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One of Santa’s elves, apparently on a test run, crashed through my roof last night, sending an industrial sleigh and all its contents crashing into my sofa where I had been perched moments before, watching ALF reruns, next to a bag of expired Valentine’s Day chocolates and a stuffed animal of ambiguous origin (possibly Yeti-related).

My Yeti remained unscathed, but the sweets were done for. I tried to check on the elf (who had since rolled into the fetal position), but when I tapped it on the shoulder, I received a torrent of pepper spray in the eyes. “This stays between us,” the elf shouted, making for the door and dragging the sleigh with it. “Remember, Elf knows where you live!”

Here’s what’s new!
- Print Edited Photos: We’re thrilled (thrilled, I say!) to announce that you can now print your edited photos using our app. There was a tricky little bug that took a while for our engineer to track down, but if you make edits to your photos using any editing apps (e.g. Instagram, iPhone’s photo editor, etc.), the new photo will now print! Huzzah!
- We also found more bugs, which I promptly baked into a pie and ate. Not super delicious, but very much in the upcycling holiday spirit!

Happy holidays! We’ll see you in 2014. I’ve got a roof to duct-tape!

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Send prints to anyone's doorstep! Send photos printed on premium archival photo paper straight from your phone, free shipping if you order 10 or more prints!

Want to pick them up from a Walgreens, CVS, Target or Duane Reade store near you instead? You can! Kicksend locates the stores nearest to you, so you can print and pick up your photos from the store in under an hour!

With Kicksend, you can also send photo albums through email or SMS from your iPhone with just a tap. Kicksend is the only app you’ll need to keep in touch, whether you’re a few miles or a few oceans away.

Featured by Apple in "Find the Perfect Present" and "Mother's Day", and as seen in the NYT, Mashable, Lifehacker, TechCrunch, The Next Web, Yahoo and many more!

“Kicksend is that missing link for wireless, simple photo sharing that you’ve needed but never had.” - The Next Web

“Your parents are going to love it.” - TechCrunch


- NEW: Home delivery for your photos! Pick photos right off your phone, and we'll print and deliver them to anyone's doorstep! Enjoy free shipping with orders of 10 prints or more. (USA only)
- Order photo prints off your phone for 1-hr pickup at your local Walgreens, CVS, Target or Duane Reade store (USA only)
- Send unlimited full-quality photos. No size limits so you’ll never resize another photo.
- Share entire photo albums with a tap. Gone are the days of texting photos one by one.
- Send photo albums directly to any phone number or email address.

- Set weekly reminders to send photos so your loved ones never miss out.
- Automatically organize your iPhone photos into albums instantly ready for sharing.
- Comment on photos to engage in conversations with your friends and family.

- Show your love for particular albums by “hearting” them.
- 100% private: Only share photos with people you care about - without getting a thousand random friends involved.
- Easy enough for anyone to use without tech support or training.
- View and download photos from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Download now and say hello to happy relatives!

Questions? Send us an email at and we’ll do our best to help you out!

Customer Reviews

  • Love

    by Adelle198230

    Love this app! It's easy convenient and inexpensive. The quality of pictures is good too! Will recommend to family/friends

  • Mom

    by Tschri

    Sunday came so quickly & I had forgotten to develop photos for my son's class project. Kicksend made it so convenient & saved the day

  • Great App/ Great Quality Prints

    by MyNameIsLiLi

    This app is easy to use and the quality of the prints is excellent. I've used them once and would definitely use them again.

  • So easy to use

    by Kaymela23

    I love this app. My mom gets pics of her grandsons at least once every two weeks and I never have to upload anything. Very happy :)

  • Love love love

    by Brandy Catt

    I absolutely LOVE this app!! I can't believe I can pick the pics I want from wherever I am and they will be ready to pick up when I get there. It's fast, EASY, and awesome!! The people that came up with this are genius'!!! :)

  • Love it

    by Lil dizzy dave

    The pictures quality is good not great but good.. This app is a God send! My photos print fast! It takes a while to send them to the store but its worth it :)


    by Betsy Cuellar

    I seriously love this app! The photos turned out great and it was so quick and easy! This has to be one of the best apps ever Because It's amazing! I will always be using this!

