Unbound for Dropbox Photo & Video App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: Pixite LLC

- Full redesign for iOS7
- Video upload and playback support
- Meta data display
- Caption support
- Post to Facebook and Twitter

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Try out the app that Cult of Mac says is the “Best Dropbox Browsing App!" Blazing fast, simple to use, and chock-full of features. It’s the ultimate viewing experience for your Dropbox photos. Get Unbound.

• View your photos in full resolution even when you're offline.
• Flatten your folder structure so you can easily view all your albums.
• Stream your photos to Apple TV from your iPhone using AirPlay.
• Keep your photos private by using the passcode feature.

• Quickly upload photos in batches to your Dropbox account.
• Choose from various image size options.
• Upload photos in the background while using other apps.

• Create new albums.
• Move and delete your photos.
• Quickly download and save photos to your iPhone.
• Directly export photos to other popular apps like Color Splash and PhotoToaster.

• Email your photos to your friends and family.
• Use the advanced slideshow features like music and animation options.
• Share your photos using AirPlay or the VGA/Digital AV adapter.
• Print your photos using AirPrint.

If you own an iPad, check out the ultimate Dropbox photo app for the iPad – Unbound HD.

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Customer Reviews

  • Perfect

    by motofreak1990

    Ditch iPhoto. Get Dropbox. Get unbound. Experience bliss.

  • Best dropbox photos app

    by Captain Poodles

    This is the best iphone app I've found for viewing your photos in Dropbox. It feels just like the native photos app, except your photos don't take up space on your device and are constantly synced with your computer. Simply awesome!

  • Wonderful!

    by HyperDown

    Reliably syncs iphone photos with Dropbox at full resolution.

  • Fantastic Photo App

    by rc4christ116

    Boxie and Unbound should join forces. This app is awesome.

  • Works great.

    by MercForGames

    Integrates with Dropbox just as it says it will.

  • Better than Dropbox app for photos

    by Jasmine Zarela

    If you use Dropbox to store your photos you will love this

  • Great app with so much potential.

    by Robotrock

    This app brings me closer to how I feel iCloud photos should work. Drop my photos into Dropbox, and I can view and organize them on any iDevice. Some of the negatives are as follows: Why no universal app? I hate having to buy two separate apps to get it on both my iPad and iPhone. Charge a bit more and make it universal. Also, this may be an iOS limitation, but selecting multiple photos is such a pain. Tap tap tap tap. I should be able to drag a finger across all the photos I want to select. Maybe after a short pause?

  • Best!

    by jphelp32

    Best dropbox photos app I've found. SO much better than the native dropbox app when it comes to photos. Also very responsive dev team!

  • Fantastic!

    by VictorBee

    Finally a solid alternative to the standard Dropbox app. Thank you!

  • Solid dropbox photo viewer

    by Terwilliger917

    Lets me caption my photos, view them in slideshows (with music!), and share them easily! For the dropbox lover who wants photo app features.

  • Amazing

    by Gordon142

    Video support has been my number one desired feature for ages, so happy to see it implemented. The iOS 7 redesign is also beautiful.

  • The best and the only app for syncing photo with Dropbox

    by Keno O

    I hope you still updating this app, please don't kill it. I wish you fix some slow syncing and make the app sync in the background, and support to backup the data app on iCloud.

  • Great Replacement for stock ios photo app

    by Lorson Family

    This is what I wanted mobile photo management should be on iOS. I'm taking all my pics off iOS and keeping them on Dropbox because of this app.

  • Careful when using special characters in folder names!

    by ffass

    Do NOT use parenthesis in your folder names or they will NOT appear in Unbound. Comma's are OK, so I've discovered. So, my folders are now appearing.

  • Finally found the perfect photo sharing app!!!

    by jadriancooper

    I've been looking for the best way to manage my photos, use Dropbox and share them on my entire family's iOS devices. This is perfect!!! I can upload new photos to Dropbox so they are always backed up and my family a 1000 miles away can open up their iPad and immediately see my photos.. Even pop them up on the HDTV through appleTV. Brilliant work, and blazingly fast.

