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Seller: Munkee Apps L.L.C.

We've changed the way you record video!

You can now record up to 10 minutes.

You can now import videos up to 10 minutes in length. You can also import from any library in your device.

Record in FULL or SQUARE orientations.

Videos will automatically loop if under 5 seconds.

Be sure to email at for any questions or feedback you may have. Thanks for supporting InstaSize Video

Twitter: @InstaSize
Instagram: @InstaSize

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45 Ratings
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64 Ratings
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InstaSize Video is the easiest and quickest way to post entire videos on Instagram without cropping. 



Easily import videos from your albums or take a video directly on Instasize. Click the import, select the video that you want and BAM! your video is Instasized and ready to share.


The first video editing app for Instagram that allows you to loop! InstaSize Video will automatically loop videos under 5 seconds for 15 seconds.


By selecting the filters icon, you can easily add awesome filters to your videos. With 10 filters (and much more to come) you will have one the best videos on Instagram. 


Shipped with 50 backgrounds, this feature, combined with filters, allows you to create creative and beautiful videos.


Tired of seeing ads? Go ahead and upgrade to the ad-free version, found in the settings. We promise to remove the ads after you purchase.


After you are done creating your masterpiece, just click the Share button on the menu. Here you will be able to share to Instagram, save to your camera roll and many more!


Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to hear any news or updates about InstaSize Video. We also like to shout out cool videos so don't forget to use our hashtag, #InstaSizeVideo.

Download InstaSize Video today and experience the best Instagram video companion app on the iPhone!

Customer Reviews

  • But crashed.

    by wuzgud

    I love this app. I use it all the time! It's great for cropping videos to fit widescreen for my fanpage but now it won't last a second open. It keeps crashing when I try to open! Please fix I need this app all the other ones have watermarks I hate it!

  • Go download

    by Pandalover82837

    It's a really cool app you could make a video collage with different videos playing at the same time. It's pretty cool but it keeps crashing. Overall it's a good app but needs to fix a few bugs.


    by Ally mckenzie<3

    Your crazy if you don't like this app !

  • Great app! But keeps crashing.

    by dante1358

    This is a really cool at because it actually shows the slow-mo affect from the 5s (that I have). But is only got one video out of it before it crashed and won't open all the way anymore. Great app, but please do fix it.

  • Great app but CRASHES!!

    by SnapbackBoi

    Fix it fast Please!!!!!!!! No more CRASHES!!!

  • Instasize Video

    by Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude

    I don't know what all the fuss is about with the 1 starts because this app is amazing!

  • Can't save video

    by Elikaas

    Please fix!! Every time I record a video from the app I try to save it but it won't let me save the "play" button won't work

  • Loved it.

    by Hungry for surgery

    It was exactly what I was looking for.Couldn't post videos with full size.Now I can.I like it.BUT it recently started crashing non-stop.It needs an update.

  • Some ppl really aren't smart

    by Tash 5.0

    Lol, full video as in size, not length. Geez people, READ! The app works fine!

  • I had to give it 5 stars to...

    by Shaunnyboy the idiots who don't understand how to read or use common sense. This app works just as advertised. It does not say "full-length" videos for Instagram. Uhg. smh @ stupid people.

  • You're idiots

    by Indianicole

    Pictures and videos are different. Of course insta size puts the entire picture on there. So it won't be cropped. That's exactly what insta vid is for.

  • The stupidity of the average reviewer is overwhelming..

    by TurdFerguson585

    So I better break it down for you to your level. This app is to allow you to post your entire "sideways rectangle" video so you don't have to chop off both sides to make it a "square video". Instagram only allows 15second videos no matter what. This app does not allow you post post long videos. I have seen so many unfair ratings of 1 star bc "this is false advertising". No, you're just an idiot.

  • Keeps crashing!

    by Angeliquehd

    Every time I try to open the app it crashes right away!

  • Great

    by Cjy21

    Love the app, but just starting today it started crashing on iphone 5. Cant even open the app now

  • OMG

    by Josayee__


  • Idiots

    by Jsnskata

    You idiots, instagrams videos only last to a maximum of 15 second good app though

  • Common sense isn't common anymore!

    by DaisyFBaby

    People this app is so your video doesn't get cropped! Lol not so you can post a long video! This app works how it's supposed to!

  • My Go To App!

    by Paradox drummer

    I can record video on my iPhone 4S now. The problem has really cleared up with it. I don't know what happened, but it seems to be working really well with my 4S and IPod touch 4th gen. Every once in awhile it can't playback/export footage, but that problem has subsided for the most part. So it's doing much better even on older devices! Great work!

  • Love it!

    by Edevroom

    This app is awesome! It's like vine but for Instagram! Plus, it's easy to use! Everyone should download this app!

  • Love this app!

    by Finance elite

    This is awesome! Everyone download

  • Crashing

    by K0urtdog75

    Can't even open because it keeps crashing. I would love to use this app. I use instasize for photos all the time and it works perfectly, but I'd love to use instasize for video too. Please fix soon!!!!

  • Keeps Crashing!!!

    by Hippie9999

    I LOVE THIS APP...can you guys please fix it!!!!

  • cant even open the app

    by Crystaltho_

    every time i open the app it crashes. and its awfully annoying.

