Morning and Evening Meditations – Louise L. Hay Health & Fitness App Review (iOS, $5.99)


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Seller: Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

NEW: In most cases, there is no longer a fade between sequential audio tracks.
Minor bug fixes.

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The Morning & Evening Meditations app by Louise L. Hay is a collection of positive audio affirmations accompanied with soothing music intended to be heard the moment one awakes and before a day’s conclusion. These affirmations begin each day with hope and positivity, while later concluding the day with contentment. This app will ensure calm outlooks at sunrise and settling resolution at sunset. Having this app on your iPhone or iPod Touch is an excellent way to carry Louise's uplifting affirmations with you at all times.

Morning and Evening Meditations embarks by advising the listener to recognize and willingly be open to the new possibilities each day has to offer. Appreciation for the self, one’s surroundings, as well as all walks of life are just a few ways Louise provides the foundation to establish an inspirational morning. Detachment, forgiveness, and love are emphasized in a variety of symbolic and metaphorical ways in order to provide a gratuitous day’s end.

This app contains features that make it more powerful than simply listening to a CD or tape from start to finish.

With the Morning & Evening Meditations app you can:
- Play individual, random affirmations with a single press of a button
- View the entire playlist and select affirmations of your choice
- Mark one (or more) affirmations as favorites to create a personalized custom playlist
- Loop your playlist to repeat your favorite affirmation(s) over and over
- Play audio in the background as you multitask on your device
- Set a Sleep Timer to listen for a custom period of time

Total duration of audio: 53 minutes

About the Author –
Louise L. Hay, the author of the international bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher with more than 40 million books sold worldwide. For more than 25 years, Louise has helped people throughout the world discover and implement the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing. Louise is the founder and chairman of Hay House, Inc., which disseminates books, CDs, DVDs, and other products that contribute to the healing of the planet.

Official Hay House licensed iPhone/iPod touch App:®

Includes Music by Jerry Florence and Brain Wave Technology by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.

Customer Reviews

  • LOVE

    by Christopher Perry

    I absolutely positively need this every morning!! She reminds me everyday just how important it is to be thankful for everything! With this affirmation I start and end my day truly in an amazing place. Love Louise Hay!!!

  • Wonderful APP (wish list!)

    by JackySimone

    I use this app every night. What I am wishing for is a way to set my alarm so that the morning meditation starts on it's own. Basically, like setting an alarm and instead of the annoying beeping I get to start my day with Louise Hay! Is this possible?

  • Love this app!

    by SaraaaBP

    I used to have the tapes, but with age and use they begin to break, so this app was just perfect for me! BUT I would greatly appreciate it if they updated the app to fit the iOS 7 software. It used to be that I could put the heart on whatever I wanted to listen to and close the app and when I went to go listen to them again, the same things would be ready to go. But now since the phone update, it doesn't save the ones I put the heart next to. And so every night for my evening meditation I have to go through and select them all over again. :/ it's annoying. But again, I LOVE this meditation by Louis L. Hay she's fabulous. It's the technology I'm having pains with.

  • Power and Presence

    by Road Rep

    Listening to Louise Hay each morning has uplifted my life. I absolutely love starting my day with this audio.

  • Great!

    by CathyT7

    I use this daily. Love how you can customize it to suit whatever is currently going on.

  • Wonderful way to start my day

    by I'm a Lucky lady

    A great way to wind down as I head off to sleep and start up in the morning! Louise has a voice that sends love thru the download!

  • Love this app!

    by Mhanson815

    I use it nearly every morning and evening. Louise is the mother of self-love and moving past/through your fear. Nice timer, too. I never stay awake through the evening meditation so the timer to shut down - blessings

  • Morning and evening

    by Shirlcrys

    I love listening to all

  • Best app!!

    by Hannah Shigeta

    This app made my life totally changed!!! Since I was a child, I always have felt difficult to awake, but now, the meditation, which about 10seconds for each meditation, changed it! Especially, it works for my PTSD and anxiety. Thanks a lot!!!

  • How long is evening meditation?

    by Quinntavious Williams

    I want to know how long the evening meditation is so I can set a timer for it to end.

