PangeaVR Pro Photo & Video App Review (iOS, $9.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Pangea Software, Inc.

Major update!

• Now requires iOS 4.0
• Supports 4096x2048 resolution panoramas when run on the iPhone 4's retina display!
• Easier to install your own panoramas in the Archives. You can now do it via file sharing in iTunes!

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Now supports iPhone 4's retina display!


PangeaVR Pro is a VR panorama viewer for the iPhone and iPod touch. It is exactly the same as the free version of PangeaVR except that it has been designed for professionals who need to be able to store their panoramas on the iPhone so that they can view them even when an internet connection is not available. This version allows you to download or copy your panoramas onto the device for viewing at any time, and it also supports 4096x2048 resolution panoramas on the iPhone 4.

PangeaVR has a database of over 300 panoramic photographers from around the world. You can view in full 360º glory, images ranging from a Saké Brewery in Japan, to a restaurant in Panama. Visit the interiors of historic cathedrals, or see the Aurora Borealis from Iceland.

PangeaVR is really an amazing iPhone app!

Customer Reviews

  • Smooth Pano Viewer

    by Kyteman

    As a longtime user of the Pangea Pano Previewer when making panoramas, I leapt on this one when I got my iPod touch. Had some problems saving text plain enough for XML code, but after several exchanges of correspondence and one phone call, all works pretty well now. Still occasionally a bit buggy, but generally OK. It's a perfect app for my needs, and Brian seems to keep tweaking to make it better.

  • Great App

    by panomano48

    Although the cost of this app is very steep compared to the free version for a seemingly minor additional feature, it is worth it if you are a creator of these panos or maybe in real estate sales. This version allows you to view downloaded panos offline. For me that is a must have feature. But if you don't need to view panos offline certainly get the free version that is the only difference.

  • Great for me!

    by BigBill99

    Thanks for the update, Pangea! The new version looks great on my iPhone 4, and I'm soooo happy that I can now just drag my panoramas in from iTunes instead of the old way.

  • Not worth the upgrade

    by Nagoyajin

    Requires posting to a website before it can be downloaded to iPhone. Does not support just pointing to individual files unless you also create an xml file that points to it. Crashed several times when I tried to archive files pointing to the xml file. I sent a request for help to their tech support and so far it has been over 4 days with no response. At $15 for one feature (access to files when internet connection is not available) it should be easier to use and stable.

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