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Languages: English, French, Italian

Seller: GoPotluck, Inc.

★ Instructions for allowing the app to access your photos. Yipee! We always love helping out and hearing from you, but I think this change will make everyone a little happier.

★ No more blurry text on your small photos! Now the app makes your picture bigger to ensure the text is crisp and legible.


For this app to work on your device YOU MUST ALLOW THE APP TO ACCESS YOUR PHOTOS in the privacy settings and TURN ON LOCATION SERVICES.

Here is how you do that:

#1 Goto SETTINGS > PRIVACY > PHOTOS and turn on access to your photos for Overgram

#2 Goto SETTINGS > LOCATION SERVICES and turn them on for Overgram

Now go make something and have some fun with it!

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Add beautiful text to your photos and share them on Instagram.

Create inspirational, informational or even funny images to share quickly and easily. In only a few seconds you can add captions, quotes, jokes, memes, poems or anything else you can think of to a photo.

STUNNING FONTS: We ♥ typography! We carefully selected 10 amazing fonts that will make your photos beautiful and engaging.

EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE: With Over you can make something awesome… FAST! This app is specially designed for busy, creative people. You are living exciting full lives and we don't want you wasting your valuable time trying to learn a new app or finagling with useless features.

ESSENTIAL FEATURES: Resize, align and position your text. After you are done you can quickly publish your creation to Instagram or just save it to your camera roll.

This is a free version of the popular app Over. For more amazing fonts and features, upgrade to the full version.

Come see us on Instagram @overgram or visit our website www.overgr.am to see what others are making!



For this app to work on your device YOU MUST ALLOW THE APP TO ACCESS YOUR PHOTOS in the privacy settings and TURN ON LOCATION SERVICES.

Here is how you do that:

#1 Goto SETTINGS > PRIVACY > PHOTOS and turn on access to your photos for Overgram

#2 Goto SETTINGS > LOCATION SERVICES and turn them on for Overgram

Customer Reviews

  • On point folks

    by Bizzarobyforce


  • Fun&Easy

    by Me! Haha

    Super cute and Fun!!! Easy to do and edit ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Love it but there is just one thing

    by Monkey the rock

    Omg this thing is great! I use it for a lot of things and I live the fonts you have! But there is one thing when I try to save it or sometimes when I want to do the font it won't press it. Like when I tap on it it doesn't work. And also I think y'all should make an update! ;)

  • Love it

    by iTzRO

    I like it. Also removed logo. I really appreciate that :)

  • Love!

    by Hlgsmom

    Super easy, super fun.

  • Almost perfect

    by Ms. Potatoo

    I love love love it. Except when I try and click some options it doesn't work and I'll have to wait 10 minutes before it will work. Other than that, it's everything I've been looking for.

  • Good job

    by Maximus zombie killer

    Great app easy to use thanks!!

  • OMG

    by _CupQuake_

    I love it its amazing and its in my top 4 apps that i use

  • Love it

    by Rachel070809

    It is the best app ever love it

  • love it

    by itsa_blonde_thing_

    awesome totally get it!!! worth it

  • by Nerdy_gaming_girlx3

    I like it...

  • Great app!!

    by Nightz

    Allows you to easily put text over photos. Has some cool fonts and lets you make great pictures you will love to share

  • Perfection.

    by Hahahafgfcsvsbbbsnsjj

    Love it!

  • Love

    by M Christe

    Love this app. Easy to use!

  • Love it!

    by LindZ_Luv

    I love this app! It's a great way to edit pictures!

  • #BestOvergram

    by Major camp soccwr

    I love this app. It is so amazing

  • Thumbs up

    by Karmabusbiotch

    I like it.

  • Best thing ever

    by Batmanlover<3

    Ok this app is freaking awesome all the people that say it isn't probably have problems with their phone or are like a hundred years old and don't know how to use the most organized and simple app I have ever used It make the most amazing captions and it makes me feel like a pro artist I like this app so much I am going to get. The upgrade this whole time I have had this app I haven't seen one advertisement...LOVING IT... For example I am1⃣2⃣ and the first captioned pic I put on my Instagram got 57 likes so yeah I'm in love...

