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- Compatible with iOS 5
- Fixed crash when loading photo on iOS 5

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21 professional grade cinematic filters to go Hollywood on your photos!

New update is fully compatible with iPhone 4S and iOS 5.

These effects are used by pros in blockbuster movies. They are not some cheesy emboss, pencil, sepia... and they are NOT found even in expensive desktop apps.

Get these unique and highly stylish effects at this low price while you can!

Check out side-by-side samples at:

Sample photos at CinemaFX Flickr group, join to submit your own:

Also check out our FocalLab app for Dreamy, Zoom Blur and other focusing effects to add an artful mood to your photos!


- Extra brightness & contrast filter that won't blow out the highlight details - an essential tool to fix dark and flat photos.

- Full thumbnail preview of all effects, easy to pick the one you like.

- Primary slider to control how much the effect is applying to the photo and secondary slider for additional adjustment.

- Combine different effects within one session.

- Extra tools: resize, 90 degree rotation, etc.

- Full screen and full resolution.

- Quick and full integrated help.


- TWI.Poster
This highly stylized effect turns your photo into a Twilight movie poster by coloring your photo with reddish brown and bluish gray, with additional touch of Gothic glow.

- TWI.Flashback
A grainy old photo style, featured after flashback scenes from the movie.

- Heat Vision
See like a Predator - the extra-terrestrial warrior in the movie series. Use the secondary slider to adjust the glow of radiant heat.

- Color Comic
Inspired by A Scanner Darkly, this effect makes any ordinary shot into a posterized art painting. Use the sliders to adjust posterization and stroke intensity to find the most appealing combination.

- Spartan Sepia
A dark sepia tone and red garments characterized the movie 300. Add this dramatic effect to your photo and give it a 300 look! Works best with red clothing against blue sky, this isn't just another sepia filter: saturated red is enhanced and darkened sky appears gloomy and ominous.

- Vampire World
A bluish dark tone, featured in the movie Underworld. Also frequently used by other movies to create night, moon-lighted, inside-spacecraft, etc. scenes.

- Elf Glow
A glowing highlighted world for fairies and elves, this filter brings a fantasy movie effect instantly.

- Charmed Glow
Turns your portrait instantly into a celebrity shot by adding a creamy glow and lush color enhancement, no surgery or makeup needed.

- Surveillance Cam
Big Brother is watching - use this interlace filter to put your subjects "under surveillance".

...More effects description and side-by-side samples on our website...


Saved photo appears blurry in Photos app with iPhone OS 2.2 and iPod Touch. Don't worry, the photo retains the resolution, this was fixed by iPhone OS 2.2.1, or you can resize to screen/camera size before saving.

Customer Reviews

  • ❤❤❤❤

    by Jasminemixx

    Best app for photos

  • Best photo ap

    by Youssefyeh

    This ap is amazing! Its so easy to use and it just makes all my pictures better!

  • Cool photo editing app

    by Nismo0ne

    Cool photo editing app!

  • Update

    by Aaaaaaaaaaaa.....!!!

    I love this app an I also have the video one but I think maybe there should be an update to add all the filters from the video app

  • I Like It

    by Slmlws

    This app is really nice, and people, it's not for videos lol. Read the description! I don't think I installed the update either. But judging by the comments, I don't think I will.

  • Oops

    by Bobjajsbabsu

    I bought this thinking it was for video! Maybe I should read the description for once!! But anyways it should be compatible with video!

  • Thank you!

    by toinmpls

    Thank you so much for updating to iOS 5 compatibility. This is my favorite photo app - by far the best filters and ease of use of any photo app I have.

  • WOW!

    by ZombieBoy

    This is by far my favorite photo app. The filters are amazing!

  • Awesome app, but now crashes!!!!

    by Melanie_rocks!!

    Please fix!!! My favorite pic app ever! Now it crashes with the iOS 5 update! Ughhhhh!

  • :(

    by sarafinky

    This is my favorite cam app please fix . It keeps crashing after update!!!!

  • Needs update..

    by Lauisruilera11

    Loved the app, but after update to iOS 5 it crashes.. Please update!!

  • great

    by =]]]]]]]

    good stuff man

  • Fantastic!

    by Turbo313

    This one is great. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

  • Please Update

    by ShowbiZ90

    This app definitely needs an update, and retina display support. Otherwise it is not worth even 99¢.

  • Awsome app

    by .Troy.86

    Really good for editing pics . Easy to use..

