Zombie Booth: The Horror Machine Photo & Video App Review (iOS, $0.99)


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Seller: Creative Experiences - Lisbon Labs - Solucoes Mult

- Minor bug fixes

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With Zombie Booth you'll turn every pretty face into a scary, bloody zombie! Zombie Booth is an easy to use tool that will produce an impressive result.

- Works with photos taken with your camera or from your photo library;
- Transformation process is instant with no internet connection needed;
- Save results to your photo library;
- Share with your friends via email or MMS (once saved to your photo library);

Spread horror among your family and friends!

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome!!

    by Koolbobby

    Made some really creepy photos of me family, and friends and even my dog!! It awesome but kind of hard to scale plz try to fix

  • Decent app.

    by Mommagrant

    I enjoy this app. I think it is worth the money. You only get five faces but they are scary. Awesome conversation starter and or ender... Lol. I use it on people who make me mad... I just take there pic and in ten seconds I have made them a brain sucker. Winning!

  • Zombie booth

    by Generalnmp

    Love it!!!!!!!! :)

  • Pretty cool you should try propbooth

    by cabelad64

    Propbooth is even cooler. But zombies are really fun too!

  • I want the app for Droid!

    by Bossman08834

    Ok this app makes scary Pics.Sad that this isn't what you download on the Droid. Droid app is 10X better. My friends all got their app for free and it's awesome.

  • Good solid photo app

    by Beastly22

    Disregard the other bad reviews... This app does exactly what it promises, and I got quite a few frightening pictures out of it!

  • Great!

    by Rp610

    I think it is wirth the money! You have over 5 different faces and all of them are scary! Dont listen to the other people!

  • Awesome

    by JD jaydeep


  • Great app

    by Leerhoads

    This app isn't bad at all. It's funny to prank people with. Specially telling your fiancee at work that you horrible burnt your self fixing the gas stove. Just need a update with more facial augmentations and some more scary and disgusting features. I love zombie movies and have been a huge fan for years. Get some ideas about the facial or skin mods from other zombie movies. Maybe have a full body mode with guts hanging out and stuff. Keep this App alive I love it so far.

  • Zombie booth

    by Bailey Clark

    I like it except for a few things I'd like to see some more facial stuff like,maybe create some more goreyness.maybe some scars to choose from or like u can have ripped skin on the hands or eyes.I mean other than that it's fun.it is def limited to one position and face.please add some more features.

  • Great app!!!

    by Al Faivush

    Not really sure why or how this app got bad reviews!!! Works great and does what it days with sick detail and effects!!!

  • Game

    by Blah blah111234

    I think it stinks because it should be like fat booth were you can move the eye markers and the mouth and the chin

  • not good

    by Dmb. Girl

    you have to take the picture perfect so you could put the zombie face (really hard). you need to get the person a little far. i regret buying this game

  • Completely USELESS!!

    by PapaT-Bird

    This is a total waste of time and money. They gave it this name to mimic another app of the same name but much better (ZombieBooth Lite).

  • Better things out there.

    by Thefacelesd

    There is another app called zombie booth that is way better than this one. It has lots of different faces to choose from and when you touch the screen, your zombie starts gnawing on your finger. Check it out!

  • Bad purchase

    by Mrmyq

    Under no circumstances should you spend money on this application. Completely worthless.

  • Lame!!! Don't waste your money!!!

    by helybug

    Don't do it!!

  • Zombie

    by Grizkid02

    Lame! Waste of money...the zombie lite version is better then this one. You only get about 6 different face (zombie) options. Save your money.

  • Do not buy

    by Burbeg

    Do not really think this was worth it I have free apps that work better only 5 faces and can not be size adjusted to fit the pictures

  • Zombie Booth a waste!!!

    by dwmillerRN

    This app stinks, Dont waster your time or money!!!!!!

  • Worst ever

    by Olga Matthews

    Doesn't even fill the whole face and the mask are not scary at all!!! Don't get! Listen to me and other 1 or 2 star review!!!!