  • Awesome!

    by Photographer at heart

    I love this app it works really well. Only thing is it could use more fonts, other than that its very handy for photo edits.

  • Good app!!!

    by JNPcool

    This is a great app but you can't really do anything but write on your photos but besides that its a good app!!!!

  • Really?

    by !Sierra!

    I have to pay to remove the watermark?

  • Not so great.

    by bluebellie01

    Wish there was a way to have separate text boxes with separate fonts/sizes/alignments.

  • Terrible

    by CAM7289

    Downloaded this app and the buttons on the wheel don't work and it's a very limited selection of fonts. Better apps are out there.

  • It a good start

    by U;.8(.58;6;,9,dyyccyd

    I love the game but there is other games that do it for you, this one dose not have alot things to pick from!

  • Bad

    by Michael Mathias

    You have a great quality pic and you want to edit it to make it say something and this makes the quality horrible!

  • Not all it's cracked up to be

    by Summer O'Black

    I usually use another app to add text to photos. This appeared to have more fun fonts. Wouldn't even say it's worth $0.99. Such a same. The add made it look so good.

  • Not worth it

    by MarciAxsor

    Paying to remove watermarks, paying for don't, paying for colors. Basically paying for everything. Just charge for the app and stop trying to make people pay for everything. USELESS!

  • Branded Photos

    by Rynnno

    Love the idea....however, don't brand my photo w your logo, and give me a 2 tone color option/outlined option for every font so it can be seen no matter the background

  • No logo

    by jadr80

    This would be cool if it didn't put its logo in the bottom corner of your pic.

  • Be prepared to pay

    by V.provisions

    First thing you need to do is PAY to get the watermark off!!

  • Decent

    by breeeanna303

    Needs more fonts and ability to put more then more text at the same time

  • Okay

    by Societywoman1010101

    It's okay z

  • Same thing as Over

    by GreydonK

    This is the same thing as Over but with a cheaper-looking UI. Same great features though.

  • I love this app!

    by Alincia

    So awesome for Instagram !!!

  • Great App

    by Kelsey N Tina

    Simple to use and I love it!

  • Continue searching for another App

    by triscuittt

    This Application is garbage. First off, it forces you to crop the picture you're editing. It only gives you like 8 fonts to choose from, unless you buy more, and it leaves a watermark in the bottom-right corner that you can't remove, unless you pay.

  • Good

    by Ebeeazy


  • Gram

    by Arraselia

    I love the update great tool to make great memories!!

  • $

    by Mello-out

    I thought I was upgrading for more fonts and no watermark. Turns out you pay a dollar to remove the watermark and then another 2 for the extra fonts and stuff. Not cool

  • Great app

    by eipg2001

    I really enjoy this app! I highly recommend this app , exactly what I was looking for . Two thumbs up!

  • Great

    by Pat Sho

    Great for putting text over pics

  • Awesome

    by #.ray24#

    Awesome fonts

  • Doesn't work for me

    by Flowers1234567890

    The app reduces the photos resolution. Also you have to BUY the app to remove the app's watermark. I'm looking for a simple app to add simple text without altering the photo and this was not what i wanted.. deleted the app in less then a minute!

  • Not good

    by denriches

    It crops your photo when I don't wont it to

  • Simple and Easy

    by JamiJenny

    Love how user friendly it is to use.

  • Cool app

    by Dakota567

    I love the little doodles

  • Awesome

    by Orange tiger

    I love this app it adds soooo much to my photos thank you overgram!!!

  • Intuitive

    by Blythe0312

    Very simple to use and yields beautiful results fast.

  • Much better apps out there

    by Alyssa♥▬♂

    Not good and not user friendly layout

  • good

    by official_jyeager

    its awesome!

  • Fantastic

    by justjudith

    Easy to use. Very cool.

  • Great app

    by Irbdurnin

    Great app use it very often an very user friendly.

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