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Use these Oracle Cards to attain the peace and wisdom that occurs when you realize your own spiritual center.

The 74 cards in this deck can be used individually for meditation, or a group of them can be utilized for spiritual insight into your own life. Regardless of how you use them, I know that they’ll give you a greater understanding of your true self and help you see that you were created for a purpose by God, who loves you deeply. Always remember that spirituality isn’t measured by fame or acclaim, but by the large and small deeds that sometimes only you and God know about.

“These cards will not give you spirituality . . . that you must find for yourself—but they will give you more insight into the Universal Truths that God has always made available to anyone who searches for them. People tend to get caught up in the hectic affairs of life on Earth, so these cards are designed to help you attain the peace and wisdom that occurs when you realize your own spiritual center.”

With this Oracle Cards app you can:
- Give readings anywhere, anytime on your iPhone or iPod Touch
- Choose between 1-card, 3-card, 5-card and 12-card readings
- Save and load your readings for review at any time
- E-mail readings to friends
- Review the entire deck of cards in Browse mode

About the Author

Sylvia Browne is the #1 New York Times best-selling author and world-famous psychic medium who has appeared regularly on The Montel Williams Show and Larry King Live, as well as making countless other media and public appearances. With her down-to-earth personality and great sense of humor, Sylvia thrills audiences on her lecture tours and still has time to write numerous immensely popular books. She has a master’s degree in English literature and plans to write as long as she can hold a pen. Sylvia is the president of the Sylvia Browne Corporation; and is the founder of her church, the Society of Novus Spiritus, located in Campbell, California.

Millions of people have witnessed Sylvia Browne’s incredible psychic powers on TV shows such as Montel, Larry King Live, Entertainment Tonight, and Unsolved Mysteries; and she has been profiled in Cosmopolitan, People magazine, and other national media. Her on-target psychic readings have helped police solve crimes, and she astounds audiences wherever she appears. Sylvia is the author of Adventures of a Psychic; The Other Side and Back; God, Creation, and Tools for Life; Soul’s Perfection; and Life on the Other Side, among other books.

Please contact her at:

Official Hay House licensed iPhone/iPod touch/iPad App:

Customer Reviews

  • Love this app.

    by Debbie GM

    These cards are simple yet always accurate. I am amazed at how helpful they are, especially when you just need something to get you grounded again or moving again. Thank you Sylvia. For always helping me progress spiritually.

  • Go With the Flow

    by Green Rising

    The artwork in this app is lovely. The messages I receive are almost always spot on with what I need to hear. If it helps you listen within, it's worth the $$.

  • One of the Bests!

    by Matrixme22


  • I love it!

    by MichelleDenee

    I love anything that Sylvia puts out! She is my hero and has saved my life many times by lifting my spirit with her messages of hope. Thank you Sylvia!!

  • Sylvia guided me to my GOD!

    by Brandi Hartman

    Sylvia is the only one that had the knowledge and ability to guide me to the most priceless gift I could have ever prayed to receive! Through her books and wisdom, for the first time ever, I have finally learned I really am not alone! God bless her and the gift that she has givin me that continue's to give to everyone I meet! SPIRITUALITY IS THE KEY! Religion is for those who FEAR hell! Spirituality is for those who have been there!

  • Interesting to say the least

    by Earailt

    Not a true believer but the answers are sometimes there. 3.5

  • Nice app

    by Hybr62

    Nice app

  • Healing hands. Sylvia Brown

    by Carol Ellinger-Porter

    I love this app. It lifts my soul.

  • Amazing

    by Amazon30


  • .

    by Elyse Cobb

    Phenomenal if you take the time to listen.

  • Inspiring

    by Pencil Case

    Just what you would expect from Sylvia

  • Awesome

    by lotamilk


  • Wonderful



  • Non-Flowery

    by dadaGuerilla

    No ponies and rainbows here, not terribly detailed either. It kind of looks like someone half-assed their way creating it.

  • Love it

    by heathercouture

    This is amazing

  • Wise- listen

    by MaddieCorgi22

    Set your intention and listen. The answers will be given to you.

  • Bellas!!!

    by Patricia33

    Me han ayudado mucho son beautiful cards!!!

  • Great app!

    by Wintercm

    Inspiring wisdom and reminders.

  • Comforting

    by Victory31

    I find the cards to be very comforting with their messages. A person needs to believe in the energy of the cards and themselves for this app to be an enlightening experience.

  • Spiritual

    by JonIMason

    The cards teach the same messages as the books. Love it

  • Can I have my 8 bucks back?

    by KKKKathy

    I'm a fan of Sylvia Browne so I thought this would be great. It's terrible! Boring little cards with a single sentence that hold less thought and meaning than a fortune cookie. Sooooo disappointing I am deleting it.

  • Elementary ..

    by 2spicy1

    Can I get my money back? This seems to have been done by a five year old. Since I must choose a star, I did .

  • Hard to connect to

    by Eleventwenty

    I find it difficult connecting to Sylvia's decks. I find more spiritual connections with Doreen Virtue's decks more than this one. The deck seems unfinished and efforts appeared low. Sorry, I am deleting this ap.

  • Disappointed

    by Beth brat

    I can't believe Sylvia let her name be tied to this.

  • : (

    by Okiehorses

    Not impressed! Generalized cards

  • :-)

    by LysetteAlexia

    This app is great & I like any thing related to Sylvia Browne!

  • Brings Peace

    by Rose Budd

    A wonderful tool to use as you move through this life. Always uplifting and beautiful.

  • Graphic Artist

    by Mia Luna Rossi

    Wonderful uplifting inspiring accurate .

  • Not Bad!

    by Howard Qchord

    This app is the last one I consult when I do my daily reading, and I tend to use as a daily affirmation.

  • Very Pleased, excited with a good choice

    by pho3pho3

    I am glad that I purchased these cards. They're fun, unconventional, and very accurate. I hope you enjoy these as much as me (if not more). ;-)

  • Beautiful

    by Agtg;)

    Short and sweet! Thank you;)

  • The artwork on these cards is beautiful!

    by Veritas Design Group

    I think the artwork is as inspiring as the message on these cards, and a 74-card deck is pretty good deal. There are several different reading you can do, so you can mix it up a lot.

  • Ok app.

    by 1 Yoga Lover

    Don't use this one very often. Nice graphics. Beautiful color. Messages are not the same as the tarot deck which is what I am used to. Still a good buy for an app.

  • Good spiritual food for thought ....

    by O'Lora

    It is a nice flowery break to see what comes up, but inspiring while purely recreational

  • Wonderful cards

    by Brisdiva

    I love these cards.

  • good quotes and inspirational thoughts but that

    by OceanJanet

    These cards are good quotes and inspirational thoughts but as far as how I feel about placing them in a "readings" category, they are extremely disappointing. Coming from Sylvia Browne who is extremely gifted, she does not show what she is capable of in these cards. They seem effortless on her part. She is a better Author than a creator of spiritual cards. Sorry Sylvia, but I really don't recommend these cards And the options to do present past future has no value, putting quotes together doesn't make a "reading". This app is just mediocre and not worth the money.

  • Cards

    by jan.mik

    We all enjoy them as they give love.

  • Nice Cards, but overpriced Application

    by irishlatinboy369

    I like the cards, but they are very limiting compared to the other oracle cards. This application should only be two or three bucks.

  • Spiritual Reading App

    by joistoy

    This app will help you focus on doing the right thing and having positive thoughts.

  • App has a nice glow to it

    by Seeer

    Call it what ever you choose. This app will make anyones day more purposeful .

  • So far it Rocks!

    by Constantly Learning

    So far it Rocks!

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