DISNEY PHOTO A DAY - Daily Wallpaper from WDW and Disneyland Photo & Video App Review (iOS, $6.99)


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Seller: Keith Kolmos

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Need a little magic to brighten your day?

Over 400 beautiful images from the WDW and DLR resorts. One unique image from October 1, 2011 through December 31st, 2012.

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Need a little magic to brighten your day?
DIS Photo a Day delivers a pick me up in the form of a new photo taken at DLR, DCA, WDW, or the DVC Resort each and every day. That's right for each day in 2012 - 7 days a week your iPhone / iPad will be able to view a new, high quality image. Each image will be accompanied by a fun fact about the image subject or a note on how the particular image was captured so you can try to duplicate the image yourself next time you are in the parks. You can set the image as your iPhone / iPad wallpaper or share them with your friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

A Photo a Day without the hassle!

For just one purchase you will end up with a NEW photo every single day of 2012! You do not need to purchase anything else in order to receive future photos. Once you purchase Dis Photo a Day, all future photos will download automatically to your device - no software update is required!

From the Home Screen you can

- View Today's Photo (and the daily photo from the previous 30 days)
- View your Favorite Photos that you have personally selected
- Take a chance a view a Random Photo from our collection

3G or WiFi internet connection is required.

All photos included in the app were taken by either Cory Disbrow, Adam Hansen or Keith Kolmos unless otherwise noted.

Customer Reviews

  • Ok

    by Koke Jago


  • Love this app

    by mitchryder

    To have a new picture from Disney everyday is the best I share them with my family to make them smile

  • Dis Photo a Day

    by Veronica Lake

    Love this app!! Getting a little piece of Disney everyday without being there bring a smile to my face.

  • Great App

    by curley33

    Having been there several times, it's great to see things that are brand new to me or seen in a different light, as well as the ones I have my pictures of. Thanks. CW

  • Great app

    by Ktleens

    Love it

  • Disney Photo a Day

    by Billm_123

    Fantastic pictures

  • Amazing!

    by KingdomKeeper4Life

    Absolutely amazing! Best quality pics of WDW and Disneyland I've ever seen! :D

  • Love the uniqueness and variety!

    by luckycat2012

    Beautiful Disney photos! I love the variety -- from unique angles, to close ups of details, to castle views. I like seeing things in these photos that I might not have noticed before. Love how great these look on my iPhone. Great app for Disney fans and for anyone who wants daily Disney magic!

  • Great app

    by Czarnecki11

    I'm a Disney fanatic and an avid casual photographer. These pictures give me a piece of the World when I can't be. It also gives me ideas to try when I get there.

  • Awesome app!

    by Igiawhoyou

    Love it!

  • Great!!

    by JessNev12

    Great app!

  • Awesome!!!!

    by OutPsyder

    I love this app!! I am a huge Disney freak and I love the photos that are put up daily. Beautiful shots!!!! I even have some set as wallpaper!!! Keep them coming!!!

  • Disney Diva

    by RenaeBomb

    I bought this app for myself and two gifts for my daughters. We love getting our photo each day. Helps to get us through until our next trip. Love that you can save your favorites right to your phone!

  • Great app.

    by SenorGreg

    I love to turn to this app daily for a quick reminder of my past vacations. Excellent photos.

  • Magical!

    by Broadway'smissinggeek

    Amazing photos every day just as advertised. The quality of every shot is so worth the price of the app. Looking forward to new shots of the New Fantasyland in WDW and the Be Our Guest Restaurant!

  • Fantastic Disney app!

    by AJs_Chica16

    Beautiful pictures! Great app for Disney park lovers! One of my favorites for sure!

  • Great pictures

    by mouseman67

    I love the daily trip to Disney

  • Fantasmic! Love this app!!!

    by Swtsexy0824

    Love this app!!

  • Awesome!

    by djn72

    It gives me a little bit of Disney every day. It helps me see a lot of the subtleties that I miss at the park because I'm so busy. Keep up the great work!

  • Good Morning Disney

    by KimmyK888

    Love to wake up every morning to a new Disney pic! Helps get me through till our next trip!!! Great pictures....and so many if them show me things I've seen before from a different angle or something to look for at our next trip.

  • Can't save

    by SarahElBi

    Like the pics bit I get an error when I try to save one. The whole reason I bought it was for new wallpapers and it doesn't work!

  • Where did all the DL photos go

    by Nicajah

    This app use to be great once in a while we would get a photo of Disneyland but over a month all we get is Florida. I have had this app for a long time but now I am ready to delete. If you like WDW you will love this app

  • EXCELLENT...!!!!!

    by Mark Wibb

    What a great app...!!! The photos from thus app are stunning. If your a Disney Parks fan...you gotta get this app ASAP..!! Keep them coming and thanks..!!

