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Lights, Camera, Capture! for iPad, iPhone, PC and Mac is based on the popular book by Bob Davis. Like the book, it helps aspiring photographers learn to achieve the best possible images with minimal lighting equipment. The app features over 100 videos, compelling interactive diagrams to help you understand the effect of lighting and equipment settings, workshop videos, high resolution images, and the full text of the original book, integrated seamlessly.

More details about Lights, Camera, Capture! for Inkling:

Stunning Photography: High resolution, full-screen images provide an up close experience with the author's work.

Trigger Finger: Explore settings like f-stop through interactive exhibits that let you see what happens to a photo as you change your photographic settings.

Moving Photo: Includes over 100 videos of the author's workshops, on-scene shoots and descriptions of the book's photos.

A Thousand Words: Each important glossary term is called out in an interactive Poptip.

The author is a professional photographer whose high-profile clients include Oprah Winfrey and Eva Longoria Parker, and whose work has appeared in Time, O, and People magazines. In this book, he covers the elements of lighting, shows his lighting setups, and shares his two-strobe technique that lets you create studio-quality lighting anywhere with minimal equipment.

Customer Reviews

  • Outstanding Book and app!

    by Motor Merlin

    I think this is a great book! Bob Davis is a leader in this industry and a Canon Explorer of Light (which only a few are chosen). This book is easy to read and he supports his phenomenal photography with diagrams and videos on how he produced it. I would highly recommend this book/app to anyone. ~John

  • Solid information, solid app

    by Luke'theDuke'Kypr

    Bob and Dawn, thanks so much for this app. It's so rich in information, how to and the presentation is so beautiful and functional. If truly taken the time and studied, it'll take hours to go through the material, videos and explanations/tips provided. Whether you are starting out or are seasoned there's enough info for you. I have already picked out several tips and trick I know I'll use at my events. Thanks.

  • Awesome app for anyone wanting to improve their images!

    by Steve Spaanbroek

    This is a great app! I have learned so much and my image quality has improved dramatically. It's written primarily for those interested in using speedlites, but is useful for any photographer. My only warning is that it will increase your equipment budget. :) I would love to see more apps like this one! It truly captures the power of the iPad.

  • Useful tips to getting started but very basic.

    by what the.......?

    No shortage of tips. Lighting diagrams are very helpful. Videos are a bit disappointing, as I thought they were shot while on location or contained live tutorials. Instead, he simply recaps what the articles already describe from his desk. The app itself is excellent, featuring intuitive layout and fast loading images and videos. Overall good for beginners and worth the price, however, intermediate to advanced strobists may not have much use for most the articles.

  • Terrific

    by Thomas Wharton

    This is a very informative, well organized app that is very intuitive to use. It will make a valuable reference.

  • Very Informative!

    by VaBeach Listener

    Love this app. Wish there were more out there like this and have the same quality of content.

  • Great App

    by jb6

    Fantastic tutorial and application. My only complaint - if I had to make one - is that I'm not a big fan of his photography. Some of it is a bit tacky IMO... but, to each his own. Bottom line: He relays all of the relevant information needed to take the picture and even included diagrams (of flash/strobe placement) and videos further describing his method (FOR EACH PHOTO!!!!!!!!!). He's very easy to understand and teaches you much more than flash photography. IMO, this tutorial is almost underpriced, considering the effort he put into it. I hope he releases more tutorials on other photography subjects as well. Well done!

  • Well put together but introductory

    by redchicken

    The app itself is well constructed. Easy to navigate, good mix of photos, text and content. Very user friendly. However the content itself is very introductory and a big letdown. A lot of material from the first 5 chapters is very basic and you can learn it from any photo book, as well as many websites. Just when it starts to ged interesting, it ends. Oh well.

  • Best photography and lighting app around!

    by CathyAnnE

    OMG, this is the best ever!! Scott and I purchased the book and of course love it! But now that we have this app handy at all times; we can bring it with us EVERYWHERE!! Its amazing! Bob and Dawn covereved everything in this ... from camera settings, equiptment, assecories, and OMG the lighting! Everything is in here!! I could not image why anyone would not buy this .. its a one of a kind; simply the best! Bob poured his heart and soul into this and its going to totally change the way you look at light! Oh and did I mention there are videos to watch as well, your going to LOVE this app! We LOVE IT!!! Thank you Bob and Dawn Davis ... we LOVE you! <3

  • Awesome Multi Media Instruction

    by J. G. Clark

    Bob Davis is a great photographer and instructor, and this book is packed with his knowledge and experience. It is a must have for aspiring photographers!!! So much information for such a low price. The photographic illustrations come with lighting diagrams and instructive videos where Bob explains how he creates the photo. There is a touch glossary and the text font comes in three sizes. The app is well designed and easy to navigate.