  • Better than Dropbox app

    by Geejer

    For viewing your photo albums from Dropbox, this does a great job. Would get another star if it had more sorting options, like sorting by file size or aspect ratio. Right now you can only sort by date or alphabetically.

  • Incredible!

    by GDefenbaugh

    Bought this within minutes of buying the iPad app. Solved my photo display problem in one afternoon. One more step on the way to getting rid of iTunes. Read my longer review of the iPad version of this app

  • Great app!!

    by guzbur

    Very useful asst to Dropbox. Very mac Like.

  • Good but

    by Helina110

    Needs Facebook sharing support.

  • Awesome!

    by Applelava

    This app is awesome! I just used it and gave a slideshow to my family from my dropbox. Great work!

  • Push ads

    by AwkwardBeard

    Just received a push notification that another one of the developers' apps is on sale. I'm pretty sure that's against the App Store terms.

  • Inadequate like Photo Stream!

    by Caroline Reily

    What's the point if the albums don't transfer over to desktop or vice versa?? I take so many pictures on phone and want/need to be able to organize only once which means syncing albums across all platforms. Please make this a priority! Deal breaker until then.

  • Garbage!!!

    by TI1715

    This is the sole reason I hate apple is because of products like these, because you cannot get your money back. I have emailed 3 times regarding why my Dropbox albums don't appear. I have not received any word back from them in 2 weeks. All of my albums DO NOT transfer over rendering this app useless. If you wish you view your albums on Apple TV through Dropbox this is NOT the application you need. Disregard other reviews. APPLICATION FAILED!!!!

  • Does Not Support Albums

    by Rob Wilkinson III

    The description states that this app supports managing photo albums; however, it actually only manages folders. The app actually has no concept of "Albums".

  • Good but needs some improvements

    by yer customer

    - Ability to make the thumbnails larger. I'd do this so I could quickly scan through pictures and flag bad ones for deletion. Right now, cleaning up your library is a chore because you pretty much have to go through every photo individually, and it takes 3 taps to delete each photo. That's a lot of taps. :) - Would also love the ability to rotate images and crop images right inside this app.

  • Perfect!

    by Dan SD

    Exactly the photo album viewer that was missing for Dropbox. Now I do not have any reasons anymore to transfer photos to my iPhone. Thank you!

  • Works great!

    by Cliente R

    Great for uploading and viewing. Caching is useful for those albums you show off a lot.

  • App freezes

    by NBTB4EVER

    When moving pictures 90% of the time it says there is a problem moving pictures. The last time I used the app it froze and it still is frozen. Help!

  • Learning and loving

    by xxxfishfoodxxx

    I'm still learning what this app can do and I'm loving everything right now. My favorite part is mailing postcards of my pictures to friends and family. This is going to be awesome to use when I go on vacation or even when I miss someone. I love snail mail and love that I can do it from the comforts of my phone or IPad. Great app! Can't wait to see what this company does next!!

  • Works great

    by dorsey888

    Really nice app with all the bells and whistles. Really fast with the uploading and has tons of features.

  • Fantastic photo viewer for Dropbox

    by dillon9378

    I love this app! It caches all my Dropbox photos so I can see them offline. And it's so polished. Much better than the Dropbox app.

  • So Easy!!

    by Monkey Thing Dad

    I was frustrated with Dropbox and couldn't view the pics the way that I wanted to. After using this app I love it!! You won't be disappointed!!!

  • I like it

    by crankerchick

    It makes dealing with pictures on Dropbox 100x easier.

  • Falls short of good

    by Bad Ace!!!

    I am disappointed on the functionality for a paid app viewer. There are only 3 slide show options. Very boring. Also the photos don't fill the tv screen on AirPlay. It's more like mirroring. I can do that with any free app. The developer copied his 500px app and called it unbound. This app doesn't give much more than the dropbox app. Save your $.

  • Love the app!!

    by Calla74

    I like the icon's old school touch of the prints with a fresh look. Being one of the last persons who owns a way to collect my pictures in one place, I found it easy to navigate through and Fun. I will be taking a lot more pics.

  • Love this app!!

    by Yukkoman

    If you want to manage your Dropbox photos, this app definitely works. I love it!

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