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- if app does not have access to "Photos", but Autosave is set to "Photos", alert popup is displayed

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* iOS6, iPhone 5 fully supported
Now with VIDEO ZOOM, CLARIFY and NOISE REDUCTION! Sample movie with zoom:
Create beautiful photographs using this full-featured camera app designed for the advanced photographer, the beginner and everyone in between.
It combines features found in numerous camera apps and a few unique features and displays them in a no-nonsense, easy to use interface that allows you to concentrate on your creative side. An excellent HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature, VIDEO RECORDING, amazing SLOW SHUTTER mode and the use of FOLDERS for file management make it unique among the all camera apps. Folders, sharing, editing and effects add a whole different dimension you enter when you are finished in the full-featured shooting mode.

This is the lite version of Top Camera and includes all the features of the paid app with low resolution capture. Please consider buying the full version for high resolution support.

*** FEATURES ***

App was designed in cooperation with Artist / Photographer, David Scott Leibowitz to bring you the highest quality in every detail.
* file sharing integration
* save images to the internal gallery, in system 'Photos' or in both

In shooting mode, the app provides a host of visual aids to help you take the best photograph possible - quick, intuitive controls, two visual indicators , one to define focus, the 2nd indicator to define exposure, and many more.
* "Volume" button shutter
* "Sound" activated shutter
* Video recording
* Video zoom - full resolution, no frames dropped, no quality decrease!
* LIVE ADJUSTMENTS: contrast, brightness, saturation, temperature
* Stabilizer
* Timer
* Burst - rapid burst (about 6 photos per second) for low and medium quality
* HDR - Auto and Manual mode available with using align algorithm
* SLOW SHUTTER - Auto, Manual and Light trail modes
* FOLDERS - organize your photos into folders. You can create new folder, delete, reorder, export, change names and move photos from one folder to another.
* Zoom slider
* AWB/Focus/Exposure lock
* Screen Button
* Grid
* Virtual Horizon
* Exposure box
* Focus Box

Clicking the picture icon in the lower left corner brings you into the world of Folders, Viewing, Editing and Sharing. When you enter this section of the app, you see the contents of selected folder.
* Folders
* Export - paste image to clipboard, export to photos or send by e-mail
* Share - send one or more images to FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PICASA, YOUTUBE, DROPBOX or FLICKR.
* Add new photos - import from 'Photos', paste from clipboard or duplicate selected image
* “Select” mode - when you switch to select mode you can quickly select many images, and then delete them, change folder, send by e-mail, share on Facebook/Twitter/Picasa/YouTube/Dropbox/Flickr, export to 'Photos' and copy to clipboard

“View” button, or double tap on thumbnail will bring up the folder’s images for fullscreen viewing.
* full resolution preview
* slideshow
* display image info
* display GPS location in Maps

Tap on “Edit” button to open powerful photo editor. Here you can crop an image, fix your common photo problems like bad lighting, low contrast, fuzzy colors, apply special effects and add frame. If you are not happy, you can always revert to original image.
* crop - free mode, keep ratio, square, 2x3, 3x4, 9x16, golden proportions
* rotate - rotate 90 degrees left/right, flip horizontal/vertical
* adjust - use sliders to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, improve (definition, sharpen), temperature, tint, shadows, highlights
* effect - 72 amazing effects: clarify, fake-hdr, sketch, auto contrast, sepia, greyscale, retro, grunge, lomo, cross process, NOISE REDUCTION and many more
* borders - add simple border, vignette or edge blur

Customer Reviews

  • Love this full features app

    by Appaloosagirl2012

    Using top camera made me long for the days of useful full features devices rather than the time consuming process of adding features one by one. I mean omg create and choose folders for your photos to go into? Lovely. Seeing how the HD photo process works - love it. This app definitely makes me more comfortable using my iPhone as a camera replacement at an event.

  • Good, but...

    by AriaLHM

    High resolution photos are obviously needed to compete with all other camera apps. I would buy the full version, but given the bugs people are writing about, I will wait for an update to support iOS 7! Please make this happen, developers!

  • Great!!

    by Tinagee

    I love this app!!

  • Amazing

    by Mermaideo

    I just posted on Instagram a photo edited by this , 50 likes and two followers after five mins!

  • It's ok

    by Maddog madi

    Mine won't let me take a video

  • Produces a higher quality picture

    by Kimmy91583

    Produces a higher quality picture with great features!

  • Great app

    by Nutynutbutter1

    I love this app I don't even use my other camera anymore!

  • Best self timer with lots of features

    by clerma

    Too bad the new iOS 7 doesn't have this built in. However this app fulfills my needs.

  • It's pre good

    by DingoNbaby

    I am left speechless

  • Rating

    by 193501881871


  • Awesome

    by Danduran1000

    Great camera app!