  • Excellent sercice

    by Yaserbeam

    Quick and easy.

  • Easy to use. High quality pictures.

    by Yoho7764218

    Enough said.

  • Don’t order square pictures

    by passepartoot

    Nice app, but the won’t process square pictures, though they will charge you for it. Have a problem? They don’t respond to “Contact us.” I tried this several times.

  • Love this app!!!

    by Cool legumes

    This app is SO cool! It's useful and seems too good to be true, but it's not. I tried it for the first time, choosing 10 pictures to print. I downloaded the app, selected prints, sent them off to Walgreens, and they were ready for pick up within just a few minutes! The whole process took less than 10 minutes from the time I downloaded the app, until pictures were ready for pick up. The pics turned out crystal clear, too. So easy! Love, love, love it!

  • Kicksend app.

    by Mike Prott

    Easy to use, And works great.

  • Awesome app!!!

    by Smm1129

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! I've been waiting for something like this to come along to be able to print my iPhone pics without losing their resolution!!! Highly recommend it!! Print quality was awesome!

  • Easy Peasy

    by Roe1951

    Love this app. Took just a few minutes to add pics and off they went to be processes. Sent mine to Target and they were done quickly. Nice quality prints!

  • Awesome!

    by Suzmoriarty

    Super easy and convenient!

  • Great service

    by MaryJ75225

    I used Kicksend to send photos to my mom, who doesn't do email attachments, so she was thrilled to have them. However, I made a mistake in the shipping address and noticed that when I got the confirmation. I emailed customer service. The order was already in process so they sent another set to the corrected address. It's quick, easy and the photos were great.

  • My New Favorite App :) Amazing!!!

    by Coolest App Ever!!! -David

    I absolutely LOVE this App! I use it for sending pictures I've taken with my iPhone to my local CVS, 2 miles down the road. Emails were sent to me once CVS revieved my pictures from the app, and then around an hour later once the photos were ready for pickup. Like another reviewer, I have never written a review on any app, or anything else for that matter, but I wholeheartedly love and recommend this app! Cool and convenient!!!

  • Great App with an amazing customer support

    by Captain Tita

    This is indeed an amazing App. So easy to use and customer service is highly professional and friendly !!!

  • Brilliant!

    by Aaron Vowels

    My wife found Kicksend first, but when I saw how easy it was and how great the prints turned out, I was hooked. Not expensive, right to your door delivery (if you prefer), and their user satisfaction department is labeled "customer happiness." Of course, that's what we're all looking for, right?! To be happy with our photos the first time. I look forward to more Kicksend usage in the future.

  • Best App EVER!

    by Dck3377

    This app is absolutely wonderful. It's Incredibly easy to use and convenient. If you take ANY pictures with your smartphone you will want this app! Download it now!!!

  • Best App Ever!! Wish I would have known sooner!

    by Lacyjanelle78

    Best app ever! If your like me, you have 4000+ pics on your phone. This app accesses your photos, lets you choose the ones you want to print, locates the nearest photo printing centers, and emails you as soon as they are ready for pickup! Best part is.. It tells you which places print instagram 4x4 pics which for me is a must! I wish i would have known about it sooner!!!

  • Love!!

    by Cathyzeledon

    I just got my pics in the mail & they are great! I ordered 35 pics & came out to like $15. Shipping is very quick too! The pics come out exactly like u have them on your phone! Will defiantly continue to order!!

  • Firefighter

    by Daniel Lane Watkins

    This app is awesome!

  • Ipad version

    by Tigger & me

    This is great. However it does not show up as an app on my ipad. Why?

  • Great App!

    by 

    This app was so easy to use, the prints from cvs turned out great and they were ready right away! Kicksend's customer service team made sure I was happy with everything! Thanks Kicksend!