  • I Love, Love, Love this app!!!

    by Happygma2

    This app is the first thing I check every morning. I really loved the Holloween pictures and can't wait for the Christmas ones!! It makes me smile every morning! Disney is the best way to start everyday!!

  • Awesome app!!!!

    by Mollygray

    I love all things Disney, but am not able to visit as much as I would like. The pictures make me smile, thinking about the day I will make the trip there again. Thanks for all the beautiful scenes!!!

  • Love!

    by Bethyyloveee

    I love this app! I look at it every morning! I hope you plan on making a Christmas one like you did with Halloween! Would be awesome if we could submit pics for review and have them posted!

  • Great photos!

    by Jackie's PC

    Great photo wallpapers to help my family get excited to get to WDW. Thanks!

  • LOVE this app

    by Daisy10727

    Perfect to help get my family even more excited for our upcoming trip to WDW, I only wish there was a setting to choose which park to get photos of. We aren't going to Disneyland so I hate showing my boys the photos of things they won't see on our trip

  • Just a suggestion

    by LoveBug68

    Love the app!!! Love the high quality pics! But sometimes I forget to look. I would love a text a day or a notification everyday would be a cool thing!

  • Great app!

    by stickfire116

    This is a fun app that brings me back to WDW every time.

  • Great app

    by Judbug2

    Every morning the first thing I do is look at my Disney picture of the day. Make me want to be there. Love this app!!

  • Disney photo app

    by Tzss90

    I love this app!! I can't wait to see the new photo everyday! If you love Disney you really need to get this app!

  • Some photos are great but...

    by CAVSFAN6969

    Some of your photos are great but recently d photos are stupid. Nobody wants to see pictures of people, we want to see pictures of d castle and all of the attractions!!!!!!!!!!!! I want a refund if this doesn't change!!!!!!!

  • Great App

    by Evil on Everest

    Love the daily pics! Here you think you take enough on vacation and then you see these....it's great!

  • Awesome!

    by Reno Disney Fan

    This is a great app and I look forward to seeing what the Disney pic is. Wonderful and one of the best apps I have purchased!

  • Awesome App!

    by Magical Minnie

    Love the high quality pictures - make you feel you are right there! And I like that you can see randomly selected pictures. Lots of fun - well worth downloading. I look forward to each day's new picture.

  • Love it

    by Veryveryvalerie

    It's one of my favorite apps. I look forward to seeing what photo will pop up each day!

  • great app

    by tiedyemargie

    I love this app and really enjoy the more obscure photos as well as the recognizable ones. We stay at the Boardwalk often, so those photos are particular favorites.

  • Very nice app

    by Pogo885

    I love getting one picture per day. The only frustration I have is that I have spent almost one week so far deleting the same pictures from my favorites folder. Just when I thought they were gone, they come back when I re-open the app. What good is the delete button if it won't work?


    by Robyn_Lynn

    It is one of the highlights of our day to see the beautiful pictures and make a list of the places we will be sure to visit next time we are there.

  • Photo Quality

    by D23MEMBER71

    I am having mixed feelings about this app. Ive had this app from the beginning and have liked it. Now the photos aren't the most reconizable photos and sometimes i don't even know where the photos are taken. Im just asking that you put more reconizable photos. And put the ipad photo blog version on here. Those are great quality photos and everyone can relate to them. Please at least read my review.

  • Awesome

    by Clint Gerrity

    This app brings back all the fun and magic that is Disney!

  • Beautiful pics!!!

    by Jkdbjj

    I love it!

  • Disney magic

    by Flutternugget19

    I have been in love with anything Disney since the first time I saw cinderella's castle. And now with this app I get to keep a little piece of this magic home. It truly is a wonderful addition to the Disney lovers life.

  • Great app

    by Katieam1

    The most amazing pictures!!! Gives me my daily Disney dose! Love it

  • Dis Disney "MAGIC"

    by Mouseketeer Fan

    A magical dream come true :) Nice app must have for Disney fans.

  • A break from reality !

    by ThreePointOneFourOneFiveNine

    I look forward to seeing the picture of the day. It gives me a mini mental vacation any time of the day!

  • Disney Cheer Everyday!

    by JessTV

    I love this app! The photos are beautiful and unique. I love seeing a new photo everyday- a little Disney magic to an otherwise boring day makes it brighter. The app also has nice photo recommendations for your next trip. I like the favorite, save, and share features- my iPhone now has a lovely Spaceship Earth background. This is a must have for a Disney Fanatic. I'm so happy I purchased it

  • Beautiful

    by virgehokie

    I love starting my day with these lovely images. My 6 year old boys enjoy looking at the pictures & selecting their favorites. It helps us pass the time as we count the days to our Disney trip!

  • Great Pictures

    by Skipper23419

    I can't wait everyday to see what the picture of the day will be. Really enjoy this app and great quality pictures. Thanks

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