  • Awful

    by Bacon911

    I thought this would be similar to Fat Booth (which I love)... This is awful in every way. Don't waste the money.

  • This app ate my dollar (and brain)

    by Disappointed Zombie

    If you are downloading because you saw this on your friends Droid, then be prepared to be sad. Really quite lame in comparison.

  • Worst app ever! Dont even consider it, way better ones out there

    by aevers01


  • Poorly done.

    by ChaCha8808

    I wouldn't buy this app it does not do what it says it does, its not worth your time nor money.

  • This is NOT the droid version

    by joelmon


  • Waste of money

    by Brantleysgma

    Do not waste your money or time. Needs updated to be like version on droid phones!!!

  • Bad app

    by Willow Kitty

    Does not work on an iphone, no sound or movement. Wasted my $$

  • Not cool

    by Krissykat0731

    This is total crap! I soo wasted my money:/ my friend has the app for the droid and that one is so freaken cool! I WANT A REFUND ASAP!!!!

  • Bootleg version!

    by M. Lomeli

    You're being mislead by savvy marketers! Please don't make the mistake I did by downloading this crappy rip off! The app you want is the one with no spaces In the title: zombiebooth!!!!!!

  • Stupid

    by Don't Buy me!!!!

    Don't waist your money!!!!

  • Total waste of money!

    by Jacob Garcia

    Paid 99 cents for only one option!?! Do not buy!!!!!!

  • Review

    by FupaTroopa

    This App is horrible. I guess if they were going to include more than one feature they would charge 2 bucks. Do Not Buy!!! It takes the fun out of wanting to make your friends Zombies thats how bad of an app this is. Wish I used the dollar on the Dollar Menu instead at McDonalds.

  • BAD

    by Coppersprout

    Don't waste your time or money!

  • iPhone=sadness

    by msmelin

    The Droid version is so cool...I want different zombifying options too. Please update this to be as amazing as the Droid version.

  • Disappointed

    by NSanm8r

    I was told that this had some better features but I now seeing the other reviews, I think they saw the droid version. Bummer. I'll keep it with hopes for a future update to be more like the droid.

  • Crap

    by neon71

    I thought this app was going to be like the Droid app. I had a friend that had the Droid version and I must say it's very cool. The Droid version is right down creepy and super fun. This app isn't anything like that one. They should either change this app ASAP to match the Droid app or give us our money back ASAP. If it's not changed I will request my money back. Time is ticking. One other thing... why does it only cover half the face?

  • crap

    by mxtl

    paid .99 for just one effect. dont buy. give my money back!

  • Droid version was MUCH better and free

    by Show937

    Fun for about a min. 1 face and can't do much with it, def not worth a buck

  • Disappointing

    by neilwato

    I bought this app because my brother has a droid and his has many more options for facial distortions. This app does what it says it will do, bit there's only one option for facial distortion. It's a bit of a disappointment after paying .99c.

  • Terrible

    by KyKidd

    I have owned an iPhone since the day it came out. This is by far the WORST app I have ever paid. I feel like I have been scammed.

  • Crap

    by BobLobLawAtLaw

    Don't do it. It's not like the cool one that you can get with the Droids.

  • Zombie Booth

    by Full On Kustom!

    Junk! I want my .99 back!!! I wasted 10 minutes of my life I will never get back.....

  • Just one effect?

    by bertim_

    Should have more... Do not worth the money.

  • Booooo!

    by Bones1339

    Really isn't good. Don't waste your money. Get another zombie app instead.

  • Crapware

    by oakteam

    Wasted my money. Don't do it!

  • Not the right game

    by Snmmcd

    Ripoff of a good game

  • I shoulda read reviews...

    by bigstardog

    I shoulda read reviews...I wouldn't have spent $$ for this very limited app that should be FREE! :-(.

  • Rip-off!

    by Ckisdaone

    Worthless rip-off, do not buy it!

  • Worthless

    by CiscoLopez

    I was looking for zombie booth 3d but downloaded this app by accident.

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