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Bug fix
- fix crash at touching review button in preferences.

More video exporting options
- add Flip, Flip Fast animation effect.
- You can choose the animation type when save video.

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PC World: "5 essential iOS apps for photographers"
AppAdvice: "AfterFocus Brings DSLR-Like Photography To Your iPhone"

With AfterFocus, you can create DSLR-style background blurred photo by simply selecting focus area. Also, various filter effects offer you to create the most natural and realistic photo.

Selecting a focus area more precisely, you can achieve more natural and professional image.
Just mark the areas you want, AfterFocus automatically recognizes the focus area precisely even for an object with complex shapes.
This auto function allows you to work faster on smart phones with small screen.
Also, background blur effect of AfterFocus gives a photo the realistic look between the edge of the background and the focus area.

With our realistic filter effects, you will enjoy photographing and photo editing even more, and share them on SNS easily.

1. Smart focus area selection
Simply draw some lines inside a focus area and the background, then AfterFocus will automatically recognize the focus area. You can also select the area with traditional finger painting.

2. Background Blur effect
You can create the most realistic blur effect with various aperture styles just like DSLR camera.
To emphasize that certain things move, Motion blur effect is also available.

3. Filter effect
AfterFocus offers from basic effects to professional effects like Cross Process without looking artificial.
Also, you can emphasize the spot light on the background using Bokeh effect.

4. Double photo
Take a picture of one object and move slightly to the right to take another picture of the same object, and it will analyze the images and recognize the nearest object, so there is no need to draw the focus area.
(Make sure that the background and the distance of the object are far enough and have clear texture to get a great result.)

5. Easy share
You can share through e-mails and SNS easily and simply.

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Customer Reviews

  • I like it

    by Lily Ray

    I think it's easy to use and works good, no glitches yet and definately adds dimension to photos

  • Best focus app!

    by iphone forever!

    This app has the unique focus area selection method and it is easier to use than other touch-based focus-blur apps. Edge of selected area is clearly separated from blurred background. This app will be a my favorite after-camera app.

  • Incredible

    by edweeeeen

    For the most part photos turn out amazing, I can hardly believe they were taken on an iPhone. What keeps it from being 5 stars is that you can't zoom in more while drawing on the areas you want in/out of focus. Also the bokeh feature is nice but sometimes doesn't show on the finished photo like it does in the preview. Otherwise great app.

  • One of my favorite

    by Buburuzele

    Very smart app. Good job but with full resolution it will be the best and i will change my review.

  • This app deserves more than 5 stars!

    by Boyoon

    I edited some photos on my iPhone using this app and told my friends I took those photos using DSLR camera. They all bought it! :-) The smart selection tool is very easy to use, and the focus effect is quite amazing, especially for outdoor sports shots. In addition this app provides various photo filters like Instagram. Strongly recommended!!!

  • Wow, Instagram video

    by giguzzang

    I love it.....

  • Simply Great

    by Tughan karsli

    Awesome app

  • So Great

    by iPhone User Sara

    This is a VERY helpful app! One of the best ((Maybe even the best)) Focus app there is.

  • I'm a convert!

    by Rock4Jesus777

    I used other "DSLR DoF" adding apps until I found one that worked well. I used Big Lens for some time until a recent update just made them look shady...(IMO). So the hunt was on for a better app and I found After Focus. I read reviews and watched a tutorial and decided to commit the $1. Glad I did!!! Best DoF simulator I've used! I love the zoom capability to get the small details right and the fact that you can do a natural blur fade is awesome! Keep up the good work! You deserve these 5 stars!

  • Nice app

    by Chris12923

    Really nice app. You can really make people or whatever really stand out using this app. It's very quick and does it's job. Like any of these type apps it's hard to get every part of something in focus but it's better and faster than most other apps.

  • Excellent!

    by Jnwhatle

    This app will easily make your pictures look of a higher quality. One of the best tools for aperture I have seen!

  • The best and most realistic

    by mikrobious

    Still the best and most realistic bokeh effect on the App Store. The new icon is much more attractive. Only complaint is render time for full res takes a while but on the new 5s it's noticeably faster.

  • Not iOS7 friendly

    by JPC2073

    Great app, bottom buttons are cut off on ios7

  • Favorite new app!

    by matador75

    Beautifully done..does exactly what I was looking for in app.

  • An essential iPhone app

    by Lazymangaka

    I consider this to be among the few apps that can be deemed "essential" for all iPhone owners. The app does everything it advertises and more, and does so with absolute refinement. Wonderful. 5 stars and highly recommended.

  • :)


    It does what you pay for Nd I'm content with it! Honestly it depends i how much work you put into a photo. The lines can either be crappy or excellent. Either way I love it & so do all my friends. Get it! 5 stars!!!

  • Fantastic

    by Wizz1892

    This app is really cool and fun.It makes my photos come out really professional ..I would recommend it to anyone looking to edit and produce quality looking photos.

  • Great

    by Dedmanwalkin

    This app is wonderful. I love editing my photos & making them look unique & stand out against the rest.

  • Not For Stickers!

    by RosaTheKpopper

    If you are gonna buy this app for the Stickit! Like effect, don't purchase. I did, and it looks terrible. On the other hand- the motion effect it's mostly made for looks amazing


    by MDDOG2000

    Wow I have been looking for a good editing app and this is it!!! Amazing quality and great focus!! Buy it now!