  • Doesn't save full res for iPhone 4.

    by Stefanos Gatdoulos

    This app does NOT save at full resolution with my iphone 4. I verified in the settings to save at "full". It saves ay less than 1MP! The effects are unique and the intensity of each filter can be controlled by the user. A "must have" app for iphone photo editing fanatics like myself. I hope for an update soon and I will review this app again at 5 stars. For now I give it only 3 stars.

  • <3

    by mallory1990

    I love this app but I REALLY wish they'd do an update with some new filters.

  • Great!!!

    by MziRateUrStuff

    This is one of the best apps I've seen....

  • Love this app!

    by MattsLens

    This app is amazing! Worth every penny!

  • Nice

    by Gchav6

    It is a great app and does what its suppose to do, but it could use some more updates. I know these effects were only for pics, but if you were able to use them for video that would be sick.

  • For the love if God, please update already

    by WesNes

    What, 2 years without an update? What a joke. It used to be an app I used all the time for pics, now with higher-res photos taken on higher versions of iPhone, the pictures look terrible.

  • Iphone 5 :)


    please update for iPhone 5 (update for the big screen) :(

  • Terrible

    by Michele Roberts

    I bought it I wanted to make a Picture

  • It doesn't rotate your videos

    by mooshu888

    If you are getting thinking it will correct video orientation, you'll be disappointed! It will rotate regular pics

  • Lame app read my review.

    by GieTM

    This app is under 500k, and it shows I'm the image quality and the filter quality. This apposite designed to provide a way to make $$$ on advertising. I rate image Quality:

  • Waste

    by gabsco

    This app was supposed to rotate my video... Refund!!!


    by Dickolis Cage

    It worked PERFECTLY before the latest update and now it instantly crashes once a photo is picked. FIX IT NOW PLEASE!!!!

  • Doesn't work anymore!! iOS5!!???

    by Jbellababy

    Bug!!! Used to work! I updated my software to iOS5 and now it opens and just crashes as soon as it loads!! Please fix!!!!!!

  • Problems with app

    by Vicck

    Before last update all is very good, but now, my gallery is freezing, I can.t use any picture, and when load the app, return to the Main screen, any time, and I need load 2 or 3 times for use the app, but the gallery I can't use

  • Broken on iOS5

    by jchr0me

    I love the app, use it countless times daily and now it quits after loading any image. Only started happening after updating to iOS5. iPhone 4, 32GB


    by Roli27



    by CCMoon

    Loved it but after update useless!

  • Newest update won't work!!!

    by trisha the dish

    LOVED LOVED this app b4 latest update but now it won't work at all ,keeps crashing a soon as it loads the pic!! PLEASE fix this!! Out of the MANY MANY apps I have this is 1 of my 2 favs.

  • Please fix!!!! Doesnt work on iPhone 4s! Keeps crashing.

    by J0hhhnnnnn&iphone4

    Please fix!!!! Doesnt work on iPhone 4s! Keeps crashing.

  • Crashing!!!

    by summer mochida

    Used to be a good app...not working with update!!!!!


    by Invade^Guitars

    Doesn't work with iOS5..

  • Update!!!

    by Mudvayne1986

    I LOVE this app.!! But unable to use it after the iOS 5 update!! Please update!

  • Keep crashing

    by Master Jedi Keith

    Unable to use after upgrading to ios5. App keep crashing

  • Crash on iOS5

    by xwhiteboy777x

    Needs a mega update ASAP.

  • IOS 5 crash fail

    by AVA1979

    Was a 5 star app until new OS5, now it does not work.

  • Needs update for ios5

    by vmert

    With ios5 it just crashes.

  • ahhh!!!

    by gianger

    I just bought this favorite app of mine for my ip4s and it crashes after picking a photo! please update it!!!

  • One of my faves, crashes on iOS 5. NEED UPDATE!

    by O'Ghoul

    Easily one of my favorite filter apps. I just wish there was an update; it's been a while now. Update: Cinema FX now crashes on ios 5, constantly.

  • Booooo

    by Carchellenez

    doesn't work with iOS 5

  • Update!

    by Ray 2Timez

    Crashes on iOS 5. And add some more effects while you are at it

  • Blah

    by Qiksilver840

    Ya should have trusted the latest reviews, wasn't worth it. Ok filters but nothing different than every other filter app.

  • Waste

    by Kaylee254

    Waste of a dollar. I deleted thls app right after I got it

  • Love it....

    by Fivebenthalos

    I love this app. Great filters, and good quality. Well worth the money. No other app. carries the same effects.

  • Ok

    by Fjfjgdhcjhsggfjdhg

    It works, and it does a great job. But I like better, because it has more features. I am developing my own photo editing app though. BTW follow me on Twitter @TheTehk17 lol

  • Great!

    by tom_7


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