  • best affirmation app ever

    by dtmc

    this morning meditation changed my life!!!

  • Louise has the most beautiful voice !!!!

    by Nory Gonzalez

    Gives my days and nights a totally different prospect!!! Thanks to Louise I have no pain when I follow her voice ....

  • Improved Sleep

    by La Original BORICUA

    The evening meditation has helped me get a good nights sleep and awake ready for my day.

  • Worth it!!!! Always fall asleep instantly

    by Spiritual OG

    Love it! Louise is amazing!

  • Yes!

    by Mscnyc

    I try to listen to this every morning. It's changed my entire perspective to start the day positively. Wonderful.

  • Wonderful app!!

    by Indy011011

    This app is a a great way to start and finish each day.

  • Best $6 I've ever spent!

    by Spastrocastro

    This app helped me change my life, I don't think it gets any better than that!

  • Click click click

    by LRaicos

    Lovely app. Would love to listen to the meditations. Her voice is quite soothing but....... Background clicking is making me crazy!! Please fix! Very annoying.

  • Love Louise Hay!

    by Ginas2011

    So relaxing!

  • Excellent Ap for relaxation

    by EReynoldsLA

    Louise Hay is the Mother of all things forgiving, loving and practical. Yes, practical. That is what you will receive with this Ap. I used to listen to this years ago when it was first on cassette- THAT long ago. Very lucky that Hay House is up to date with technology. This Ap allows one to fall asleep and let's your subconscious do the work. Very effective and an incredibly good way to institute a moire meditative and relaxing lifestyle for those who are serious about doing so.

  • What a waste

    by DweaverVT

    I have a bunch of LH stuff but what a waste of time this App is. It is just a bunch of broken up little statements and not the morning and evening meditation. I feel like I have been ripped off

  • Great content but poorly designed app.

    by BritinTexas

    I love Louise Hay but this app had clearly been thrown together using code modules from other apps from oceanhouse without any thought being put into the end user experience. Contrary to the app title, you cannot listen to morning and evening meditations! You have no control over the playlist. For example when you play the morning affirmations it runs right into the evening ones without stopping. Similarly, at the end of the evening affirmations it starts playing the morning ones. If you have access to the content on CD, I would recommend that instead since you can load it into iTunes and control it with iTunes playlists. This app gives you no control. Give it a wide berth.

  • Background clicking noise is annoying

    by Kiri12

    I love Louise, although the background noise sounds are horrible and it sounds like her dentures are clicking and her voice is very haggy, sounds like a smokers voice. You can hear a door being opened in the background. Very bad recording FIX Please!!!

  • Horrible and creepy old lady.

    by tareq838

    Total waist of money.

  • One of my favorites!

    by agniecha!

    The more I listen to this meditation, the more it resonates with me. There are lots of beautiful thoughts in there. It really helped me to reconnect with gratitude and optimism. Thank you, Louise!

  • Morning and Evening Meditations

    by AspenAllie

    Absolutely Love this App!! I use it both In the am and pm, and sometimes in the middle of the day if I am feeling off kilter. It brings me back to the present moment, and helps me focus on all my blessings, and let the rest fall away.

  • Listen most nights!

    by ProudAffirmationer

    I love this app! I listen to it most night while I unwind and it sets me up beautifully for a wonderful night's sleep.

  • Fills me up with love and happiness

    by AlohaJewel

    Just what I needed for a autumn slump of overly-negative attitude. Just hearing the meditations and affirmations remind me of the possibilities beyond what my mind is concocting at the moment. I love this app, I don't do anything fancy with the playlist, just listen to it in the mornings and at night. Mahalo!

  • Uplifting

    by tcwright

    I love Louise Hay! I listen to this every morning and it keeps me centered and inspired!!!

  • Love it

    by monpelayo

    Love it!!

  • Morning & Evening Meditation

    by Life Changing App

    I love this APP, I use it both in the morning & evening. I have only used it about a week & already see noticeable results!

  • Love this!!!

    by Heatherhealing

    This makes for a great day when I start w gratitude .

