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-Now a universal app that runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
-Optimized for retina displays

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The goddesses are angelic, powerful, loving beings who want to help you with every part of your life.

In this set of 44 oracle cards you'll learn who the different cross-cultural goddesses are and how they can help you. Each card gives you a specific message about how you can improve your life, health, relationships, finances, career, and spiritual path. The gorgeous artwork on each card depicts Kuan Yin, Laksmi, Brigit, Isis, and Athena, as well as goddesses from Celtic, Mayan, Egyptian, Greek, Tibetan, Buddhist, and other traditions.

With this Oracle Cards app you can:
- Give “readings” anywhere, anytime on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
- Choose between 1-card, 3-card, 5-card and 12-card readings
- Save and load your readings for review at any time
- E-mail readings to friends
- Flip cards over to read the full meaning of each card and message
- Review the entire deck of cards in Browse mode
- Optimized for retina displays

About the Author

Doreen Virtue holds B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in counseling psychology, and is a lifelong clairvoyant who works with the angelic realm. She is the author of the Healing with the Angels book and oracle cards; Archangels & Ascended Masters; and Angel Therapy®, among other works. She recently released the Angel Blessings Candle Kit (with her son Grant) and her first children’s book Thank You, Angels. Her new works, Angel Numbers 101, Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards, Angel Therapy Meditations CD, and her first novel—Solomon’s Angels is available now. Her products are available in most languages worldwide.

Doreen has appeared on Oprah, CNN, The View, and other television and radio programs. She writes regular columns for Woman’s World, New Age Retailer, and Spirit & Destiny magazines. For more information on Doreen and the workshops she presents, please visit her at www.AngelTherapy.com

You can listen to Doreen’s live weekly radio show, and call her for a reading, by visiting www.HayHouseRadio.com

Official Hay House licensed iPhone/iPod touch App: www.hayhouse.com

Customer Reviews

  • Goddess

    by Santi 76

    Love it!

  • Great App

    by AnnPig

    This is a great app. When I really have a problem, I use this app for guidance. And boy are they straight forward!

  • Love it!

    by Kmead82

    Awesome- and the deck is beautiful- so far all my readings have been great! Totally enjoy it!!

  • Perfect

    by Noemi46

    Really easy to use great illustrations and clear messages

  • Awesome!

    by Lunawatch

    Love this app!! Instance reading at any time. I wish you could shake the phone to pick a random card. I'm still a big fan:-)

  • Very accurate and educational

    by priyakh

    Love these ones... Always give a good message and I love the images, and love learning about they Goddesses.. Recommend these..

  • This is an important tool in my life

    by Gamerpornstar

    I love everything by Doreen Virtue. I have read some of her books and she has helped me manifest and change a lot in my life. These cards as well as the other decks help me in making decisions and I feel much more connected with the angels gods and goddesses of our time. I use these cards with any decision I feel I can't make entirely in my own or if I need a little help. I would like some more spreads in this deck like the angel tarot or messages from angels. But besides that five stars!!!! Xo

  • Nothing short of beautiful and brilliant

    by SparkleK

    I really do love this app. Everything about it.

  • Well worth the price!

    by History Student in TN

    The stellar reviews convinced me to spend the money and take a chance on this app, and am I glad I did. These cards are lovely, and the readings are inspirational and thought-provoking. A lot of care went into creating this app--the graphics and intricate detail of the cards and the depth of some of the readings. You can save your card readings or share with others, if you like. Definitely a high-quality app.

  • Amazingly accurate

    by Bebered13

    The app works just as good as my physical cards. Good job ocean house media! All Doreen's app cards are on the money.

  • Excellent

    by Cut@sji

    I'm loving this app as well as all others by Doreen virtue!!

  • Fun and enlightening

    by Elmgal

    I've really enjoyed this app. Only wish there were more cards/Goddesses

  • Love it

    by Berezoni

    Beautiful art,beautiful inspirational messages

  • Real as tangible cards!

    by Agnis Begone

    On point accuracy as far as my experience and such beautiful artwork on each card!