  • Love it

    by @ihaynes05

    Very much worth it if you are fairly new to photography or very experienced. But want to learn a lil more about lighting and strobes. Great learning tool for the iPad.

  • A definite must have

    by All Things Pretty

    I also bought the hard copy when it came out but this is a terrific addition to my arsenal! I love the interactive nature of this app and when I'm on the road..this is the perfect companion for a quick tutorial. The videos are a major bonus to having the sum it up...worth every $. Buy it!

  • Outstanding Experience

    by DanFields

    This "book" was beyond expectation....very thoughtful.....very well done....terrific content and very well delivered. I especially enjoyed the experience of reading the book on my ipad, as well as watching all of the great videos. Just a phenomenal end user experience. The content was also out of this world.....very descriptive, relevant and easy to understand. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is interested in these topics. Bob and Dawn are world class creatives and they showed it clearly in this project.

  • Innovative

    by Rich Hein

    This is a very well-done app. I was expecting a book with some videos but its more like the better magazine apps (Wired, Vanity Fair) It really uses the strengths of the iPad and is rich with material. Easily worth the cost........

  • How Books Should Be Experienced

    by Clark Bailey

    I actually purchased a hard copy of this book as soon as it came out and loved it. When I first heard that the book had been created in an app format, it really got my attention. This is truly how I believe books should be experienced as we progress in technology. Bob Davis is an awesome teacher/instructor and having videos on demand throughout the book is something that has to be experienced first hand. This app is also packed full of surprises that really help you break down and understand the concepts that Bob gives toyou. It's in a class by itself!

  • Loses any data entered

    by mtho11

    The content of the book itself is excellent. However, don't write any updates for highlights because the next version will delete all of your data. In the future, please don't offer features if you're going to delete my data. I lost hours and hours of work from this.

  • Very deceptive

    by Cord2510

    This book portrays itself as having a fairly high level of information for the advanced photographer but it is poorly written and seems thrown together. The videos look like they were shot with a cheap camcorder from the back of a dark seminar room. They look terrible and unprofessional. Definitely not worth the money. Don't waste your time or dollars. Dreck!!!

  • Buyer Beware

    by Wrightxl2

    I'm strongly considering if I should ever again spend more than 99 Cents for an app. Apps are definitly a sellers market. My issue - I/3 of the screen is taken up with content information - how do you get rid of it. When I read a magazine or book I want to see the individual page; not the table of contents with each Page. The app sounds good I decided to take a chance and that's what it was. Who would expect to pay the price of this app and the pages or not interactive. You can not make the pictures or words larger. Also who reads a book scrolling up and down. I feel certain that you don't. Also the video is not clear. I considered this app for awhile before I bought it. Wow big disappointment. I'm done ! From now on free apps only or maybe 99 cents. You don't know what you're getting until you pay for it. Buyer Beware.

  • I feel slightly ripped off...

    by Mehlani

    The book is supposedly 200 or so pages but I zoomed right through it as if it were only 10 pages. Honestly, people who are absolute beginners will find some info nice to know and understand. Anyone else will be very disappointed in the lack of content. He doesn't go into depth about anything. It's like he starts on a really interesting point, gets you eager to learn/master the concept, then totally let's you down by not explaining...or a better word would be "teaching" you further. Page after page he briefly touches on a concept and then sort of just moves on abruptly...leaving you with a huge photograph that takes up half the page to illustrate his concept. Sort of like, "see how cool this photo came out? (pat on the back)" As another reviewer noted, the videos just reiterate what you've read....serves same purpose as the photos I guess. You'd think that a book about lighting would spend more than a few paragraphs on color temperature and white balance. For example he instructs you to take a picture of a grey card...but he doesn't tell you what to do next like he's assuming you already know. I found it strange that he writes the material as if he were talking to a beginner and then sort of rushes through important things and starts writing like he was addressing someone with experience. In summary, the author doesn't seem very clear about who he was intending to write this book for. Very unfocused. Not enough for beginners and too basic for everyone else. While the interface with the book is superb, $10 is just too much for this content. You're better off purchasing a real book on understanding these concepts.

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