  • Happy science fair momma

    by Scmeads76

    Pictures turned out great! It was so easy to use and I was notified as soon as they were ready! Very impressed

  • Great app!!

    by BF113

    Extremely easy to use and pictures were ready very quickly. I now have no excuse not to print out all my pictures. Highly recommend!!

  • Carm

    by Goumbaa

    Great prints and very convenient.

  • they did a lousy job

    by Momo1955

    i tried this app to print some pictures and was very disapointed. my 4 year old grandson knows how to size the picture to the paper. my mistake was assuming the technician that printed my pictures did too. of the 36 pictures i had printed, half had to be returned because they weren't properly formatted. tops and sides of heads had been cut off. now i have to have those reprinted somewhere else. what a waste of my time this was.

  • Didn't work

    by Krissy343

    I tried twice to send photos to cvs and it didn't work. Both times it told me that they were sent, but when I checked on them, they hadn't received anything.

  • Photos no longer stuck on my phone!

    by CBKY2

    I am in love with this app! There may be other way so printing pictures from my phone, but I can't imagine an easier one. I have been able to order prints on a 10-minute break at work, while my kids are playing, and while waiting for dinner to cook. The quality of the prints is fantastic. And the Kicksend team has sent me personal emails just to see how I like the app and my prints. Download it now!

  • Wow

    by Hipchik_leah

    Great app

  • Could be amazing

    by Michael Belisle

    Would be a 5 star app but I get kicked out every time I start selecting photos. It just shuts down. Please fix! This would be an awesome app to be able to have. Thanks

  • Awful

    by Kickboxingrunner

    Ordered prints in 1/10, went to CVS that evening to get them since I had an email. Not ready. Today, 1/31 got another email and called the store. Finally 2 weeks later I can pick them up when I'm out of town for the event I wanted the pictures for!

  • Awesomeeee!

    by KDoss116

    Amazing app! My prints came out great and the app is so easy to use! Love it!

  • Mom-in-law won't disown me now - Happy customer!

    by Genevieve F

    This app just made me a better daughter-in-law! I've captured tons of fun family photos on my phone and share them easily with others via text, email, or social media. But my mother-in-law is not online and though I keep promising her prints, as a busy parent, I never seem to have the time to get it done. My husband does not have a smart phone or camera (I know - ridiculous), so the photo thing is all on me. Just tried Kicksend for the first time the other day when we were getting ready to head to my mom-in-law's. Hooray! Interface was super easy to navigate and the process was simple and quick. Picked up photos 20 minutes later at the drugstore and showed up at mom-in-law's house a hero. I will definitely be using this app again! Thank you!

  • Great Way to Mail Pics to Grandparents

    by LA guy12

    Kicksend is finally the app i can use to quickly & EASILY send pics of the kids to the grandparents. i love that this works so seamlessly.

  • Great App!

    by 458975djy

    Love the photos! Very good quality and I was also very pleased with how simple it was to place an order! I will be ordering again! :)

  • Excellent!

    by EC10!

    Very quick and easy! Much better than snapfish!

  • Love this app!

    by Nikkimarmar

    This app is amazing. It's easy to get pictures printed off you phone to your local photoshop!

  • Kicksend

    by Sr KK

    Fantastic!! I needed a few photos rather quickly& I found this Ap. I ordered them from Walgreens & they emailed me within a few minutes that they were ready for pickup. They did a fantastic job. The quality was great. I will definitely use them again. Will also recommend them to my family & friends.

  • 5 stars

    by Evil Ian02

    Very quickly had my photos ready at local cvs. Simply to use and pictures were good quality! Thanks!

  • Awesome

    by Mr.anc

    Very easy to use. Prints were ready at my local cvs the same day. I am defiantly going to use this app a lot.


    by McKayyyy

    Every photo was crystal clear! Totally suggest this app! great job, looooove it!