  • Worth the download

    by Nightm

    We find this very relaxing and enjoy the positive messages.

  • Very limited functionality

    by lesnla

    The affirmations are great, the problem is you cant actuqlly make a playlist as advertised. You can do a limited sort, but you cannot arrange the affirmations in the order you want, you have only a set of affirmations play and then stop. Its a very limited and frustrating app, especially considering the price!! You are better off buying a cd, ripping it, and making your own various affirmation playlists through itune- and who has the time?? Avoiding this was why I bought the app in the first place.

  • Great app

    by Tipc

    Like the app listen to it at night before a go to sleep.

  • Two thumbs up!

    by Brittney LaSha

    Great affirmations! A wonderful product! Life changing! The app can use some updates...I would love to be able to listen to the app while doing other things on my phone!!!

  • Love it.

    by Xaviera Ringeling

    Great app. Very powerful.

  • Decent

    by Aubum

    Good app, I like having a mediation before bed to clear my head. I give three stars though because it is over priced ( :

  • Not what I hoped

    by Rosmerta

    The thoughts are good ones and I'm a fan of Louise Hay's work, but there should be better control over the playlists. And it is WAY overpriced for what you get.

  • Not impressed

    by Tamousse

    This app should not cost $5.99. It's not worth it. You hear this woman's voice teaching you how to relax. If I wanted to relax, I'd look up yoga apps or something. Save your $6.

  • Become a witness of it's power

    by Elba mueller

    If you listen to this meditations daily I assure you peace and success in your life. Her voice is beautiful and peaceful. I can Manipulate to what I want to listen. Don't see it as an app, it's more than that. It's a way of life you choose. Quality in her words plus I am a total believer of her teachings.

  • Love it!

    by nmandarano

    Louise is so soothing

  • Looking forward to an upgraded version

    by JazzLover2010

    I love Louise Hay and "You Can Heal Your Life" is my bible so I was happy to see an app! I like the content of what she says in the affirmations, and I like that it is Louise herself saying the affirmations, but I think this app needs updating. There is so much competition out there in the world of meditation/visualization apps with better graphics, more control over the playlist (timer, with or without music, seperate "day" & "night" playlists, etc), and visualization images (colors, nature scenes) that I expected more from Louise and from it's price point. I'm hoping she/they take everyone's suggestions into consideration when it's time for the 2.0 version!! There are so many cool things she can do on top of the cool affirmations such as particular ailment playlists with affirmations and visualizations that have to do with that specific health problem only. (ie: joint problems, back problems, digestive problems, pms issues, etc) and perhaps even break them up into different apps like my "healing" or "deep sleep" or "weight loss" meditation apps are. (each is it's own app so you can pick and chose with one or ones suit your particular situation and they are each priced at $2.99 each) The sky is the limit!!

  • Ok but needs tweeking

    by SNL23

    I like this app but I agree that you should be able to control the playlist a little more and it is a bit over priced. However I do enjoy it alot and listen to it daily. I also wish the morning and evening were two seperate playlists and that it would shut off after it completes the playlist. Otherwise I fall asleep with it only to be woke up by it in the middle of the night.

  • I'm pleased

    by Skubdoo

    With this app. It delivers on its promise. I found myself thinking more positive, muling over the past less, and feel better. It's a little pricey but, nonetheless, an outstanding app. Gave it 4 stars b/c of the price.

  • Louise Hay Meditations

    by TucsonGem

    Fantastic magical. It works

  • A lot to be desired

    by Wiseman

    First of all this app is over priced. You can't really control your playlist, only one playlist at a time. I just think because of it limits it a rip off. Don't buy it. 

  • Thank you, Louise!

    by Lysarbejder

    I start my day with an affirmation & likewise when I go to bed. It sets up a great vibration! Love it! The Power apps are even better!! I've got em all!!

  • Louise is our Affirmation Mother!

    by CAMossman

    I use this app every night before I fall into sleep. I love the love I feel from her voice and message! I wish there were more messages! Keep creating Louise!

  • Best mornings and fabulous evenings

    by joypoh

    Louise Hay is just amazing! Thank You!

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