  • Takes forever to process a video

    by Aj 55

    Video has been processing for 39 minutes now

  • Stupid.

    by Best game 2739461848294819473

    This app crashes every time I try to use it. Tried redownloading and it still didn't work. Don't get this app!!!

  • Doesn't crop correctly

    by Sk8ordie272769

    Every time I open a video in the app it doesn't crop correctly and half of the screen is black and the video is in the corner of the screen. It won't let me move it around or resize it any way. If you could fix this than I would be happy to rate it 5 stars!

  • Why isn't it working!

    by RachelD(:

    Useful App, but it isn't working for my up & down videos. Why!!?

  • It's okay.

    by Tavairra!!!(:

    It crashes a lot. & is slow VERY SLOW.

  • Deceiving sale in the description

    by MasterGoose

    IG only allows so any seconds of video. This app says you. An post a whole video, which would lead one to believe it will automatically size he video to a 15 second video, however it doesn't convert anything!!! Falsely advertised in my opinion.

  • Doesn't work!

    by shelbylynnbird

    This app does not let you post the whole video!!!!

  • Crashes!!

    by Mayo0sh

    Wont open.. FIXXX

  • Horrible!

    by kirks9392

    Does not work. worked once and now it automatically closes everytime I open it. DO NOT DOWNLOAD


    by hellotinapham

    the app crashes as soon as you click it

  • Crash and crash 12/31/2013

    by kkSocal

    Worked fine couple weeks ago, now crashes everytime. Plz update with fix

  • okay but i have a request

    by lulubby09

    okay so my use of this is when i want to post a picture to instagram i want a border around it. that works fine buttt when u try with video you cant change and move around the box of the video like you can with the pictures.. it really bugs me and i want yall to fix it.

  • Crashes

    by (/^0^)/ (~^0^)~

    When ever I try to open it, it crashes please fix!

  • Crashes

    by ThatDudeWhoStoleYourCar

    This garbage like the creator of this.

  • Fix it

    by r8ab

    FIX IT!!!!! Keeps crashing

  • Terrible

    by Stephanie Rodriguez

    I can never open this app! It always crashes...

  • Crashes

    by wallf10wer

    Won't even open, immediately crashes

  • False advertising

    by AloRabello

    This app is false advertising, they say that you can post any size videos on instagram, but thats not true, when you try to post, instagram keep asking you to crop the video to fit the 15 sec. limit! what's the point if this app then!?

  • Doesn't allow full video on Instagram

    by Lauren Yee

    Downloaded this app specifically to upload an entire video clip without having to awkwardly split it up. This app still makes you split up in Instagram.

  • No you can't!!!!

    by Kay21 2012

    You can't share entire videos this is full of crap!!!! False advertising

  • SMH

    by FeistyRage

    Instasize lets you post full pictures but instavideo DONT let you post full videos I tried to post an 1:05 video to my Instagram and it still made me crop it!! What's the point of having this app if you can't upload the whole video, this is a piece of crap

  • Crashes

    by Hvddhkmv

    I got this app as an alternative to squaready video just because the video from squaready are only 640x640. This app allowed higher definition. But it's also crashing nonstop and will not even let me open it.

  • Not working

    by spazzo chick! 8)

    I can't make the video size smaller like I can on the picture one:( please help me with this. I know it's a great app!

  • Idk

    by MoniqueSmitty

    It won't let my instasize a video that I'm importing from my gallery... Wth

  • Cam Wow

    by strawberrylishis

    Its very kool I like the cam wow App

  • :(

    by Dory Harris

    It keeps crashing when I go to open it

  • Cannot save videos!

    by Reviewerj9

    I have an iPhone 5 and it gives me no options to save videos after recording/applying filters! If I press borders it says "where would you like to share your video?" But does not give me/show any options to save.

  • Works great, but. . .

    by starwarslover(:

    It's a great idea, and everything is fine with it except for one thing: a way to trim videos to 15 seconds NEEDS to be added like there is in the actual Instagram app. It is so time consuming trying to get a video down to 15 sec in another app, then bringing it to this app and it's still to long so you have to go through the process over again until you get it right....

  • Great

    by Assyriba

    This app is a lot better than Vine

  • Don't waste your time on this app! Needs major improvements..

    by Sumjae

    The idea of this app is great. I really wish it was easier to use! Cropping your video to the correct length (under 15sec) is SO hard.. Takes so long & is a waste of time. They need to make it easier like instagram or other vid apps. & if you didn't get it 15 or under it deletes your progress. Really disappointed with this app because it was a tease...

  • Video import?

    by Mylespolo_

    How do you inport videos?

  • Ugh

    by loveonedirection1234567

    it won't let me open the app! I could only open the app once but after that, it won't let me! please fix this. this is a great app but it won't let me open so I can't use it

  • Bad.

    by The A Man

    does the full version actually let you import FULL length videos?

  • Waste of time

    by Young_mogul

    Pointless I thought it allowed full video ,, iG already allows 15 sec .. Also it's not even full size

  • :(

    by ~OnlyMe~

    It's not working. It won't even let me open it up.

  • nice app.

    by natelull


  • Hail yes

    by New Avenger

    I love it this !will be the beginning of a great iphonationship

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