  • Kicksend!

    by Betzielou

    I recently downloaded this app & used it today. I was very satisfied with it. It was easy to use & emails kept me up to date on the process of printing/ready to pick up. And received an email wanting to know if I was satisfied.

  • Great app!!

    by Tay1111112

    My photos turned out great! I think this is an awesome service. I hate going somewhere and printing pictures so this was the perfect solution. I have already told multiple friends about the kicksend app! I will definitely use kicksend in the future!

  • Finally!

    by Missjopa

    I can't tell you how easy this was to use! Generally when I try to print out photos, it becomes this frustrating three hour long project, so finding this was such a delight. I selected a store, selected my photos and done. I got an email the next morning saying my photos were ready for pick up down the road. Thank you!

  • Superb

    by Lovelin Descalso

    Tried and true. Got my print at the closest location frm me. Ordered late at night... Woke up to notification saying my prints were ready for pick up. Sooo convenient since I can just pick it up right away versus waiting 5-10+ days for it to be delivered. I ordered a bunch of 4x6 and 2 8x10. Came out great. Great price. Totally affordable. New satisfied customer! Thank you.

  • Both Quality and Quantity!

    by Timika Simmons

    I'm a busy mom of 3 with a full time executive job. This app allowed me to print photos from my phone that I've been storing for years! Very easy to use. Worked great with my local pharmacy. Received email alerts when prints were ready. Orders on my lunch break and picked up my quality prints on the way home! Finally able to complete my family photo album collections. Thanks!

  • Couldn't be easier...

    by Silver Fish

    The prints are great and the process couldn't have been easier. I will definitely use Kicksend for all future orders; customer service has been great!

  • LOVE IT!

    by Megrpoo

    I found this app while trying to print a ton of photos from my Instagram feed. It was so easy to download, pick the photos, search for the print shop, and send them off. Everything was so quick and seamless! Can't recommend this app enough!

  • Quality prints

    by Wesyltm02

    I like the quality of these prints! I have been frustrated with shutterfly cropping pics and cutting out important parts of my pics and that does not happen here! There are a couple issues with the happen (sometimes it freezes up when uploading the pics and you have up start over) (sometimes if you go back to add more pics it empties the ones you've already added) but it's easy to use and the quality if the pics are good!

  • Kicksend review

    by BethanyR123

    I absolutely love the app kicksend! I had a lot of pictures on my iPhone that I wanted to print out and this app made it SO easy to print to my nearest location! I would DEFINITELY recommend this app! :)


    by Me likey!!"!"!"!

    Not only was this SO convenient, but I got an email from the company asking if I was satisfied with the print the day I picked it up. I could tell it was a personal email Bc punctuation was pretty poor haha but the point was that they care about their users and you don't find that anymore. I highly highly recommend this. I never print pics Bc it's usually such a 'job' and as a single mom with 3 kids I need things to be EASY. And this was.

  • Fantastic!

    by CincyWestie

    I've used Kicksend twice now and could not be happier! The prints are high quality and ordering is super easy. First time I had them mailed, but today I needed them in time for art class tonight so I placed the order for pick-up at a nearby Walgreen's; they were ready an hour later. What could be simpler? Great service, great results!

  • Super easy...and fast!

    by Beautyproductlover

    This app is perfect for getting my iPhone photos made into real prints with just a click of a button. They were printed within a few hours at my local CVS and I just paid and was on my way. So quick and easy. I will certainly use this app anytime I need prints in a hurry or just prints in general. Nice work!

  • Love this app!

    by Theresa Verrelle

    Really easy to use. It tells you the closest store that prints photos.You get emails when your pictures are ready for pick-up. And the quality of the pics is great!

  • :)

    by KathyDae

    Very happy with my prints

  • Best pics ever!!!!

    by Bessettec

    Perfect pictures, thank u!!!

  • Great app

    by Wheat83

    This is a great app that's easy to use and really convenient!!

