MomentCam Photo & Video App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, Chinese

Seller: Beijing Baishunhuanian Media Corp.

1.You can take family “photo” now. Hundreds of group designs for your selection and you can have a moment show together with your friends.
2.50 FREE gift cards for New Year design. Making your own cards means a lot to your family and friends.
3.From New Year Eve to 15th of Chinese New Year, you will receive FREE gifts every day. Try those in your New Year parties!
4.New feature of historic avatar list makes easy for you to use.
5.Bumping your iPhone in emoticon page will give you surprise!

Upgrade to newer version, you can get more FREE designs. More important, you can experience our NEW group caricature!

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243 Ratings
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718 Ratings
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MomentCam comes back with the powerful animation tool. Go for a quick selfie to see your own animation emoticons. You will be shocked with MomentCam's revolutionary innovation. MomentCam is the first camera in the world interpreting pictures into cartoons. You want to see self at the Moment World, download MomentCam and let it surprise you. Every time you try, you meet another self, with humor, charm or just a life in your dream. Come to have to fun with MomentCam, it will make your life different.

Customer Reviews

  • Fun app

    by Piledriver14

    Great app to have a little fun and make yourself into anything you may want to be!

  • Very good!

    by MissuMJ

    So fun and I love this app!

  • Coolest app ever

    by Tumberry

    Awesome app

  • I love it!!

    by gristaz

    I love these app and with a new theme every day is more fun!!!

  • Super Fun!

    by Kelapolis

    Takes a little time to get it just right, perfect photo to make the perfect face. Selecting perfect hair and other accessories, but then it's hours of entertainment putting yourself, your friends and loved ones into funny drawn images! Great app!

  • Awesome!!

    by niciname

    Hilarious, realistic, lots and lots of options! And you can save them to your phone! Awesome!!

  • High-Res pictures

    by Alexander Yarleque

    Please add the option to save High-Resolution pics and improve the face resolution on cartoons that would be really better :) I would do all my projects again :D hopefully waiting for a soon update

  • Excellent!!! Love it very much!!!!

    by @ngel7

    Excellent!!! Love it very much!!!!

  • Awesome all around

    by Texas cluff

    It's great and I love it!!

  • Love this app

    by ImaBoiler

    Having a blast with this app. So much fun.

  • I would pay

    by iKGinVA

    If I could save these emoticons to my camera roll to share, I would gladly pay to use this app. Absolutely hilarious & fairly well done! And I agree some ethnic variety would be great! Well done- fix that issue and its 5+ stars no doubt!

  • Great app

    by Rosrig23

    Great app really cool I wish we could see them to our phones

  • Awesome.

    by lxjordanxl

    Great app!!!!

  • Muy buena aplicacion

    by Nacaranda tres

    La recomiendo

  • Fun

    by Kuro hon

    It's fun some bugs though

  • Great

    by Dimagama

    Excellent app. You can make cool cartoons. I just liked it more before it became so popular. Now everyone is using it and most of the people don't know how to make a proper cartoon .

  • Clever

    by Lutzy

    Just so clever...

  • Almost perfect

    by MrMulletino

    Almost perfect. It needs the ability to delete unwanted photos taken. Need to add hats also

  • Amazing

    by carlosmiranda24

    This app is really nice!!!

  • Super cute

    by ButchDpapergirl

    This app is amazing and cute.

  • Doesn't post or share

    by Tediv

    Looks good on the phone but FAQ fails to address use and it won't share.

  • Cool app can't save

    by HeyDaveA

    Pictures look good but I hit save a million times and the pictures never show up.

  • Won't open

    by Pytnfn

    This App was downloaded but it will not open on my iPhone 5S...looks like a cool app but can't use

  • Needs same-sex couple options and export

    by NGDesigns

    Awesomely fun concept, but the export option won't work for any of the attached social networks it lists. Why can't I just save the image to my camera roll? And the couples section needs same-sex options. This is 2014. We shouldn't have to pick through the "siblings" tab trying to find a reasonable alternative. Hopefully these items will be addressed in the next update, because I do like the app's potential.

  • Awesome must try

    by Nik2312367

    But suggest to add colors and feature to use existing photos

  • Save on phone studio

    by Iris400

    This app is great but only if we can save the images on or our phone studio

  • Nice

    by Whytrip

    Love this app

  • Needs A Bit More

    by ShawnYounger

    All is great, but not everyone has straight hair :/

  • Cool

    by Stevencm10


  • Cool app

    by Ms.V18

    Too cool don't change it, just keep adding new drawings. Having fun with it!

  • Good fun

    by Ejmerck

    This app is great for passing time and getting a good laugh with friends. There's so many little characters to choose from. I love it :) One and only thing I would like to see change is to be able to use pictures I already have in an album. As of right now you have to be on the app and take a pic to be able to use it. That's my only dislike.

  • exelent

    by yazmingp


  • Great idea!

    by G&Trish

    Love the app but don't love that I can't save to my phone. Also it would be nice to pull pics from our camera roll. If it weren't for this it would be five stars for me!

  • Outstanding

    by Dc-NYC

    So much fun.

  • So Nearly!!

    by Avroshack

    The app is a masterpiece,.....BUT, simply must make it possible to save emoticons to camera roll so we can share them! In the absence of this, I would normally delete the app,..but it is SO GOOD that I will wait on the update that corrects this and then the world will know about this app!

  • Great app!! Super fun!

    by Ipad0009

    This is a great app. I am having a blast creating cartoons for my whole family! I would love to see more variety in designs not so Chinese oriented, perhaps it was due to chinese new year. I do not use the share option, i wouldn't recommend it as it access your account data and post on your behalf, big no no!! But you can save the cartoon to your camera roll and post the picture, so its great!!

  • I like it

    by platiada

    :) very nice :)

  • Hilariously Fun

    by bowtiedcats

    This app is so fun! I've been making pictures of my OTPs for days and laughing like an idiot. Finally i can see Sherlock and John Watson being a true couple.

  • Need sharing options

    by Matt_yo follow me

    Save to camera roll/ share on iMessage

  • Not playing the race card

    by mr A clay

    As an African American male, I am disappointed that there are not any hair styles that resembles diversity. I believe this could be a great app but the fact that I can not use it is the reason for the 1 star

  • Facebook share does NOT work

    by RichiSnax

    The app is very nice and works well. Except for the MAIN feature. Sharing. Whether on wifi or 4g it says "failed to share"... EVERY TIME! Please fix and I'll give 5 stars. Thanks iPhone 5c

  • Love it

    by Sinlessbeauty116

    I love playing with this, Its easy to use and you can choose variety of scenes to make of, I made comic cartoon for my BFF usng this app!

  • Its cool

    by Mizzoo76

    Cool but wish u could tex the motion ones fails on that term...

  • Awsome

    by MunekitaSanchez

    I saw this app on a tv show called HOY and my husband immediately downloaded it and once we started using it on Facebook everyone followed :D super fun and easy to use! ^_^

  • So funny

    by Sugarpie86

    Love this app great way to have fun and laugh...

  • It's good.

    by Hip Happy Badger

    Great idea nicely executed.

  • I love it !!!❤️

    by Tity-Belem

    This is wonderful! Just love it! I would like to have angels or fairies or wings!! Tks!!

  • I love

    by KarrrinaBielma

    Great app!!

  • very funny

    by Nighteyes1986

    nice app.

  • Genial!!!

    by Jeniefred

    Me divierte y me encanta como salgo en esas fotos. Estoy enamorada del app.

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