you can place your Camera Orders from it!!!

Basically the best interactive reference tool on the market.

Designed by working folk right below the sign in Hollywood, CA.


Ability to store all previous jobs gear lists.
Copy option for creating jobs that are similar to previous jobs.
Camera list with fps, weight, lens mount & native ASA for digital
Complete lens list with T-stop, Close Focus & Front Diameter size.
Lens list covers 2/3”, 8mm 16mm, 35mm, Anamorphic and Specialty lens systems.
Complete filter list including 6x6, 4x5, 4x4, 4.5” round, 138mm round & series 9.
Full accessories list.
Heads list includes all Fluid, Underslung, Geared & Dutch heads with weight and capacity.
Complete list of all Fuji and Kodak film stocks along with media for digital cameras and tape stock.

Please email with comments and things that you would like to see added if they are not already in here. We tried to be as thorough as possible and look forward to making this the industry standard for ordering equipment.

Works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Ipad version coming soon as a free upgrade for those who have already purchased iPhone version.

For support please contact:

Customer Reviews

  • A great app for anyone using cameras and accessories

    by mrkthms

    I really find this app useful. It's the first app I go to when I'm planning a shoot. I give it 4 stars only because it would be better if it would sync from iPhone to iPad. Also, the ability to manage where the equipment is coming from (i.e.. vendor or personal gear) would be helpful. Great job though.

  • Follow Up Review

    by MiamiDP

    I recently gave this app a very low rating for some typos on camera tech specs and personal issues with format and content. The developer has contacted me directly to address my concerns and has committed to fix the errors. Very speedy response and quick customer care.

  • Great Job

    by sponester3

    Great work by Starr Whitesides designing such a useful app, no surprise since he is a hard working Cinematographer. This app saves me a ton of time and has everything needed to put together a complete camera list quickly and correctly. great job. Bradley Stonesifer Cinematographer

  • A well thought out app

    by John is me

    This app makes putting a camera order together very easy. Just tap away at all the bits and pieces that you'll need and then email the list to the rental house and your crew. The only thing that I wish it had is the ability to add items that are not already programmed in the app. That would make it just about perfect.

  • Very useful!

    by dee the nichols

    An easy to use, well-conceived app that eliminates uncertainty and streamlines pre-production. Top notch!

  • Awesome!!

    by Astarkanin


  • Love this APP


    This is a must have app for director of photographers, camera assistants, directors, and production. It is extremely useful of explaining what is need for each job. It is an essential too for the job.

  • Get This App!!

    by tobingo

    This is a valuable time saving tool for anyone that's putting jobs together and also an excellent reference for virtually all the gear available. Nicely done!

  • Radical!

    by Namato77

    Starr Whitesides deserves an Oscar for best technical achievement in 2011!

  • Great App!

    by Camera Matt

    Makes putting together a camera equipment list a breeze! Also a helpful tool for knowing your options in terms of various lenses, AKS, etc.

  • Assistant

    by Michael Merriman

    Excellent app! Well laid out interface and easy to use. Making my life easy! Thanks!

  • easy to use and thorough

    by mmeesh

    well thought out and extremely thorough! very time saving tool- wish this existed years ago.

  • Revolutionary

    by Jl1233

    It's about time! My new favorite app!

  • Essential

    by skatepunk77

    I just found this app and have already made a camera equipment list for my job next week!! Fantastic! I give an A++ so far! Thank you

  • Finally a rocking camera equipment app for industry professionals.

    by Sawacide

    Super helpful when putting together camera orders or on scouts. Gives great info on lenses and equipment that can help both AC's and DP's.

  • This app is awesome!!

    by Starr Whitesides

    I am not above shamelessly rating my own app. Hope you enjoy it! Thank you for checking it out.

  • makin' my life breezy and easy

    by Joshua Medak

    always needed an app like this ....rockin' job . Full of gear, info and details..Thx

  • Much needed up, thank you

    by Nics Tunes

    Nice and thorough! Has equipment I didn't even know existed.

  • Abandoned App

    by Camera A

    Don't let the other reviews fool you. Most were written the day this app was released and I'm guessing by friends and family. This app has lots of potential, but it needs to keep up with technology and not just focus mainly on film gear. There are many new cameras, lenses and digital accessories that need to be added to the equipment lists. The app's developer promised many updates coming soon..... That was over a year ago. I tried emailing twice.... No reply. I have used this app a number of times to order an extra camera package for our show. App works fine and I can email the order directly to the PM and rental house, which is great, but if I need something that's not listed, I have to get creative and stick the item in an unrelated category and type in a description. When a last minute camera order comes in I need to work fast and get it together and approved ASAP.... all while still attending to my camera. Without updates and current gear on this app I find it takes longer than it needs to to create an order. Spending $20 on this app, one would expect that it be maintained and kept current. If I knew that app was abandoned I would have saved my money. Too bad...... Update: does not work with latest iPhone upgrade. Can not email order. App had become useless.

  • Bad!

    by Shot2shot

    I bought this app to make a "camera order" but it is so out dated and unspecific that I had to call the camera house and redo the order on the phone. Save your money!

  • Needs Important Improvements to be Pro

    by tweakindeakin

    -Desperately needs a way to add personalized categories AND items that will be available in the item list for every order. Currently, you have to write a "note" every time. - Also needs to allow user to change the Item Title headings. For example, if I select ONE Panavision Primo Zoom, the App writes Panavision Primo Zooms(Plural). -Needs PDF export (currently only text and image are available) -No customization available With a price this high, I would expect more customization features since other programs similar to this for lighting orders are FREE and offer such customization.

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