  • Works wonderfully

    by Rue de la Huchette

    I used this app while visiting family down south. Took some great photos and picked them up at a nearby Walgreen's on the way home - all within an hour! It was quick and really couldn't have been easier.

  • Love this app!

    by AnnaSophia S.

    Best app I've ever found. Great quality pictures. Wonderful customer service. Customer for life!

  • Very happy customer!

    by Rmsdms

    This app was a quick download, easy access to my camera roll & was convenient in my choices of local CVS stores. The app was self explanatory, no trouble navigating & pictures were exactly as I expected. This app just made my life even easier. Great app, thx!!

  • Love it!

    by Brittneyk86

    I highly recommend this app!! Not only are the pictures great quality but they get to you quick and it's STRAIGHT off your phone. No computer needed or even have to leave your house! That's a deal. Lastly it's cheap. All good things! I have to add... The personal touch they add kept me for sure. Thank KS!!!

  • Kicksend

    by Iron man bart

    I love kicksend. This is the first time trying to get pictures from my iPhone and they turned out great. I wi be using them Again.

  • So Simple to use

    by Fotodva

    I love this app. I needed photos from my phone asap. It was so easy to use. I loaded my photos and they were ready in an hour or less. No drama, so simple!!

  • Love this app!

    by thenunezreport

    Such a great app for ordering photos! It's easy to use and the photos come out great! Will definitely be using this app often! :)

  • Print your phone's pictures NOW!

    by ekmcreynolds

    I have taken a million pictures of my family. I've printed none. It's always been difficult to upload and select images to purchase. With Kicksend, you can get your pictures sent to be printed in less time that it takes to change a newborn's dirty diaper. If you're a Mom who wants an easy way to get their phone's adorable pictures of their families printed- this app is for you!

  • Kicks end

    by Nana-Oma

    Great app so easy to use

  • It rocks!

    by SuannRio

    Couldn't be easier, and staff couldn't be nicer! Thank you for creating just what I was looking for!!

  • Magnificent Photos

    by Anniefoofoo

    I saw a Like Page on FaceBook about KickSend. Little did I know it was the fastest service I'm come across in a long time. I really like KickSend and has since used it again. The Quality of the photos are Amazing!!! I would Recommend KickSend to anybody!!! By Grateful Customer

  • Fantastic!!!

    by BusyMom1999

    Love this app! Easy to use and great customer service!

  • Love :)

    by Cupcke1125

    I LOVE this app! I take so many pictures with my phone and I hate trying to print them. It's always such a hassle but this app makes it so easy. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone.

  • Love this

    by Melcl

    This app was simple to use!! I have so many cute photos on my phone. i wasn't sure how to download them toy computer. I found this app and tried it. I used Walgreens. It walked me through what to do. The support staff is awesome!!! As soon as I sent and received my order someone from kicksend was asking if I was satisfied. Sure do not have much customer care with technology today.

  • Love this app!!

    by Dyxjfsfj

    One of my new favs!! So convenient and the print was perfect!!! AND a one on one email making sure I was happy with my print...who does that these days!?!?!? You will love it!!

  • Awesome!

    by majeski18

    Awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Super easy, super fast, super awesome. Great contact from various people at kick send just emailing me to see how I liked the app. Totally into it and it will be my go to app for all picture developing. You definitely should download this app!!

  • Great!!

    by Lilyevansatr

    Love it!! So easy to use.

  • Great!

    by Kelbel11111

    It took no time to pick the pictures I wanted and get them printed ! Easy and wonderful

  • So convenient!

    by Mblove725

    This app has been so convenient for me! The prints are sent to the store fast and they're ready for me to pick them up within the hour. So much easier than the hassle of going onto my computer am having to email myself the photos. Definitely recommend.

  • Love!

    by Andi Gros

    Love this app! Never been easier to get prints done.. I have so many photos I have needed to get printed over the years and with this app it made the whole process so convenient! The customer service is great.. I would recommend this app! It is run by a great group of people who have awesome ideas.. ! -Andi :)

  • Only limited to camera roll

    by Аchille

    The app is limited to select photos from the camera roll. It won't allow selecting from the photo stream, an album or a shared photo stream. I promise to make this a 5 star review once you guys add this feature.