  • Love HDR and slow shutter options

    by girl_in_camo

    I love being able to shoot slow shutter w my iPhone. Recently started using the HDR feature and love that too! Not exactly my DSLR but great to have when that camera's not with me!

  • Luv it

    by Hippster6

    I have an iPod touch so the camera quality isn't that good. This app rocks!!! You can zoom in and it is in hd.

  • Love the app

    by A Floridian

    Works great for what I do..... Love to enhance pics. Love it...thanks. User friendly.

  • Awesome

    by hdeg2007

    The rapid shot feature is awesome. Love it so far

  • DC-10

    by Bill1 Ipod

    Great program and great results.

  • Great camera

    by Dingos mom

    This is the best camera app I have found for my iPhone .

  • Loveeeee

    by o1NiCK

    Love it!!!!! Favorite is the timer! And the accessibility of all these different functions the app holds! For instance when you have bad lighting, you can adjust it to your perfect setting!

  • Love this app!

    by X0susie930x

    Couldn't ask for a better app this one is the best camera app ! :)

  • Slow shutter is crappy

    by Sarah715

    Was looking for a good long exposure app; this is not it. HDR is ok though.

  • Stupid

    by L@nny

    The first time I recorded somethin it let me record for like 10 mins. But now it only lets me recorded for like 35 seconds.

  • Horrible!

    by TNT AWSOME580

    It it doesn't make it videos slower I mean at all it doesn't make it even 1% never buy it!

  • Bad don't get

    by Wolf girls

    Wast of time

  • can't view vids

    by Tacobell99

    It will not let me view ny videos that i've taken. It just closes the app.

  • Great app

    by MOLeezWordz

    Cool features that aren't on Instagram.

  • Good App

    by JenEightSixSevenFiveThreeONine

    Takes good video and user friendly.

  • Great picture app!

    by diva_yoki

    Love this app for taking pics with my iphone

  • No probs

    by D-wordy

    Fun to use. Love saturation. Like this app doesn't ask for access to my photos.

  • Easy camera app

    by Jzzykw

    Easy to use.

  • Def a 5-

    by EStreetBrat

  • best

    by Strawberry's

    es la mejor app esta camara es fabulosa pero no puedo ver los videos pls arreglen eso

  • App

    by Amir121212

    Very good

  • Love it

    by Love2Laff;)

    The camera is epic I never had photos this accurate thank you! ~Don't stop believing

  • Love it

    by Mikeymurray

    Ive only used it for like ten second with the video zoom and the slow shutter light trail. I love it

  • Best app ever!

    by REGGCI

    This is like the best app ever! Has everything I need and want. Great editing features!

  • Top camera

    by Sydthesydkid

    This app is really good at some times but bad at another time. Sometimes when I try to click on my pictures it won't do it. The other thing is that when I zoom in the pictures are always blurry. I wish that you didn't have to get the full version to have nice pictures. But overall good app.

  • Needs more work

    by RTAT71

    Sorry to say I can not buy it. It is not accurate. It gives the wrong exposure when combine the 3 photos. Sorry

  • Love app

    by EssB91

    Love it

  • Awesome

    by Keekeelee21

    Cool. It shoots great pictures, much greater than the normal camera on the iPhone. It has amazing quality and the photos are never grainy. not being a photographer, though, I am not certain that it is perfect, though in my eyes it is perfect. Overall, it is a really cool app that doesn't need much improvement.

  • Bravo

    by Sum1zCupcake

    Love it! Best Camera App I've found.

  • Its nice

    by egdomingo

    This app is perfect for taking family pics or pics of yourself

  • Bravo

    by Esperencia

    Utile et facile à utiliser

  • The best

    by Pen1996

    It does it's job :) But needs to be able to play music while I edit my pics please!!! D:

  • Yay!

    by Codybear99

    Love it!

  • Yay! No more arm's-length self portraits.

    by Cheryl Pitre

    If you can control shutter speed or take time photographs with the Apple camera app, I don't know how to do it. This app has it all and it's easy to use! I'm not a professional photographer; but, I am having so much fun with this app! These features are exactly what I've been looking for in the Apple app. The only drawback in the free app is the low resolution. I'm hopeful that the purchased app will resolve this.

  • Top the charts

    by Weusedtobethefuture

    Simply here to say! You won't be disappointed. First class application for the experienced photographer on a budget. Goodbye yellow brick road! Acelin Fanger

  • Topcamera

    by Peterred75

    Tremenda app de cámara, para mi una de las mejores, al tener la oportunidad actualizo a la pro, recomendada 1000 x 1000

  • Top Camera

    by Allyzilla


  • Pretty good

    by Daisy fan456

    It's easy to use and still makes your picture look awesome

  • Awesome!

    by Stachic07

    Love the free features :$

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