Canon T1i 500D - Basic Controls Photo & Video App Review (iOS, $27.99)


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Universal App - newly designed interface for the iPad. + Includes Chapter Search + Notes Feature + Enhanced video

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Take great pictures with your Canon T1i / 500D!

All you need is this video tutorial and about ninety minutes, and you will have the knowledge and the confidence to create the images you want. The topics are arranged in chapters, so you can move at your own pace, and return later to individual subjects.

The Canon T1i / 500D is a powerful camera. A solid understanding of its features and controls can really unleash your potential. Once you learn how the camera components work together, you will have all the tools you need to capture the best images under all conditions.

This video tutorial is intended for new owners of the Canon T1i / 500D camera.

- Introduction
- Make Sense of the Camera
- Information Screens
- Let's Get Focused
- Time Value
- Depth-of-Field
- Aperture Value
- Defaults / Drive Mode
- Image Quality & Size
- Live View
- Composition
- White Balance
- Exposure Compensation
- AF Mode
- Metering
- Flash Photography
- Picture Styles
- Photo Review
- Menu System
- Custom Functions

- On the go video playback. No WIFI required after initial install for watching in the field.
- Online customer support.


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