  • Freezes when saving

    by Gravage

    The app is nice, but it freezes whenever I try to save. Size is set to the highest.


    by Bubblegum4648

    The quality of the images is diminished. Looks terrible. I don't know how anyone could give this good reviews. I want my money back. Not what I wanted. It's all pixelated where the focused image meets the blurred background. Don't purchase unless you want to waste your money and get pixelated images.

  • Awesome

    by Boss 57

    Really makes photos look awesome. But the smart laso doesn't work at all for me.

  • This is fantastic!

    by Ericbe59

    This is fantastic for iPhone camera users. Brings back some of that traditional photography look. Simulates an SLR lens with variable aperture. Gives sense of depth to iPhone photos. I've only been toying with it for a couple hours now, but I love it. And it's fun to use!

  • Awesome

    by Libyan80

    Great app

  • A touch of class

    by WindChaser78

    I have truly enjoyed using this unique simple app that adds class and depth to some photos. My hat is off to those who had a hand in this creative app. Thank you.

  • Amazing!!

    by Makidoo

    Sense I have a cheaper camera it doesn't focus very well! Now I have this wonderful app to do it for me! Easy to use and DEFINATELY worth paying for!

  • Simple yet Comprehensive

    by L34523

    Very impressive app! I can create such beautiful touch to the picture plus it's easy to use!

  • Fantastic!!!

    by MommaCorrie

    Wow! I NEVER write reviews, but I just had to this time when I saw this app had so few. This is super fun and impressive at what it does. Well worth the small price tag. If you're on the fence (I would have liked to try a demo version before buying, but...) just BUY IT! :)

  • Makes photos even better!

    by Cruizin123

    Great app to tweak my phone pics. Lots of control and the results are fantastic.

  • Great App, Needs Higher Resolution Canvas

    by Motion50

    This app is very impressive and does exactly as advertised, plus more. I was very impressed with the quality of the final image and how easy it is to choose the areas you want to focus. However, the app does require faster processing and needs the area in which the photo is worked on to be higher resolution. Otherwise, it is an excellent app! I highly recommend it!

  • Simple but Powerful

    by xFilter

    Very simple to use with terrific results. Take any photograph and give it some pop!

  • Awesome

    by Mantha a

    This app is just awsome for editing... Can't even keep a single photo without editing from this app... Mind blowing... :*

  • The best out there :)

    by ezraroan

    You can chose what is blurred, not blurred, how blurred, what color, etc. it's perfect!

  • Simple & easy filtering

    by AReviewDude

    The app was very easy to use. In minutes, I had downloaded the app and was able to quickly fix a picture to blur out a photo bomber and share the photo in minutes. I use this app often because of its simplicity. There are more advanced adjustments that can be made to the filtering, but the app works great with the default settings.

  • Amazing how accurate it is!

    by MotoMucci

    Very easy to use and a million times more accurate then Instagram's DOF feature.

  • Just what I needed!

    by Vinicello

    Amazing features and adjustments! Gives you DSLR bokeh on your iPhone. Perfect for pro photos on the go!

  • Simply the best!

    by BMoreGoHard

    I can't express how much I love this app. I've been searching for a "great" blurring background app for awhile. "Smart blur" is so cool!

  • Cool, simple, and easy to use

    by MrHazlett

    The title of this says it all. Great app.

  • Very cool app

    by Fifi928

    Nice tutorial ... Like that you can switch between auto & manual to refine your photo. Think I'm going to enjoy this.

  • Very good

    by TheGhostlyBagel

    Really easy to use and you can make your pictures look alot better if you use it correctly.

  • Unbelievable Bokeh

    by JJ 5000

    This app amazes me. The best thing about DSLRs for me is the shallow depth of field and bokeh (blurry background)that it produces. This app does it beautifully with any picture. Works best with lights in the background. I love it!!!

  • Great App!

    by 7abib0

    Best app to blurry my photos, I love it! How about adding save session option? Will be awesome!

  • Fast. Easy. Works great.

    by jdmbaldwin

    AfterFocus isn't iPhone 5 optimized, but is really, really easy to use. The smart focus works quite well. Only complaint is the lack of full-sized image saving. No reason not to have this!

  • Fantastic App!

    by Jasonhere

    Takes your pictures from being a snapshot to creative photography.

  • Works Great ! I Really Recommend It (:

    by Tempe401

    If You Want To Blurry Your Photos This Is The Correct App For You :)

  • So easy!

    by b.b.4life

    Can't believe how fast, easy, and cool this is. If you're having trouble, you might have turned off the instructions. Turn them back on in settings.

  • Just what I need!

    by fr0Gburp3r

    I love this app. Gives my iPhone photos a DSLR look. It gives awesome control and fading to give my photos a real DOF. Thank you so much. Now if the devs can update to fit the iPhone 5 4 inch screen. Keep up the great work!

  • Hey Photo Pro's - Get this one!

    by Figyur_8

    I have tried all similar apps and can say this is the best app to quickly and accurately get really impressive fake DOF results - I'm actually kinda blown away by how well this app works and the "smart" controls and selection process are much more intuitive and easier to use than competing products. Best $0.99 you'll spend in the app store if you're a photographer looking for that DOF you traditionally only get with a DSLR. Nice work developers!

  • Whattttt

    by Fantasticalness!!

    I have no idea at all how to use it!!! I tried watching the video but it didn't help at all now I wasted my money on something I have no clue how to use! Yay for me! If u r one of those people who has trouble finding out how to use things I highly recommend u don't get this app sorry

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