  • Beautiful

    by Mimers2

    I love these goddess cards because they are very encouraging And helps, me relieve any insecurities that i had. Totally worth every penny...


    by Betsy the medium

    Really great app

  • Awesome

    by Lilmom1999

    Love it

  • Goddess Cards

    by TracyElaine


  • Love!!!

    by Karla0107

    Love this app ... spot-on guidance anytime I need it.

  • Love

    by LoveAbundance


  • Great app

    by Birdbuster

    Works well, very interesting.

  • Awesome!!!

    by Lululu47

    This is my favorite oracle deck!

  • Goddess Cards

    by LMNatishak

    I love these cards! I've only had them for a week but they are my favorite so far!

  • Love

    by AgeOfLegends

    Each day or week I just shuffle and embrace the goddess I'm given.

  • Love them!

    by SpiritJunkie

    Getting to know my goddesses with these cards, and feeling grateful to Doreen Virtue!

  • Mama Kaaya

    by Mama Kaaya

    I'm loving this app! I WILL have Doreen's Angel deck very soon. This supports what your intuition has been screaming at you forever!

  • Wonderful

    by Use happily

    Simple, easy to use.

  • Like a Good Girlfriend

    by SmileBoutique

    ... They tell you how it is! I love using the app as a travel solution instead of the physical cards. The cards are Very clear & I appreciate Doreen for making them :)

  • Interesting

    by KateeDidToo

    Scary how right it can be. Gives food for thought

  • Amazing accuracy

    by Hubsterrrrrrr

    Great app at all times, always positive and supportive...

  • Perfect!

    by Mermaid19

    Doing a single or multiple card spread is a nice way to start the day: educational and insightful!

  • Goddess Cards

    by Peaches379

    Amazing, Powerful, Encouraging, passionate, endearing just to name a few words to describe using these tools as inspiration for daily life.

  • Incredible

    by Rlimafriut

    So wonderful to have a deck with you wherever you go!

  • Great insight

    by KateDimpfl

    These cards are beautiful and have such wonderful messages. I love having them on my phone.

  • I love this deck!!

    by WildAngel1959

    It's accurate and precise! The law of attraction really works through this deck! so pleased!

  • Love this Deck ! It's beautiful and accurate !

    by FRANK BEE

    Always hear what I need to from the Goddesses

  • Beautiful and useful

    by Sarahtbarah

    Diverse deck. Good explanations

  • Perfection!

    by Novaenea

    I love having a deck so accurate and detailed on the go!

  • Accurate Oracle

    by Elizabeth Barton

    It is uncanny how often these cards reflect precisely what my clients need to hear! This also applies to me. Love the Goddess!

  • Great app

    by Eve#2

    Absolutely love this app

  • Beautiful

    by VeryAlaskan

    Always makes my heart light.

  • Lifechanging!

    by Meowmeow999

    So right on. Lifechanging!

  • Great features


    It's great that you can save readings and email them.

  • Inspiring, insightful and fun!

    by Rich in Spirit

    My first reading for a particular situation was so insightful and on the mark that it was a little eerie. I found myself immediately making use of this app daily with the 1 card simple reading for some morning inspiration. I enjoyed this so much that I also bought the Life Purpose version... I highly recommend both!

  • Awesome!

    by Liz1205

    This is N awesome app that I enjoy using daily. They are easy to work with & are very accurate to what I & my clients need to know!

  • Great

    by Writingangels

    Accurate inspiring & fun

  • Beautiful

    by Swandancing

    Perfect advice

  • Amazing!

    by JeniLyn

    I love this app and this deck! Very accurate and this deck really has a "tell it like it is" girlfriend attitude.

  • Insightful

    by blacbyrd

    This app, like other Doreen Virtue apps, has become a part of my daily routine. It really give me great insight.

  • Amazing!!!

    by Voodoo Mama

    Amazing!! A tool I use daily!

  • Beautiful

    by AndrewStevenR

    A great app to have

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