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This is for 3G only! Missing the nice sharp in-focus detail of your DSLR camera on your iPhone?

Miss no more! Or at least that's our aim, to reproduce the nice sharp in focus detail and the gradual depth of field of the out of focus area.

We are trying our best to give you that nice DSLR feeling on your iPhone, this includes a countdown timer to help you stabilize your shot perfectly.

There are 3 ways you can "focus" in:

- Automatic: let the app decide what to focus on, this is the default mode and we will improve our algorithm constantly so please don't be disappointed if at first it wont guess what you really want to focus on, because you can use our next mode:

- Manual, or "tap to focus": you click anywhere on the screen where you want your focus to be, a nice feature is that you can also re-size the focus area, making it wider,smaller,bigger,taller or any way you like.

- Disabled: this will act as a normal camera, plus you can still use the timer to take your steady photo or self portrait.

A couple of notes:

- IF YOU HAVE A 3GS you have it already! :) We will add support for 3GS depth of field in one of our frequent updates.

- We cannot show a real time preview of the autofocus effect, the camera hardware doesn't have it, so we will show you a preview of the auto/manual focus once you've taken your picture.
You can then decide how much of that effect you want to apply, if you are not happy at all with it, you can revert it to a normal camera shot, so it will be like using the normal camera app.
(Use the simple to use "falloff slider" to perform this operation, warning: it could be a bit slow to slide due to the fact that will need to recalculate the picture focus every time you slide it)

- This can be seen as a good DOF, Depth Of Field, approximation as well, this would really give your photo that DSLR look&feeling that they are missing!

- Again, we cannot stress enough that we cannot perform a real hardware autofocus, this is just a software attempt or "passive" autofocus, we believe though that the final effect is pleasant to the eye.

- Best results achieved outdoor with good sun lighting, the iPhone camera doesn't work really well in low-lighting conditions, neither our app! Although sometimes nice soft indoor shots are surprisingly good!

Taking this into consideration please give it a go, and if you really really don't like it at least give us 2 stars for the cute little swan! :)


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