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Comics can make you laugh, cry, gasp in wonder or shake in terror. They also make great instruction manuals and training aids. In fact, comics are one of the oldest and most effective forms of human communication. Comics are effective because they combine both pictures and words in a sequence to tell a story. The problem is that while we can all write, most of us think that we cannot draw. However, we can all take photos. With Comic Tycoon and your iPad you can create comics such as jokes or stories, instruction manuals,
and more that you will be proud to share.


Comic creation is an easy five-step process.

1. Compose – The Wally Wood® composition tool helps you line up your
photo to create a panel that works.

2. Ink Lines – With your input, the software turns your photo into comic art.

3. Coloring – You choose a coloring system and palate that fits your artistic vision.

4. Lettering – You add text (headers, captions, floating text or comic balloons in one of over 170 in app comic fonts) using software inspired by the professionals at Comiccraft fonts.

5. Paste-Up - You can add clip art like, comic sound effects, explosions, bad guys, and cute kittens to your comic to get the perfect look and feel.

---> Runs best on iPhone 4 or better with latest iOS (6.1 or better); FX options on older devices may be slow or limited due to hardware limitations<---

More Information on the Wally Wood® Composition Tool

Wallace (Wally) Wood was an American comic book writer, artist and
independent publisher. During his career in the gold and silver ages
of comics Wood worked at EC, Marvel, Avon, DC, Charlton, Fox, Gold
Key, and many more. He was one of Mad's founding cartoonists in 1952.
Wally Wood was the inaugural inductee into the industry's Jack Kirby
Hall of Fame, and was posthumously inducted into the Will Eisner Comic
Book Hall of Fame.

Wood distilled and developed a collection of his trademark comics
panels that epitomize the absolute essence of drawing comic book
panels. These panels, known as Wally Wood ® Panels That Always Work,
hold the secret to a comic book illustrator's success, and those who
learn from them benefit from the master's wisdom. We have teamed up
with the Wallace Wood Estate to build a unique new composition tool
that will allow you to take reference photos based upon the Wally
Wood® Panels That Always Work.


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