  • LoVe

    by badfedmom

    This is an amazing app. I love that I can do it all from my phone and with in minutes have the photos in my hand and on my wall.

  • Just what I needed

    by Rebekha D

    I love this app, amazing

  • Ease

    by Eric Haven

    I loved the ease and immediate turn around (same day) from pix taken on my iPhone. So convenient, making it possible to leave an immediate, good and memorable impression. Eric

  • Great app!

    by Doggsowner11

    Easy to use. Quick turnaround on the prints! I was very pleased and it's something I will use over and over

  • Accountant

    by Maureenkgraham

    Love this app! Prints were ready super fast, and it was easy to use!

  • The Best!

    by Beautiful & Unique

    I LOVE Kicksend! So happy that I found this awesome app! It's the best EVER! It's super easy to choose the pics you want and to send them to one of your local stores for pickup. I love it. The people from this company are so kind and respond very quickly. Thanks for this awesome app. :)

  • Awesome!

    by Kevotulsa

    I had wanted to print some photos from my iPhone and put it off since I wasn't sure how to proceed. I came across Kicksend app and decided to try it. I LOVE IT! It was extremely easy to use as the app walks you through. I selected the photos I wanted printed, selected the store nearest me and done. I immediately got an email saying my photos were being processed and in less than 1 hour another email saying my photos were ready. I picked them up and they were great! You will love this app!

  • Fantastic app

    by Shoegal34

    I ordered some of my wedding pictures using this app and they turned out great! Will definitely use this regularly. A must have!

  • Great App

    by Emac9933

    Easy and inexpensive to send pics to family or have them printed and pick them up from CVS

  • Great App

    by Kathryn Wilson

    Wonderful app for sharing and printing photos, and the customer service is amazing. Highly recommend!

  • Amazing!!!!!!

    by car35

    Download it now!! I downloaded, picked the pics I wanted, picked the most convenient store to pick them up at and walah picked them up on my next trip to the store. I even paid for them at the store and not over my phone. Fast, convenient, and easy!!!


    by Nickname turtle

    I was a little unsure the first time I used this about how the prints would turn out..I was extremely happy when I picked them up at Walgreens I have since had more prints done and will continue to do so I have even had some friends sign up due to the way my prints looked !! Just love it !!

  • Best way to print photos on phone!!

    by Tripledecker

    Best app I've found!! So quick and so easy!! Kudos to the developers!

  • Great app!!!

    by Neil Harper

    I found this great app thru Facebook and I thought I would give it a try! Sent 2 pictures to CVS and they were ready within the hour! Easy and quick... What we all want in our hectic lives!!!! A must have!!!!

  • Quicksend

    by Dynamite Napoleon

    Loved it!! So quick and easy!!

  • Best photo transfer app ever!

    by Jess f jtown

    I never write reviews. I read the reviews on this app, went with it, and hell ya! I used it to transfer a few pictures from my iPhone to my local cvs. I downloaded the app, it found my cvs For me, asked me which pictures (which were clearly organized and easy to select), pressed done and Picked them up an hour later. It took less than 5 minutes. U know what..I bet it took less than 3 minutes. Awesome. Def recommend.

  • Smith52204

    by Smith52204

    Super impressed! I have such a headache with other photo apps. This one is the best! Super quick and easy! I will def spread the word!

  • Great ap!

    by Shamus529

    This is a great ap. easy to use and sends pictures to store close to you. Love it!!

  • Best app ever!

    by LRW & CCW

    Using this app was so easy. I have thousands of pictures on my phone and I dread the process of downloading then onto the computer and then transferring them onto a flashdrive and then taking them to get printed. With this app I had all my pictures ordered within 10 minutes and they were ready for pick up in an hour. It was fast, easy and not expensive.

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