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Fix for compatibility issues with dRAW/TIFF file format

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Unveil your photographic skills and create professional, amazing high dynamic range images on your iPad (or iPhone) in few simple steps.

Connect your DSLR camera to the iPad and transfer the bracketed images (usually exposed with aperture priority at -1 EV, 0 EV, +1 EV intervals). Then use the Mobile HDR application to combine these images, remove blurry areas (ghosts), apply filters and adjust colors.

Besides a DSLR, you can also use "HDR Photo Camera" application (available on App Store) to capture the bracketed frames.

Mobile HDR application uses the exposure fusion technique to combine three independently exposed images, by selecting the most relevant elements from each of them, resulting into a high dynamic range image.

Key features:
* three (3) frames multilevel HDR processing engine
* automatic and manual ghosts removal
* composition filters (Natural, Vignette, Dynamic, Vibrant, Sky Map™)
* anisotropic alignment for handheld HDR shooting
* HDR enhancement (tone mapping)
* post-processing color adjustment
* adjustable parameters
* automatic reference image detection
* 16 Mpx (and more) compatible

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent for pros

    by GAA1

    Tried almost all of the other apps for HDR and this one did what I was looking for. The other apps just couldn't take 3 photos from my library and combine them into one HDR. This app does it and gives you a lot of controls to adjust the image. Now with all of these camera's that are now available with wireless functions to the ipad and able to take multiple shots for HDR settings I have eliminated the computer almost completely. (Except for backing up the originals.) Almost skipped this app because of past bad reviews. I'm so glad I didn't. This app is worth the money compared to computer apps costing a lot more.

  • HDR on the go, fast n easy

    by Ratcat195

    I've been looking for a photo app that can stitch 3 bracket exposures I take with the Pureshot camera app. Learned about Mobile HDR at iPhotography web page and I'm really impressed by the results of Mobile HDR . After HDR post process I recommend Filterstorm and Photoshop Touch for further editing

  • This program works well as intended

    by Hummingbird605

    In regards to the negative reviews: this is not an HDR taking program. It is an HDR creation program which can work with image files from real cameras. It works with three images which is the minimum required for a real HDR. It does an excellent job in a straightforward way. It gives you some control over the process without being confusing. One word of caution: if you used a tripod when you took your images, TURN GHOST CORRECTION OFF. Otherwise you will get ghosts even though your images were aligned perfectly. You really have to use a tripod when shooting HDR's if you want decent results. Image stabilization and rapid shutter speeds won't help at all, it is the time between shots that matters and no one can hold a camera still that long. I carry a zipshot tripod by Tamarac. It is not full height, or terribly adjustable, but it works fine with point and shoot size cameras. It is incredibly small, light and fast to set up. It is just tall enough to work in most shooting situations. With a point and shoot, a tripod and this program you can take some awesome images.

  • Be Careful

    by julieofthesea

    This app needs bracketed exposures imported from either another camera or their other app in order for it to work. It does not take HDR photos with the iphone camera alone. I wish I would have known that before I purchased.

  • Hdr

    by AlexeyP93

    I was trying different apps for hdr. This one is the best from what I saw for iPad. Of course it is not so good as Photomatix, but close to it. I would recommend to add more controls for tone mapping after hdr merge. Thanks

  • B+

    by Odessit2000

    Good app, I do a lot HDR shots and most apps only combine 2 exposures. Effects I think useless because it can be done later when editing. Please look at desktop app like Photomatix and bring key function like tonemapping

  • A true bracketing app

    by Kubuliking

    Thank you for finally offering a true bracketing app. This is straight forward combining of 3 shots at different exposures. A great way to get your highs and lows combined into one photo on the go. There are no bells and whistles here folks... Just simple true HDR. The editing after is up to you.

  • Thanks for listening to the feedback

    by Hunterzyph

    It isn't perfect, but it is in a much better state than it was previously. It is also probably the only app like it, so I'm glad the developers are still working away at it.

  • Works okay, has some problems

    by Brinxxx

    It gets the job done in many cases, but it is not particularly fun to use. The final image ends up looking significantly different than the preview. Making adjustments to things such as contrast and brightness while in the preview mode requires the app to re-render the image each time making them not fun to use at all. On other apps such as True HDR this happens instantly. The image selector could use a better user experience as well, but this is not a dealbreaker for me. Lastly, I am experiencing some issues with images that have blue sky. The preview image looks quite decent, but after saving the image ends up having black spotted dots in the sky.

  • Works with three images, but...

    by Doc Pop

    I was looking for an HDR app that would allow me to work with more than two images at a time, which this app does, but it requires you to use 3 photos. No more. No less. Also, this app only works with fixed dimensions. If you are using square photos, for instance, it will stretch them out to fit their fixed rectangle size.

  • Great!

    by Andrewa1988

    Nearly all of the bugs have been squashed. Good job guys! Will we be seeing tone mapping eventually? ;)

  • Real HDR Processing

    by Hawaii Travelers

    Wow... Real HDR processing on my iPad. I have been waiting for this for some time. I take quite a few HDR photos with my Nikon camera. Now when I am on a long trip in remote areas I can see right away rather than waiting until I return. Does it give me bells and whistles - No. Does it give me what I need - Yes. Great start, looking forward to updates.

  • Better than nothing

    by Hamed57

    You should develop your app, there is not any other app to create hdr in the ipad.

  • Doesn't work.

    by One Seven Seven

    It flips a picture and there's no way to reorientate it to normal.

  • by عمر الزهراني

  • loses resolution

    by JEHendrix

    App appears to reduce resolution of images when saving to Camera Roll. Makes it useless. Or am I missing something?

  • Seems ok

    by //19

    Seems good and functions well, but always crashes while saving images. Even at the lowest resolution provided. :(

  • can't work

    by Judy Hudson

    It takes about 4 seconds of holding the phone still before it takes an ordinary picture with ordinary quality. Not impressed.

  • Terrible

    by Atroveran

    No portrait support, constant crashes and only process 3 photos. Disapointing.

  • Crash central

    by HarryGjg

    Never got as far as combining the first images. Also it forces you to provide three images, many of mine are two. Also it takes you back to the root directory between images. Looking forward to seeing it working.

  • Crash, crash, crash....did I mention it crashes

    by Techno-nut

    After five attempts, with five different sets of images, each set with diffrent and progressively lower resolution, I could not get the app to complete even a single HDR conversion. It simply crashed, each time getting further and further thru the process, but never making to completion. Perhaps it would convert multiple images shot with the on-board iPad2 camera, but why bother. Sorry, but this one is being sent "to the showers".

  • Does Not Work At All

    by UTAvalanche

    It will only let me download 2 images and then when you try to process those it crashes. Apple folks should have checked this one before letting it up on the store. Try Pro HDR instead.

  • Crash

    by Gino4242

    Don't waste your time. App crashes every time. It's not even worth downloading for free.

  • Bad app

    by alaj aje

    you should name it "crash mobile " It's crash game and nothing more , its very smart that you make it for free coz it's worth nothing .. It's stop working like 100000 time ..bad app

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